Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A early Christmas Present!

AFter 3 miscarriages I am happy to announce that MOnday we went for a ultrasound and saw a sweet baby with a beautiful heartbeat!! So we are expecting a precious gift the middle of July. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I love this time a year, not for the same reasons I did as a kid or even for the same reasons as I did when I was unsaved. I love this time of year and all it stands for and no matter how politically correct you are it is still CHRISTmas! I find it ironic as I am writing this I am also thinking of the poor people that were just out with their children and shopping with friends and such when that guy in Oregon decided to take away their feeling of safety last night at that mall. I heard on Fox News earlier them talking about the guy that was killed and they said a life taken too soon but was it really. All our days are numbered. Each and every one of them God knows. In all of this we can find peace and joy knowing that if we are saved Christ came as a baby and was born , And was born to DIE!! Christmas is about hope. WE have hope in knowing where we are going after this life, this whole life is just temporary! Everything in it, IS JUST TEMPORARY. So, this year please remember to keep it about what it should be about. yes, as a family we give our kids presents but we also daily remind our kids what it is all about. And these politically correct people may say Happy Holidays or call it a Holiday Tree but as we know and have heard several times YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID. (oops , if my kids were reading this they would say mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa you said the s word,lol). But, on a ETERNAL SERIOUS note- if you do not know Jesus as your Lord and Saviour the biggest gift you can give your family and yourself this year is you turning your life over to Jesus. To be saved and also have the hope in knowing where you will go after this life is over because NO MATTER WHAT YOU GET FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR-the best gift already came and it can be freely yours. All you have to do is ask Jesus in your heart, have faith in Him, and live your life for Him. I am so thankful for all that God has done in my life, for all he has given me,it is all so undeserving! So.. during this time a year I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope your New Year will be blessed.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Living a Less Toxic Lifestyle

IT is amazing to me how many toxins are in everything we eat and use daily. From the food we eat to the cleaners we use to the make up we slather on our faces. It was not until I suffered 3 miscarriages and found out it was due to thyroid as well as progesterone issues that I decided to dig deeper into what might be the cause for those hormonal imbalances at my age. I knew there must be some reason I as well as many many other women were suffering from different hormonal/health issues. I already was trying to fix healthier foods for my family for weight loss purposes as well as just overall health but it was not until the Lord led me to a website that I ultimately understood how toxic of a life we live. We are a society of make things quick and make them easy to use no matter what the results might be in the long run. We are now getting rid of all our non stick cookware as I have learned so much of how toxic it is especially if it is chipped and scratched. Using cast iron is the best but also stainless steel is good. Stoneware is also good to use. Also getting rid of all the plastics in the house or as much as possible and going to glass storage contaniners, I will probably still use plastic zip lock bags from time to time but they are not as bad if you do not put hot stuff in them. The toxins in the plastic seep into your food. We also have changed our cleaners . From using Windex to Norwex towels to clean our windows. WE make our cleaners with essential oils as well as use Seventh Generation. We are also trying to make our own soaps. WE also are changing the soaps we use, toothpaste, mouthwash , etc.. you get the point. (there is SOME resistance in the house so I will go as far as I am allowed :) )ALso changing the baby wipes we use, baby supplies, we have not changed our diapers over yet but we plan too. As many as we have in diapers that is a biggie that is hard since the non clorine diapers are more pricey and I can get really good deals on huggies and pampers from CVS with couponing and such. This change is a slow one , it is too expensive to change everything at once and also overwhelming but I am doing it a little at a time. Also the meat we eat is a big one!!! So many hormones are pushed in our foods these days due to trying to get as many and as big of chickens out as possible. So... I have been trying to buy organic meat which is expensive BUT since we are not buying as much junk food that part of our grocery bill can go to more whole foods- organic chicken and beef. WE have our own chickens for eggs so that helps and my husband and older sons hunt so we have plenty of venison which is very organic! You also have to be careful with your fruits and veggies, they have tons of toxins on them and sometimes buying organic is best with those too. Also drinking whole raw milk is best. I could tell you so much but I would be here writing all day. As the more I learn I plan to blog more and more about how to live a toxin free or less toxic life I should say. I want others to know how toxic thing are, what is causing all these health issues that are running rampant in our society and how mad it makes me that this is happening to us for a large part for the name of making money. I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice just stuff I am learning about and want others to be aware of. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment or if you want to know more. Also much of the infertility in our society is due to the fact of all the hormones in our food as well as places you would never dream of. I know that is funny me talking about infertility but this is very true and even though I have 9 children, having 3 miscarriages was very devastating to us. But the Lord is in control and I put my trust in Him!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The election

Yes, I know I don't want to even think of Mitt or Obama, so tired of hearing those names and I was going to refrain from posting about the election but I have saw several comments and heard lots of talking about how desperate everything will be now. And yes, while our family was quite upset as well at the outcome(even though we really did not have much to pick from) we know that God is still God. Obama may be in the White House but God is STILL on his thrown. THey may continue to try to take away our religious freedoms by I know whom I serve! While many feel there is no hope my family has hope , we have hope in our Lord Jesus who was sent to die for us. How much more hope do you need?!? Yes, I get down sometimes while reading what Obama is trying to do(that is why I try to not read much news lol) but then I can pick up my bible and come back to reality. So when you get down and out just remember this hymn: My hope is built on nothing less Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, But wholly trust in Jesus’ Name. Refrain On Christ the solid Rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand; All other ground is sinking sand. When darkness seems to hide His face, I rest on His unchanging grace. In every high and stormy gale, My anchor holds within the veil. Refrain His oath, His covenant, His blood, Support me in the whelming flood. When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my Hope and Stay. Refrain When He shall come with trumpet sound, Oh may I then in Him be found. Dressed in His righteousness alone, Faultless to stand before the throne. Refrain

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well it is the season, the season for thankfulness. I got to thinking today how sad it is that alot of times we really only are truly thankful, reflecting on the things we are thankful for during this month. WE should be thankful all throughout the year but how I love this season. A time where we get together with family and are just thankful for what we have been given. This year has been a very different year that I totally expected. I did not expect to have several miscarriages, have health issues, etc... But in all of this I am truly thankful. Do not get me wrong my heart still aches for the little ones lost but I am thankful with all my soul for what I have learned through these trials. I love the family that I have been blessed with and with alot of heartache you realize how much you take for granted. God has given me this family and in stead of looking to the next thing I have learned to live in the moment. I have tried to cherish more of the moments. I have been so richly blessed!!! God is soooooooooo good. He has given me far more than I ever deserved. God sent a young man to me almost 12 years ago who totally changed my life and I know it was all in God's wonderful plan. I am so very thankful he gave Billy to me and those 3 little kids back then. Boy has he done a work in us since then, I am not who I used to be but who the Lord knew I would be. I am thankful I am bought with a price and have been redeemed. I am very thankful the Lord chose me, me of all people, to bless with the 9 children I have. What a true blessing they have all been in my life ,each one for different reasons. Even down to little Jericho, he has not been on this earth long but has sure blessed me in so many ways. I have been blessed with wonderful parents, a wonderful church family , a roof over my head and so much more. I am hoping to carry on this thankfulness throughout the rest of this year and next, not only during this month. WE all too often forget during the mundane things in our lives to just sit back and be thankful. WE all have something to be thankful for if it is only that we were born in the USA, how so well we have it and do not even know it. But the biggest thing if you are a christian that we should be thankful for is that we have been bought by the blood of Jesus, we are a new creation. That no matter what we are going through, what we may be facing the Lord is always the same, he is always there. God is so good! And he is bigger than anything we are facing. So be thankful and if you have not asked the Lord into your life please think about your future and what God has done for you. I hope everyone who reads this has a awsome November and remember to be thankful!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Importance of a Church Family

This post is not to argue against families that home church or anything. That is not what it is intended to be. And I know that sometimes for families, especially like ours, it is hard to find a church . But I want to talk about the importance of finding a church and having the church family. Since joining the church we have been at we have had several things go on. We have had two babies and have had recently 3 miscarriages. They have shared in our joy and also our sadness. During the last miscarriage I am not sure what I would of done without my church family, especially a few very special ladies. The importance of a church family is to encourage you in your walk with the Lord, to remind you of what is important, and sometimes to just know that I you are not alone in this journey. God wants his children to support each other, to encourage each other. I think the importance of a church family also means that the church needs to be small enough that members can fellowship, that you will know if someone is not there. I think that is also important. I just want someone who is maybe reading this that is hurting or going through a trial that you really need to find a good church. NOt only for times of hurting but times of joy. It is so beautiful to see how members in our church love our children almost as much as we do. I could feel the prayers being prayed for our family during this last storm in our life. Sometimes maybe when I just have no words , someone else is interceding for me in prayer. And just for everday life, the church is just so encouraging . Starting off your week with such encouragement,love, and faith of God's people really makes a difference in your week. I am so thankful God has led us to the church we are at, that we are at a place that there are so many that are so selfless that thinks of others first. It is very important to find a church and have that kind of church family. I think that is the way God intended his children to be. I am so thankful that we are a part of a church also that views life as we do. :) I ask that you continue to pray for me and for my family during this time. God gives and God takes away. God is good in all things!

Friday, October 19, 2012

God is still there!!

Well the past few days have been needless to say pretty rotten for me. I debated even writing this but I got to thinking that maybe it could actually help someone else maybe going through something similar. I do not even know where to start because all my thoughts and feelings are all in a mess right now. ONe thing that does not change is God though and for that I am thankful. A few months ago I was not feeling well and we experience a couple of early miscarriages but we found out my thyroid was way off ( I am hypothyroid)so we thought okay we get that straightened out and we will be fine. Started on meds and started feeling better. Then the wonderful news of another life on the way. I was careful at first not to get too excited but when my pregnancy test were definately positive and continue to stayed that way I allowed myself to get excited and starting thinking about our 10th child. And for a month I have gotten to be excited and to love the little one that was not to be. Tuesday night before I went to bed I got really nauseated and then throughout the night the nausea turned to terrible cramping. When I woke up Wendsday morning I was spotting but I thought okay there are several things that could cause this. I had what we thought was a UTI but now I think was just part of all the miscarriage. Anyway as the day went on it was clear that things were not right and a ultrasound confirmed my fears. Even though I had prepared myself on the way to the ultrasound it still was not enough I was so devastated. STill kind of am but I know the Lord is good and there are always reasons for things. Knowing that still does not really always make it much easier. Anyway, after testing it was found that my progeserone is really low. I mean really low. It was suppose to be around 20 and it was 1.6!! Hence why I cannot hang on to my pregnancies. I just want to say I have went through so many emotions. First I was just so angry. I told myself if I am gonna write this blog post I am gonna be completely honest and real . so yes I was mad, I asked God why he gave me this baby, let me believe everything was gonna be okay and then just took it. But God gives and God takes away and while I am still very sad I am very thankful to God. Thankful for all the things I am learning through these experiences. This all still cuts deep and I am sure there will be more tears. For me the more I carry a child the more I bond. Doesn't matter if I never see it or know it, I know it was my child. Sometimes in this journey I feel kind of lonely and then some sweet friend or maybe my sister or mom will call and I know the Lord is letting me know I am not alone. Being honest I do feel nobody else is affected by this more than I am. But I people have gone through much much worse. I am thankful , so very thankful for the 9 children he has blessed me with. I am thankful for the husband, family, and friends he has blessed me with. I am just thankful. But in that thankfulness I also am fighting sadness and hurt. It is a hurt that cuts all the way through. I am praying that I can find a good doctor that can help me with my hormone problems, not just for potential future pregnancies but also for my overall health. All of this is adding up now. I have not been myself for a few years now, and have not felt "well". Also I think some people get a different view on my belief than is really true. I do not or shall I say we do not (Billy and I) strive to see how many kids we will have,we ONLY WANT TO TRUST IN THE LORD. But losing a baby is HARD FOR ME no matter if I am 2 4 weeks pregnant or 7 or 12. I would ask for your prayers during this time and for wisdom to know what to do. God bless!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sad news

IT is with a heavy heart I announce that our little one has gone to be with the Lord. I would appreciate prayers during this time. And prayers that we can find out what is causing this miscarriages.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Blogs - Looking into what seems to be perfect lives

I have been wanting to write this post and today seems like a pretty good day. I have had to stop going to some blogs but they started to downright depress me but then a good friend told me this: " you know people do not blog about the bad things in their lives, usually only the good days." I got to thinking how true that is for blogs and also for facebook. When reading about someone else we have to remember we are only seeing what they want us to see. I have always tried to be a open book because I feel that my failures, troubles, trials, etc.. could maybe help someone else by seeing they are not alone but I am not always so open about my life either. So here goes, this is what my day consisted of today. Woke us extremely thankful to God for the new blessing we have on the way and saying many prayers that He will protect this little one. Did several loads of clothes, made my bed, and all the things you do in the morning(nursed a hungry baby boy,changed diapers,got everyone ready) Took kids to town because I really needed to get some things and before we made it home one threw up in the car. WE have had a stomach bug for a week now, I thought we were almost over it and that I was almost caught up on laundry and then last night one of the little boys threw up everywhere and got all the blankets. Anyway, back to my day so she was throwing up and so when we got home I put her in the bed. WE (my oldest daughter and I) got the kids that were well enough lunch made and then I heard crying. The same daughter had diarreha and it came out of her pull up and onto the floor(and no this was not my hard wood floor but the carpet in her room). So.... got that cleaned up FINALLY. Used plenty of Lysol and then washed my hands and finally sat down to eat. After i ate I noticed my little man was smelled rough and picked him up out of the highchair and noticed his diaper had leaked through,yuck!! As I was taking him to get changed I slipped in dog pee( we have a new lab puppy who we are working with, and almost who got thrown outside today) but thankfully the way I fell Jericho kinda of landed in my lap. So then I finally get to changing him and then change my skirt since it had dog pee on it(embarrasing, but hey I am being real). Then had to finish my day which consisted of doing business stuff and putting it all on the computer. So there ya go , a day at the Ballard's. Totally praying we are well soon because at this rate I think I will never get caught up on laundry. Oh the joys of a big family. I WOULD NOT TRADE IT THOUGH!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Blessing #10 is on the way :) Please pray, I really hesitate to announce this since my thyroid has been off I have had a couple miscarriages. God is good and HIs will be done!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Going at it without God

Well.... haven't wrote much on my blog lately. Just have not had the focus to be able to write and I do not know how far I will get with this post. But I do want to share what the Lord has taught me lately. But I have learned going through life without God is a total failure. As long as I stay in the word, have a steady prayer life, and just stay close to the Lord things flow smoothly but as soon as I turn my focus away from God my whole life is chaos, things seem to just crumble around me. Thank God for his grace and in my weakness He is made strong! Sometimes in the business of life we get so caught up in things we forget what or WHO comes first but it does not take me long to see how much I need the Lord in my life. To be the mother, the wife, the daughter, sister, friend, etc. I need to be. Life will not always be pleasant , it will not always be joyful but always remember that JOY COMES IN THE MORNING. :) God is soooooooo good and if you maintain your focus on Him He will change your life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feeding a large family and not breaking the bank(recipes included)

I am having friends, family, and acquaintances, etc.. asking me all the time how we feed our family, about how we cut cost, what recipes we use and so on. So I am gonna try to cover the questions we get. Also we also welcome any suggetions or recipes you would like to share with our family. Ways we save is by growing a garden, raising our own hogs(this is mostly so we know what is in the meat we eat), also we raise our own chickens for eggs. My husband and sons hunt , so we have venison. I used to say I would never eat it but fixed right and it is awsome. We use coupons as much as we can and I shop sales although I could probably do better if I had more time to really go to different stores and shop. I have had some health issues lately so meals have been kind of crazy around here but I am getting back to being able to provide my family decent meals. I love meals I can throw in the crockpot or meals I can cook ahead of time and freeze. WE eat what most people eat we just have to cook more :) I recently find a wonderful recipe on pinterest( a awsome place to find ideas!!) for Chic Fil A chicken bites, This is something good for adults and children alike. WE all love Chic Fil A but it can get a bit expensive if we eat there much and also we have to drive a little to get to one. Here is the recipe for these if anyone is interested, since I want to give credit where credit is due I will just post the link to the site- Also a great thing to make and freeze is our famous chicken casserole. We kind of make it different that we used to and use poppy seed. This freezes great and you can make extra ones to freeze so you can have some in the freezer for a go to meal or if you need to take a meal to someone. Here is the recipe for that- Boil chicken, shred it and mix with cream of chicken add salt and pepper. Spread the mixture in a casserole dish. Crush up Ritz crackers and sprinkle on top, add pieces of butter on top and sprinkle poppy seed on top. Then cook at 350 until done. If you are freezing do not cook, just pop in freezer and cook it when you are ready. I don't have specific measurements of each thing because it varies depending on how much you are making. Another thing that is great to freeze is breakfast casserole and hash brown casserole. These are things that are great for breakfast and also for a breakfast supper. Which is a great way to cut cost is have a breakfast for supper. If I can find roast for a good price(which I usually can at Ingles) that is something I like to make in the crock pot that everyone likes, you can also add carrots and potatoes to make it a hearty meal. I used to do ham alot because we could eat it for supper and the next day do sandwhiches but it has gotten so expensive in the store and we have already used up all we had from the hogs we killed last year, we will be slaughtering a few very soon. Breakfast Casserole ______________________ 6 slices of loaf bread(trim off the edges) 1/2 lb. grated sharp cheest( I just buy shredded cheese) 1 lb sausage (cooked and drained) 5 eggs 2 cups of milk Line bottom of 9X13 dish with bread and sprinkle cheese over bread. Crumble sausage over cheese. IN seperate bowl mix eggs and milk. Pour over cheese and bread. Refrigerate overnight or freeze if using at a later time. Cook at 350 for approx. 30-40 min. Since we homeschool we have to do 3 meals here a day. I kind of cook what goes along with the sales that week but sometimes I just sit and make a menu plan and get what I need. I also make stir fry (with the stir fry meat,green peppers, and onions)and put it in tortillas , it does not cost much and fills everyone up. Another way to cut cost is to go meatless but we do not do that much around here due to hubby has to have meat and I have growing boys :) Now that I am trying to stay away from bread as much as possible( which is super hard to do-try it and see!!) I am trying to think of other ideas but bread helps to fill in , we make our own yeast rolls and they are very inexpensive and would probably also freeze well. If you would like recipe let me know. Also just have started making our own mixes like all purpose mix to make bisquits and such and our own brownie mix as well as making our own granola. This post is getting quite long so I will finish it up but let me know what other questions you might want answered. Please leave me comments on ideas of how you cut cost or maybe your fave recipe.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

FIVE ages 5 and under

Yes, that is right we have nine children but 5 that are 5 and under. While most people say to us every time we go to town I wouldn't want that many kids, I would die if I had that many , and on and on I feel VERY BLESSED. We just celebrated our youngest 2 daughters birthdays this afternoon with family. I am so thankful for these two little girls. See the Lord had different plans than we did and I am so glad He did. AFter having our 5th child my husband was going to (as society calls it) get fixed. We had decided 5 children was enough for us but boy did God sure work in us that year. That is the year things changed for us, especially how we view children. Children are a true gift from God! Plain and simple. If God had not changed our hearts and minds then we would not have our last 4 children and we would not have experienced knowing some of the sweetest,funniest, most wonderfulest little people. Yes , there are days that having so many little ones is trying and some days I am so exhausted I can hardly function but in those times is when I rely on God for strength. People misunderstand us when we say we are not done having children, we really just leave everything to the Lord in our lives. In doing that we have reaped so many rewards but also recently have faced the heartache of 2 miscarriages (due to my thyroid problems). While leaving it to the Lord for our children means we may have many children , it also means we may face many losses of children as well. But as christians we can find peace in knowing we will see those children in heaven and what a glorious day that will be. 2012 will be the first year in 5 years years we have not had a baby and while that is kind of sad it has also been a year that I have learned so much from the Lord. Where I have really been able to focus on what kind of mother and wife I want to be and what kind of wife and mother God wants me to be. Having 5 that are 5 and under is not what many may think it is- it is fun!! And that teach me something EVERYDAY!!!!!! I am so thankful for my husband who loves our children dearly. He sacrifices so much so his children can be healthy and happy. He has spent countless hours talking with our older sons and training them. We have recently in the last few years stepped into a season that is quite difficult and trying-have little ones AND teenagers. Sometimes trying to balance both is trying. Those are the times we have to really pray!!!!!! In short what I am trying to say is when you see a mother in the store with several little ones why don't you smile at her. Instead of negative comments try encouraging ones. And keep in mind what you say to her little ears hear.I hate for my lttle ones to hear people talking about how awful it must be to have them. I am very thankful for each of my children!!!!!!!!!!! God is so good and I am so glad he chose me to be the mother of the 9 blessings I have and for the ones that have gone to be with Him. NO matter how short I have had each of my children they ARE a blessing and a gift. I hope that maybe 2013 will hold a new blessing for our family but I am sure if it doesn't that the Lord has some blessing planned for our family. I am completely stressed somedays but completely blessed as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Through trials the Lord can teach you so much

I have not posted much lately because I have not be in my right mind, I have had some health things going on but the Lord has used this trial to teach me soooooooooo much and while I thought I was dying,had cancer, or something of the sort I would not trade this trial for anything. The Lord has taught me I need to be more content, I need to wait for HIS TIMING, I need to give more attention to my husband(alot of times I let life get in the way, this is something I will probably have to work on the rest of my life), that relying on other people in your time of weakness is what the church is all about and that it is okay, and so much more. To fill you in we did find out what was going on with me, I have hypothyroidism. I have started some medicine and have felt a bit better. I hope to find some natural alternatives when my levels are leveled out. I just wanted to write this post because no matter what you are going through God can sure use it to teach you something if you LISTEN and study his word. I would love to hear if anyone else deals with any thyroid issues and how you manage it. God is good, good all the time!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Winner of the contest

The winner is .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................PROVERBS MAMA. CONGRATS!!! Email me at t_bllrdatyahoodotcom with your address and I will get the book out to ya. :) Thanks

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun at the zoo

Last weekend we went to the zoo and had a great time with the kids. I just love family time! Here are a few pics from our day. :)
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Friday, August 10, 2012


The Giveaway for my book will be ending in a few days be sure to enter so you can win. :) On another note I have not been posting much because I am having some health issues, if you could say a little prayer for me and my family.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

God is good!

Had a great day today at the zoo with my little ones and my beloved husband, Time with my family is just what I need today. I have been going through a hard time lately and needed this time today with just my family. Really a great day! WE went to the zoo and it was overcast so that kept it from being so hot and the rain held off until we were done with the zoo and playing in the playground. Before we entered the zoo a nice group of young people were handing out waters and Capri Suns for the little ones while they handed out tracks. WE happily took them and they told us that God loved us. And in my head I was saying yes , he does and thank you Lord for reminding me you always know what we need. WE had a great time seeing all the animals. It didn't start raining until we were on our way to get something to eat. And of course we need rain so we are thankful for that as well. Now , I am fixing to sit back and rest a bit. Also something I really need. God is good, I say it but sometimes I forget just how good. This is a God who gave me a wonderful husband and 9 beautiful children when I am so undeserving. This is a God who sent his ONLY son to die so that I might live. HOw powerful is that!!!! Although times for me have been kind of rough lately, this too shall pass and everything will be ok. If you are going through a trial in your life right now you are NOT alone! And every trial we face is for a reason. We may never understand why but sometimes I think we are not meant to. Sometimes it is to draw us closer to the Lord so that we may in turn rely fully on Him.

Friday, August 3, 2012

New School Year

I am planning out next years school year. We never really stop schooling, just how we do. WE do alot of school but when we need to take a break I do not feel guilty . Anyway, this year for the most part I am hoping to use Switched on Schoolhouse for the older 4. WE will see how this works out. Then for my little man who is learning to read we will be using Learning to Read in 100 easy lessons. And then not sure what else for him yet. We do family bible study at night so we get alot of reading in then also. :) Anyway, so now this is what we have decided just so it will give me a bit of break on stressing about school and they can pretty much move at their own pace.

Couponing and finding deals

Couponing and finding deals (markdowns,etc..) are a great way to help stretch your families budget. I love a website that I go to daily that lets you know all the sales , markdowns , and deals she has found also how to use coupons and she pairs online printable coupons with markdowns. I have learned so much from there and have saved our family a ton of money. Yes, it takes a little time out of my day but it is so worth it. As a helpmeet to my husband I feel stretching our money is one of my jobs. Look at the deals I got today at CVS from markdowns and coupons. I paid $3.91 for all that you see plus a big bag of skittles that are not in the picture that were eaten by some little ones on the way home. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Giveaway and Update

Sorry I have not posted much lately, been having somethings going on with my health that I still have not figured out about. But God is good and He is in control so I just have to focus on that. Anyway, to what you have been waiting for. I am giving away a copy of my book. Here it is on amazon. To win just leave a comment here as to how you save money. WE will put all names of comments in a hat and draw. You can enter DAILY, with different money saving ideas. Also sends your friends and if they leave a comment and leave your name that will be another entry for you as well. :) ****FORGOT TO ADD THAT THIS GIVEAWAY WILL END AUGUST 15TH

Monday, July 16, 2012

Coming soon- will be giving away

a copy of my book. Keep looking for how you can enter. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Intention for having a blog-please respond

My intention in everything I do is to glorify God! I totally fall short many times. MY intention for having this blog is to glorify God. I would love if i have encouraged you, stepped on your toes, challenged you, or any of the sort if you would leave me a message and tell me. I want my blog to be worth my time. I do also write for my self , to record my feelings and for my own encouragement but I also hope to be of encouragement to others. So Please just leave me a message and maybe a short story telling me if a post jumped out at you and what it did for your life.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am posting this as a reminder to myself on those days that I feel like being selfish and being wrapped up in my own life. I am also writing this as a reminder of why we are here. IN our selfish fast pace society we all too often remember why we are here and what is important. We should be being the hands and feet of Christ. As christians we have fallen all too short, I know I have. That is why the government has had to step in and take care of people while the church is really suppose to be. I have fixed suppers this week for two different families who the Lord has blessed with sweet babies. While I am super exhausted and would love no more than to just crawl in my bed and sleep and not worry about anyone else that is not what this life is about and this life IS NOT ABOUT ME BUT ABOUT HIM(CHRIST). i love the Lord and do not serve him nearly as well as I should. I want others to see the Lord in me, to see love, gentleness, selflessness but I fall wayyyyy too short daily. Daily I have to die to self. I just want to remind Christians that serving others is what it is all about. Also that being there for the needy and widows. REaching out to those that are sad but all too often we are caught up in our own lives to really notice what is going on around us and who is hurting. I am talking about myself in this as well. My hope is that we all start looking around us and thinking of others, we are far too wrapped up in our little lives and really that is not what we were made for. We were made to serve! Who are you serving?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family vacations with a large family

WE just got back from our second family vacation this year. We feel it is important even though we have a large family to go on these vacations to have family time. It is harder to go on vacation with a larger family in some ways but I would not trade it for the world .We make some special family memories on these trips. This year we purchased a Dollywood season pass for our family to enjoy and boy have we gotten the moneys worth out of it. The first time we went this year we went to Dollywood 3 times and this time we went twice and on one of those days actually left and came back. We stay in a cabin when we go because it accomodates our family nicely and is most of the time cheaper than staying anywhere else , we just look around for the best price- usually booking on the VRBO website which is also where we found our house we stayed in when we went to Florida a year or so ago. I love being on vacation with our family!!!!! It is total family time , yes Billy does have to take calls and stuff since he owns his own business but still he is far away so he can in no one run to go do a job. :) Having a cabin also means we have a kitchen so we can cook meals and alot of time we grill and have sandwhiches for lunches. This trip we did not have anyone get too car sick because I researched and talked to several people about things we could do. A few suggestions I think works is getting out and letting them walk around when they start feeling bad and Altoids work great also since they are made from peppermint oil. Also we used motion sickness bands and they make them for little kids as well. I know it takes a little more out of mama and daddy for a bigger family to go on vacation but it so worth it!! I told myself and I think Billy agrees just because we have abig family our kids do not have to miss out on things. NOw time to post pics.

Friday, June 15, 2012


These past few weeks of going through many different hormone changes has led me to be able to understand what many women go through. See, I have never really had bad cycles or anything like that. My cycle has always been pretty much the same(when I have had one , have not had many due to all our sweet babies :) ) and no real woman issues. But since not having a cycle due to nursing, still nursing a sweet baby, body realizing it is pregnant and then trying to realize it is not anymore due to miscarriage my hormones have went haywire!! Last week was a very dark week! Between the miscarriage and my little man not sleeping well at all I was exhausted and weary. I told myself constantly that God is good no matter what, and I do believe that and I did believe it then also but sometimes your thoughts get all cloudy by those hormones that so plague many women. I believe that is why alot of women are on antidepresents. This is one of the curses from the fall I believe. But then it really caused me to draw close to the Lord. To realize that he does give and he does take away and in both those instances He is GOOD, He is always LOVE, and is always Just! The Lord has given me so much through this experience. The realization that he does provide what we need. In the midst of sadness I had several families in our church that were so sweet to our family! Also the Lord has given me a perfect peace about it all and it just makes me all the more grateful for the undeserving gifts he has given me in my life. I am taking some herbal things to make things better and they have but ultimately it is my Lord and Savior and ONLY him that can make things right in our lives. WHen I was younger I had such a void in my life, I could not understand what it was because I had a wonderful, wonderful family but finally later on after trying to fill that void with so many other things I realized what that void was and that way JESUS. He is the only thing that can fill the void in our lives. So my advice if you going through a dark period on your life or just suffering from hormone craziness just look to the Lord and rely on Him, He is the ONLY thing that can fill that void. God is good!!! Matthew 11:28 has been my anthem for the past few weeks Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I am not much for being clear headed this past few days. After knowing now we did experience a miscarriage the past few days have been difficult. My hormones are totally out of whack and I am so tired. I am thankful! Thankful to the Lord for the kids he has given me, thankful to the Lord for the husband he brought into my life, thankful for people who do care and for a wonderful church family who has been praying for us. Some people even people close to me that have experienced a miscarriage, especially a early one just can go on with their lives and it doesn't bother them, they do not get attached quickly. For me.... it is different. As soon as I know that I am expecting I am planning. That is just the type of person I am . And even though we have 9 children, we would be so excited to accept more. There I said it. I know many in society these days cannot understand that, and yes it is HARD but it is SO SO SO rewarding. And to think we are raising up arrows for the Lord, that is something powerful. That is the greatest job we can do here on earth. I am not really sure how my sweet husband has really felt about this as he has not done much talking with me but I think he is upset. A wife just knows these things. That is the thing between Billy and I , we do not even really have to speak to each other to know how the other one is feeling .I am so thankful for him. Thankful that he ask for prayer for me. While I am sorrowful I am also joyful, while I feel like weeping I instead try to smile and laugh. I did have a lost but I also have so much !!!! My family and I cherish life and even if that life was known about for a week it was none the less important but for some reason it was not to be here on earth. My miscarriage has caused me to look at things and realize how much I do need the Lord and realize some things in this life we worry about really does not matter. Those things are not eternal. This is just our temporary home, we should be focused on the eternal things. Not so much of what our kids have but how their hearts are. I have done ALOT of thinking these past few days. I want to leave this place knowing I taught my kids what was most important. I want to leave this place and know that my husband knew I loved him and he felt it. I am so thankful for the people the Lord has surrounded me with at the season in my life. A sweet family from our church whose daughter teaches one of our younger ones piano called today to say she would be bringing us supper when she came to teach piano today. Those are the things that let you know the Lord hears you, he understands, and we are not alone. Alot of my issue right now is hormones. They are running rampant but I can chose to give in to them and crawl in a hole or I can chose to call on the Lord and keep on fighting the fight. People all over this world are experiencing such terrible things and while this has not been easy I could not imagine going through what one of our cherised friends did a year or so ago(having a trisomny baby that passed away a day before coming into this world). The Lord is teaching me so much in every trial that I face. While my heart aches I know that the Lord is good. And I have been saying to myself the past two days Matthew 11:28!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taking Things for Granted

First I want to start this post out by saying I do not like to really be a open book contrary to what many people think. BUT I think it is important because you never know who you will be helping or who is going through the exact same thing at the exact same time. God uses people for many different reasons. God is much bigger than people give Him credit for. This post is kind of hard for me to write, not really sure why. I feel it is important to write though. The house is quite, little ones are asleep and everyone else is busy doing other things. I have so many emotions going through me right now. I will get to that. But I just first want to say we really take things for granted in our lives. At least I do. I take for granted my family. My wonderful sweet family. I take for granted sometimes I think that life will continue on even though I know things could change in a second, we are not promised the next second much less tomorrow. I think sometimes I have taken for granted the Lord choosing us to have so many kids. Thus the reason for this post. I have had a confusing,tiresome, sad week. Also in the midst of all of it have had a wonderful week with my family which included a fun time for my family at a birthday party last night. Not many knew I had so much going on in my head while I was there but God did. He knows every struggle we have. I was talking with a friend today about somethings and while speaking to her about how God sometimes allows us to feel a void in our lives or a emptyness so we will rely on him I realized that while He might of used me to help her with what she was feeling in turn it will always causing me to discover somethings. To let you in on what has went on , Tuesday I played volleyball a bit with the young people in our church and afterwards felt really bad. Could not figure it out, Wendsday I felt the same way and was nauseated,etc... I started thinking well could I be pregnant again(even though I am still nursing sweet Jericho and have not had a visit from my "friend"), so I took a test really quick before getting into the bathtub that night and to my total surprise it was positive. I was in disbelief so I took another and it took was a light but totally positive test. So... after my bath i took my oldest daughter aside and told her and told her we would have to think of a sweet way to tell her daddy the next day. That morning I took two more test that came up positive. So we already had to go to the grocery store so I bought some things to make our little man a big brother onesie and we came home. Just for security I took another test and to my disbelief it was negative. I told my daughter we would have to hold off on doing the onesie because I was not sure what was going on. I just thought that maybe I was really early on and it was not showing up. But every test since then has been negative, I started really hurting Friday morning but I needed to go to Anderson and when I came back I took another test which was negative by middle of the day I was hurting really bad and just not feeling well. We went to the birthday party and when we came home I was really nauseated. Today is Saturday and I have had a rough day, not feeling well at all and just hurting. Up until a few minutes ago I was just confused as to what was going on, I had 4 positive pregnancy test but have had many negatives. But a few minutes ago I started spotting so obviously I am having a early miscarriage and while most people it would not bother it does me. I have so many feelings that I am not even going to get into but God's grace is enough and he has blessed me beyond what I deserve. I am blessed with a wonderful husband . I just have really been thinking how we just take things for granted. I held my sweet Jericho a little closer tonight before putting him to bed! I hope you do your kids as well! But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 2 Cor. 12:9

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book I wrote- My Journey to Grace Here it is on Amazon. I basically wrote this book for my children to have . It is just really a long testimony. Great for anyone to read but really great for teenage girls.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Menu Planning

Menu Planning is one of the great organization tips for any family but especially a large one. I have been trying to do this post for a while not. It has been crazy busy around here, kids not feeling , and just other things going on. But I am going to post our menu from the last week and the rest of the month. I will try and post some recipes but if you are interested in any that I do not post just leave a comment. I do mostly the same things for lunches so I do not really write them down in my menu plan or breakfast either. I know usually off the top of my head(or on my list- list are also a wonderful organization thing!) here goes: Wendsday May 16- Grilled Pork Chops , Green Beans, Yeast rolls Thursday May 17th- HOt Wings and oven potatoes Friday May 18th- HOt Dogs, Chips, and baked beans This is a freezer cooking day, made 2 chicken casseroles to put in the freezer. Also have some peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches in the freezer as well as muffins. Sat. May 19th- Salmon Patties for lunch Tacos for supper Sun. - plans were changed a bit, I was up all night with baby the night before so I stayed home from church and while they were at church I pulled out one of the chicken casseroles and cooked it. Nice things about freezer meals!! :) Monday May 21st- Homemade chicken and Dumplins( found a super recipe!!!) with crackers Tuesday May 22nd- Tenderloin , homemade applesauce, homemade cheese bread, beans Made a big crock pot of applesauce so I could freeze some. Wendsday May 23rd- Grilled Hamburgers and hotdogs, twiced back potato casserole, homemade jalpeno cheese bread Made some extra bread, put one in the freezer and gave one to my mom :) Thursday May 24th-Lasanga Casserole , rolls, and core Make extra casserole to put in freezer Friday 25th- Chicken Strips , green beans and sweet potato fries Saturday 26th- lunch fried bologna sandwhices supper- Crockpot lemon chicken, sweet potato casserole Sunday- lunch at church -taking homemade applesauce, hotdogs, and tea supper- pizza Monday May 28th- Breakfast Tuesday May 29th- Pulled Pork Sandwhiches, oven fries Wendsday May 30th-Subs with sun chips Freezer cooking day- Not sure yet what all I am making. Will make more bread and applesauce. Also know will make a breakfast casserole to put in freezer. Thursday May 31st-meat from freezer

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Too Busy

In our society these days we are so busy! Sometimes what was suppose to help us speed things up(ex. technology) steals most of our time. I am trying to not let that happen but sometimes it even creeps in and I realize I have spent too much time on the comp. We get so caught up in the busyness of life that things have totally changed. Even in the christian community things have changed. We have let all this stuff in our lives and have forgotten the things the Lord has instructed us to do(ex. caring for the widowed and just being there for each other). Don't get me wrong I fall into this as well. All too many times I am wrapped up in the busyness of my life to reach out to others but I am really trying to change that. WE have got to start reaching out to each other, we have got to especially start reaching out to other brothers and sisters in Christ. How will we ever know their needs or what we need to pray for them about if we are so consumed with things of this world. Because really as christians this is not our home(thank you Jesus!). IT could be just a small letter to someone who is struggling, or checking on your elderly neighbor, or just asking someone what you can pray for them about. The Lord is really opening my eyes to this and has really pressed on my heart about slowing down and while still taking care of my husband and children to also start thinking about others and while doing this teaching my kids the important lesson of putting others first and showing hospitality. We have the young people over from our church every Tuesday to play volleyball. Yes, we have busy lives and yes we could be doing something else but we feel this is important to our children. These young people that come over here we WANT around our children, they are good influences. It is good for these young people to get together and while they are playing volleyball they are also learning many things. Like how to work together and also patience(because maybe they have a little one or someone not so good on their team). They learn kindness and how to not take things so seriously. Like when you fall on your backside like I did last night(lol, realizing now i am not so young anymore lol). Sometimes we need to take time out of our busy lives to just live. To be a light to others. To show hospitality. To show just plain LOVE! Speaking of busyness I really need to end this post and start school with one of my sweet children. But in short I just want to remind myself as well as anyone who reads this to slow down. Do something for someone else. Aren't we suppose to be christ like as christians. His whole life christ only thought of others, after all he did die for our sins.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Obeying your Husband

Now I know when many women read these words it stirs up all kinds of emotions inside of them. Hey, it used to do me the same way until I really started understanding what it really means. It does not mean the women who obey their husbands biblically are doormats like many may think because it also states in the bible that husband are to love their wives as Christ loves the church. If we truly honor our husband and let them lead our households the benefits farrrrrrrrrrr outweigh any of the negative things. For instance we were suppose to go to a church picnic today, while I really wanted to go my husband decided this morning that it would be better if we stayed home because since being sick we have fallen behind on some things. While I did not want to I did not argue and you know what. He was right!!! I am so glad he decided for us to stay home. I got some much needed stuff done that I needed to and he did too. God put my husband over me for a reason and sometimes while I might not like the decision I know that my husband is wise and really thinks things out and does not do anything in haste. Obeying your husband is not always easy but it is right and it shows him honor. If you have a unsaved husband you could bring him to Christ by submitting yourself to him. 1 Peter 3:1 Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, Another example while not a huge thing at the time was huge to me. A year or so ago I wanted to go get my hair cut and my husband did not want me to get it cut. I went anyway! YOu know what happened? I received the worst haircut I had ever had, I do not think the girl knew in the slightest what she was doing. I said, " Okay God, from now on I will listen." LOL! I have come to realize if I stay under the headship of my husband that the house just runs alot smoother. By this I am not saying that you can never ask for things you want, state your opinion, etc... I am just saying that things run alot better if I am under my husband and actually my husband treats me very well and I want for NOTHING! Those that know us,even his customers know that I am treated very well. So being a submissive wife in short means honoring and loving your husband. And most importantly taking the job that God gave you of wife to this beloved man and doing it to the fullest. I know there are so many times I fall short but we are all sinners. Also this all means not going behind your husband's back and talking about things that he may be struggling with or things you may be frustrated with him about. I hear even supposedly christian women these days even getting together and bashing their husbands. How sad is that!!! YOur husband is suppose to be sacred to you, it should be God, your husband, your children, extended family, and then friends, etc... Many have it so wrong and that is what is so wrong with our society,. We do not view marriage as it was intended. Uh-Oh kinda got off the subject a bit, I will get off my soapbox now lol. Anyway, in closing this as I need to go do laundry I just want to say I am speaking from total experience when I obey(submit) to my husband our household runs a lot smoother. I just want to say I am so thankful that my husband takes such good care of us that it is not too terribly hard to submit to him. ;)

Monday, April 30, 2012

How Your Attitude Sets the Mood

I have heard many people say and I have read this over and over again that the wife/mother sets the mood for the house. After today I see that it is totally right!! My day started off a little slow because baby wanted to nurse all night. I had promised myself I would start the week fresh with having my personal bible time. I got up later than I wanted to but did get my bible time in. I CHOSE to go ahead and get up and do it even though I really did not want to. That is the thing we can CHOOSE to be in a rotten cranky mood or we can CHOOSE to be joyful no matter how we feel. AFter bible time things were going pretty good and I was in a joyful mood, easy when things are going well. Even though I had extra laundry to do because someone had a tummy upset last night and I had one that was also under the weather. I had praise music on and was joyful , things were getting done, FINALLY had gotten the baby down! Things were going well. Easy to be happy,joyful, and just plain nice when things are going right, when the kids are behaving, when there is no stress. BUT then it happened, they came into the living room being loud and woke the baby. So.... what did I choose???? I CHOSE to fuss at them. What broke my heart is the reason they had came into the living room in the first place and if I had not been so busy doing laundry I would of known what they were doing. They were trying to tell me thank you for letting them have Nutella sandwhiches for lunch. Oh how my mama hard was so sad that I was so not nice to them. I scooped the baby up and went into the kitchen to talk with them and that is when the light bulb really went off in my head- we choose the attitude in our home. WE REALLY DO!! As mothers/wives we choose the mood. The little faces that were once smiling so big were now so downtrodden :( I made sure the rest of the day I CHOOSE no matter how I have felt to be NICE. Just plain and simple- NICE. My motto is Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I CAN be joyful no matter the circumstance. Even when there is no end the laundry and the mess. Even when the 1 yr old is screaming AGAIN. Even when the 6 month old is wanting to nurse AGAIN. So if you are a wife/mother just remember we do set the mood. My husband has had alot of work lately and therefore leaves me shorthanded because he needs my two young men but that does not mean I cannot CHOOSE what is right. I could sit and pout and I will admit I have wanted to sometimes but if I did that I would still my own joy. IT is a joy to take care of my house. It is the greatest job GOD gave me. My husband called before he came home today, I knew he had been working alot lately and therefore is very exhausted so I made sure to have some business stuff done for him so he would not have to do it. Did it inconvience me? well, lets see we were trying to finish up supper( even though it was only a simple supper),baby was wanting to nurse so he could nap, and i had to find the invoice I was looking for all while keeping baby calm, etc... Would I do it again? Of course! Especially for the wonderful man who works so hard for his family and gives us all we need and many things we want. So my point is we can CHOOSE the mood in our home and when we do our whole family will benefit from it, and YOU will benefit from it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Loving our Husbands-continued

Okay hopefully I am finally able to continue my post. I didn't have much more to say but wanted to say most importantly loving your husband means praying for him. Praying for him when you feel like it and when you don't. Praying for him everyday. If your husband cannot count on your to pray for him then who can he count on? Loving your husband also means not only saying I love you but showing it(something I fall short of daily). And this is a big pet peeve for me, loving your husband also means that you will not bash him in front of other people ,especially your "friends". This is one thing that really get under my skin. There is a difference between asking a sister in Christ to pray for things that may be going on you and your husband lives but it is another thing to rant and rave about all his short comings. YOu picked him, God gave him to you! Loving your beloved also sometimes means biting our tongues(something I also need to work on). And also means softly,sweetly, and humbly pointing out things that may be a stepping stone in his Christian walk. I am in no way saying that I am able to do these things and surely am not able to be the wife I need to be without prayer but I do strive to be a good wife, not sure a wife. Society gets it wrong because they believe when we marry we both need to give 50/50 but that is NOT TRUE we need to give 100%- Even when we do not feel like it!!!~~~ WE also need to realize and this is one of the few things I would want to tell women, especially one just getting married. Women and men are different!!!!!!! We are not wired the same and so do not expect your husband to always know what you are thinking and remember he is not perfect- there is only ONE that was perfect and His name was Jesus. So forgiveness is one important thing in loving our husbands as well. As with most of my post I need to finish up because I have one crying and needing me! I really hope I can encourage women to love their families and encourage them that it is IMPORTANT- your work as a wife and mother is the most important thing you can do in your life!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Loving our children and most importantly our husbands

No, I do not mean the passing " I love you" as we pass each other. Or the quick I love you while putting our children in the bed for the day. I mean the real true godly kind of love. The love that only comes if our hearts are set on higher things. I was talking with my oldest daugher today who is 13 and telling her that in the society many buy into the lie that if everything is fine in your life and everything is going well then we are loved by God. But that is not always true sometimes God loves us soooooooooo much that he allows trials in our lives to rebuke us. Just as we do our own children. IF we love our children, we will train them up in the Lord and we will rebuke them when they do wrong. No, it is not fun and yes it is tiresome but that is one of the things I mean when I say really loving your child. Taking the time to listen to them ,to really train them, to really teach them how to do things instead of doing them yourself. It also goes for your husband. To love your husband may sometime mean talking to him in a kind tone even when you do not feel like it, or being intimate with him when you are exhuasted. Being a good loving spouse and mother may mean putting your husband first so your children can see how much their father means to you. I know this is something I still need some work on. Loving means putting ourselves LAST. Yes, i said last. Society today teaches us that we should put ourselves first and if we take care of ourself then we can take care of others but that is all wrong. Yes, I do agree we need to take time for ourselves that is not what I am saying but not at the expense of our family. This all does not come easy for me sometimes especially when I have not gotten much sleep and just want a moment for myself. LIke today I had to die to myself. My little ones were promised if they took a good nap we would go outside and blow the new color bubbles they got. Just when I had gotten everything done in the house and was sitting down to read a homeschooling magazine I really wanted to read of course they woke up. I had to say to myself what is more important and what would make more of impact of my children. Some may say the homeschooling magazine but that precious time I had with my children was so sweet and after blowing bubbles we looked at flowers in our yard and watered our herb garden. Again I had to control myself because while letting them help me water my 3 year old got me wet and it was COLD but I just laughed instead of yelling. I need to wrap this up because the baby is fussing , there was so much more I wanted to say about how we treat our husband and how we should love them. Maybe I will post more on that later. Just remember the order we should put things- God, husband, children.... Love your family, you will reap huge rewards!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

awsome vacation with family

I just have to say we just got back from a great family vacation. I love my family so much and I love going on vacation. My husband and I have strived to give our kids vacations no matter how many we have. Just because we have many kids does not mean we cannot do what other families do AND have fun. We visited Pigeon Forge, a place we have went often. This is the first time in a long time that I was not pregnant so when we went to Dollywood this time I could actually ride the rides which was very nice although a new baby is always nice :) Our little ones did so good while we were gone, I was so proud of them because we pretty much stayed on the go and I know they were tired. I just love the memories we are making when we do these sort of things and I just love the time we have with the kidswith none of the everyday stressed. I urge every family to have a vacation with their kids even if you cannot afford it you can afford to set a certain amount of time and even if it is just to visit your local parks the one on one time is priceless.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Not much time to blog lately but I just wanted to say how thankful I am. Thankful for what God has given me that I am so underserving of! Thankful that I have a Savior who is NOT DEAD but has risen. This Easter please keep in mind what it is all about. While I do not see anything wrong with the baskets and all we as a family do not do it and it is our preference, we really want to teach the children what it is all about. He is Risen and It is finished!!!! Praise God.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A day in the life of me!!

This is for all those that think I have it all together. Today has been crazyyyy!! I got up early to be sure I could get my personal bible time in and boy am I sure glad I did because today has been one of those not in my own strength but only by God's grace kind of days. I already had planned for the little ones to do some planting some veggies and flowers. But first they know we have to get chores done. First we had to do some errands in town which went okay, had a couple of disagreements in the car between younger ones but nothing earth shattering. We get back home and start doing chores. So things were going pretty smoothly and then the older two girls started to argue. I was nursing Jericho( of course) so I called them to me and had a good talk with them about getting along , their responsiblities in this family, etc... OF course my 13 yr old leaves crying( here lately no matter what I say to her she cries) , so then I feel awful because she is a huge help to our family but I have to set her on the right course. Anyway, so that problem is solved. Before that the nine yr old is screaming because our 2 yr old is knocking down candles off the wall by getting on the top bunk so I have to address that issue. I lay Jericho down and start doing laundry. Of course not two seconds into doing laundry I hear him crying. So go get him and he seems to still be hungry so I feed him some banana's I had left over that I had made him last night. Then nurse him AGAIN and lay him down and start making out bills and then I get to thinking okay bills can wait I will do the planting with the little ones while Jericho is sleeping. So we get everything ready and with the help of my two older ones here today we start the process of planting(hope to post pics soon). Well of course chaos breaks out, everyone wants their turn at the same time , the 1 yr old bumps her head on the table and is screaming and so then my attention turns to her because we are on our screened porch and I do want our neighbors thinking we are beating our children. And while my attention turns to her they throw dirt all over the table. I send Pagie to go gather some garden supplies we didn't have and she comes back with Jericho who I thought would sleep for a long time. So she takes him. Anyway after all that everything kind of went smoothly , she took Jericho in and put our 1 yr old in the high chair with a banana. WE finished up our planting in which the little ones ended up having fun and we got to talk about how hopefully in a week or so we would see little signs of life and that God gives us plants and trees, etc... So then it was clean up time and while I was cleaning that up the 2 yr old slipped away without us knowing and was "washing her hair"( more like her whole body and the whole bathroom) in the sink like mama does. Water was everywhere and she also got into the toothpaste and that was everywhere. UGH!!!! By this point I have a raging headache and my allergies are acting up but I remind myself I am really working on patience this week so I clean up the mess and move on to trying to get lunch going .I put the 9 yr old in charge of making pb & j sandwhiches and take the baby to go nurse AGAIN and turn around and our 3 yr old has gotten the bag of pretzels and spilled them all over the floor. Sooooooooooooo, I put the baby inthe swing and clean up the mess, but Jericho is not having that so I get him and go to change the 2 yr old since she is still soaking wet from her "fun". I lay baby in the floor and change the 2 yr old and my 15 yr old son gets the baby. Now great I can finish up stuff. Nope just wishful thinking because son wants to look at a new board game he got in the mail and baby is also spitting up so he and my 13 yr old daughter are arguing about who is gonna take the baby so I take him and go to finally sit down to nurse again and he finally falls asleep when I hear screaming from the kitchen . I go to see what is going on and it is the 9 yr old upset that her 15 yr old brother took her magazine and put it up. So , had to take time for discipline AGAIN!!! Finally get baby laid down, do some laundry,and write this post. Baby WAS finally asleep but just started crying. So he is up again, HOPEFULLY other little ones are fixing to go down for a nap, only reason I could write this post was because they were eating lunch. I still need to finish laundry, finish making out bills, do some homeschooling with the older ones, and I had on the list to plant some herbs to start in cups. Plus figure out supper and do the night routine.
Most days run smoothly around here but some days we have days like today. I would still NOT trade my life for anything , and yes I still view my children as blessings .IT is just in these days like today I have to rely on the Lord more and is that such a bad thing? What kind of day have you had today? Have you had one of those not in my own strength kind of days lately?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still alive

Still alive here, just busy!! Been a good kind of busy. Hope to write when I have time.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not in my own strength

Something I have had to really learn lately is that I cannot do what needs to be done around my house and during my daily life in my own strength. Someone on my facebook page reminded me of this today as well. I have been really been working on patience lately and it is when I get far away from the Lord is when I lose my patience and feel like chaos is taking over. I get comments alot when I am out in public about wow you must have alot of patience and how in the world do you do it. Well............ I now reply I do not do it, only through God can I do it. These past few days of this week have been alot better than the other days lately. I have been really feeling like life was spinning out of control but then I realized I was not relying on the Lord. I don't know where that lie comes from that God doesn't give you more than you can handle, that is not always true but He never gives us more than we can handle WITH HIS HELP. IF we never had to rely on him, if we never felt that hole, if we never felt helpless would we call out to him??? I think the biggest advice I could give to a new mom, a mom with many little ones, or just someone struggling is to pray, have your time in the bible, and find a wise lady(or wise elder man)that can really encourage you in the Lord. God is good but we just have to call on Him.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Being content and not looking at others

I write this blog post as this is something that has been on my heart lately. As sinners in this fallen world are we ever content with what God has given us? Are we always looking for what is next? I want to strive to be content with what I have as we are so very richly blessed. But I have a problem with looking to what is next. What I might get to have next. I talk about the next baby I might have, etc... But you know what I need to be content with what I have NOW. I might not be blessed with anymore children ,I might not be able to take any grand adventures later in life, I might have but a small time here. Is that okay with me? I am not sure. IT should be because I am so undeserving. I look at others and think how in the world do they do it all. And in that moment when I start doing that many sinful things start taking over my mind. I want to always remember this verse.
Let your conduct be without covetousness; and be content with what you have: for He has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. – Hebrews 13:5

The Lord has blessed me beyond what I have ever deserved. I am so thankful he does not give me what I deserve. I have nine beautiful children and a wonderful husband. A nice roof over my head and do not want for anything. I should be thankful and content with that. I know it is the prideful, selfish , sinful human in me but I do not want my kids to grow up and not see me content and happy. I want to strive to be content where I am at that moment every day!!!!
But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing out. – 1Timothy 6:6-7

So hopefully from this day forward I can be more content, more thankful. I do not thank the Lord enough for what he brought me through to where I am now. I am so thankful he did not give me what I deserve and that when my time on earth is done I am so thankful that I will not get what I deserve then either.

Are you being content with the life God BLESSED you with?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding Joy in the Chaos

This year I really want to focus on being thankful and joyful. I want my children to see me happy more than stressed, happy more than angry, and if they see tears I want them to be tears of joy. Yes, I know being a christian we face trials but some of them we bring on ourselves. My problem is trying to be perfect. I am really trying this year to just LET Go and Let God take the wheel. These past few weeks I have been trying to get organized, we started a new diet, AND have been doing our taxes so it has been a bit crazy . I have to MAKE myself take time to read to my little ones or hold the 2 yr old. Just because she can walk and is pretty independent does not mean she does not want some mommy time. I want to stop and watch my children smile, I want to not only watch them dance around but to dance with them. These years pass by so fast and in these brief years I want to make them count. Not every day is chaotic but every day there is a part of the day that is and I can either decide to let that dictate how I feel that day or just pray and move through it and remember all the blessings God has given us and just find the joy in everything. IF I didn't have the fights to break up then that would mean I didn't have these precious children. IF I didn't have menus to plan or clothes to wash that would mean I would not have my precious family. So for anyone who reads this I also challenge you to find JOY in EVERYTHING. It makes a difference in the way your whole outlook on things are. I have really been working on this and hope by the end of this year I will be the wife and mother that I really want to be.

Friday, January 6, 2012

How selfishness sneaks in

The other day was a super busy day for me . I had so much to do and everyone wanting me to do something for them. I got to thinking nobody every thanks me for anything I do, does anyone notice. I got kind of angry when I started thinking of my husband and all the credit he gets for his work he does( I know very bad thing but that is how sin creeps in). The devil was really working on me and for that few minutes I let him. And then I got to thinking about all the rewards that I do get and also what I was put on earth for. I am not put here for my pleasure but to be a soldier for the Lord. I am raising up arrows to be able to hopefully one day shoot out and be a light in this world, to be children who love the Lord so much and want to shout it from the roof tops. I was put here to be a wife, a HELPMEET to my husband. A helper, not someone who stands out and gets praised for what she does. My reward will be in heaven and my reward is that I do have a husband who loves me and takes care of me and our wonderful blessings from above. I quickly changed my attitude from anger to joy. Joy at all the Lord has given me. Who cares if nobody ever thanks me. But then later in a small voice I heard one of my little boys say thank you for reading to him. Wonderful words especially at that moment. YOu can NOT tell me God does not hear us and does not give us what we need at the very moments we need it.
This society is filled with such selfishness that I hear so many women say (including yours truly) that I just need my me time. Just on a christian radio station yesterday I heard the anouncer lady talking about how glad she is her children went back to school just so she could have some me time. That made me sad. We miss so much when we want our "me time". One of my resolutions for this year is to read to my children every day. I started it and you would not believe the difference in their behavior and how happy they are to have their mama for those few minutes. Time goes so fast we need to take time with those precious little ones the Lord has given to us. We are never promised tommorrow and never promised we will have those children another minute. I just really felt the need to address this because I just hear it more and more. Yes, it is harder to stay home with my kids than to send them off and have some time for myself but then I get to thinking about it and I think I disagree. It would be extremely hard for me to send the kids off now, I love them to be at home with me. I know what they are learning, seeing, hearing, and who is teaching it to them. NO life is not always easy but the Lord never promised us it would be easy. It was not easy for Jesus to take up that cross for us and die so that we may live. I also hope in this new year I will remember not to be selfish and not let the devil have anger to use against me, I want to replace it all with JOY!