Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Friday, September 5, 2014

Been MIA

Hey friends! I know I haven't been around for awhile. I was having a busy summer enjoying my kiddos and things really changed all of a sudden for my family and we have gotten even busier. My grandmother had a stroke , she is 91 years old and was living by herself. Of course after the stroke she cannot live by herself and there was the talk of putting her in a nursing home. We knew a nursing home just was not for her and my family and I have a major heart to heart talk. My husband agreed to let my grandma move in with us and our 10 kids. It has required a lot of sacrifice from EVERYONE in this home but my kids have also LEARNED so very much from it all as well. My kids have learned that life is important, that people are important. That we should put others needs ahead of our own. That life is fleeting and not always fair. IT has grown our family in so many ways. Yes, some days it's hard but I am not sure who told society this lie that life was suppose to be easy. I have heard several comments on I don't see how in the world you do it all now that you have your grandma living with you too. Well, the fact is *I* don't do it all, first I fall on my face daily in front of Jesus's feet and ask for help and grace. God sustains me!!! Secondly, we work as a family. No one person in this family is more important than the other, everyone plays a vital role down to our unborn child. Speaking of unborn child we found out right before my grandmother moved in we are expecting our 11th child. At first with all that at one time I will admit I was a bit overwhelmed but I am so very ,very thankful! We are excited that things seem to be progressing normally and Lord willing sometime around the first of April 2015 we will welcome our 11th child in our family.

  Our kids could not be more happier that we are welcoming another baby and are already putting in orders if they want a boy or girl. I know many people probably look at our kids and think they have no life but from where I am sitting they have a pretty good one! And the lessons they have learned in our family(since it is not so average) they will carry to future generations. I only hope that they love the Lord and realize just what a gift he has given them. We have been truly blessed! Maybe not in the eyes of society but where it really matters WE ARE BLESSED.

   I hope to be able to blog more frequently but if I am not around you will know why. Times are busy and there are some very important people who need me. Have a blessed day!