Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thankfulness during trials

       Well, first I wouldn't really call it trials just little bumps in the road that make things a bit harder. My husband and I went away last weekend for some much needed time together while my parents stay with the kids. We have a wonderful time but I hardly even remember it because since we have been back it is been well ... kind of chaotic. We came home to a lot of things not working in our home because we had a bad storm while we were gone and lightening struck. It also was very bad and scared the kids something horrible. My parents said it was the worst sound they had ever heard. So then I felt kind of guilty that I was not here and my kids were scared(also kind of guilty that I was glad I was not here because I HATE storms). So it took us about a week to get things working again like our air condition, internet, phone,etc... We had to buy a lot of new stuff. Still waiting to get our business computer back which we are having to buy a new one because it fried it. Totally money we were not ready to spend. In all of this I just kept trying to be thankful. Thankful because some houses did burn down that night. Thankful because my kids and parents were not harmed and it could of turned really bad after seeing some of the things the lightening had did. I KNOW the Lord was with my family while we were gone and I am so thankful. To top that off I came home to my 6 year old having severe headaches. He cried with it for like 2 days straight. One day he just had a awful day but I think all of that was sinus issues. So while that was hard while everything else was going on I am thankful it was probably nothing serious and I have healthy kids. Then my lower bad started hurting but by Thursday it was horrible!!! IT sends shooting pain down my legs and just hurts something horrible, sometimes I think worse than labor pains. Midwives say it is sciatica but in all this I CAN and WILL be thankful too. I can be thankful I have a healthy baby that is growing inside. All of this I cannot do in my own strength. I have people constantly telling me you are stronger than I am, more patient than I am , more this or that but it is not true. It ALL comes from the Lord. He is our rock and our strength. I am praying that baby turns the right way and my back pain gets better because 2 months of this would be horrible but I know I will make it WITH the Lord help if I have to. So , I am hoping if you are going through little bumps in the road or even big trails that you let go and let GOD help you. I hope you all have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick update

Not much to update except I am almost 30 weeks so our new little man will be here before we know it! It has been so busy around here that I forget how far along I am sometimes and forget I kind of need to be preparing for a new baby. WE have been sick for about a week and a half, not all of us at one time but a couple or more for a while now. And now I am down along with my oldest daughter and that is pretty hard. We have been trying to just press on and get done what needs to be done. I have a pretty bad sore throat today and just have no energy.
I just wanted to do a quick update. Mother's Day is Sunday so don't forget the special mothers around you. And as mothers we need to remember the special job we have, it may seem so demanding some days but what job could be more important than raising up warriors for the Lord!!!! Happy Mother's Day a couple of days early!