Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Friday, December 31, 2010


No blogging lately, all 4 of my littlest ones have been sick. I was so tired when I woke up this morning I probably could not of even told you my name lol. They are so whinny is the thing, but I am so blessed to be their mother. that takes alot of people by surprise, one minute me talking about how hard it has been and the next talking about how blessed I am . Well you read it right. I am blessed to have little noses to wipe, little heads to rub, little ones who need extra love when they have such a high temp they cannot even keep their eyes open. My poor two littlest one have bad double ear infections. But i am blessed that God gave them to ME. I am so inadequate but yet he gave them to me!!! And for that I am trully grateful. After have 8 kids I realize how fast time goes by and how fast they grow. And I know all too soon that I will not have any more little noses to wipe. HOw sad that will be. But we all go through seasons and this is my season right now. And I have been told it will go by all too quickly.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The best gifts this Christmas

cannot be bought !!! For me the best gifts I have been given is my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for His birth, I am celebrating not only his birth this Christmas but WHY He came!!! He came so that I may be redeemed. I am so thankful HE saved me. I am thankful he blessed me with Billy and 8 beautiful children. What more can I ask for this Christmas? God is soooooooooooooo very good! He is good ALL the time!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is almost here!!!

My family and I already had one get together yesterday. For that side of the family the past few years we have just gotten together, ate together and spent time together. No opening presents and it was wonderful! We had a great time together and just enjoyed each other. It is so relaxing and so much less stressful. I think that is alot of what christmas is suppose to be! We are pretty much done with Christmas shopping thank goodness ,just got to get my grandma a gift card. Hubby has almost finished the swing set for the young kids. i want to wish you all if I do not post again a Very Merry Christmas and please do not forget what this holiday is all about and what life would be if we did not have this holiday. Really think about how a baby was born so he could save us all!!! How glorious is that!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

God shows us daily how good he is

I have been super busy so therefore not posting much to my blog. We had thanksgiving and then of course getting started on the shopping for Christmas. I have started to try and be done before Christmas so I can actually enjoy Christmas. This year I am pretty near done already so that is nice. Dh is builing our younger kids this big swingset for their Christmas present and then we just got them like one or two things to open. I will have to post pics when it is done , it is looking so good. Then my sweet sister who is expecting had to go in for surgery to have her thyroid removed because a fairly large growth was found. Praise the Lord it was benign. We are so thankful for that and so many people were praying. Just goes to show the power in prayer. She is recovering and hopefully recovery will not be long. I am really just trying to focus on the Lord and all he trully does for us. We just overlook it so many times but when there is a need or worry where do we run. I really want the kids to learn to think of God always , not just in our times of need. Well guess this post is gonna be cut short, i hear a little one crying. more to come later- hopefully

Monday, November 29, 2010

I am so blessed

This year I had so much to be thankful for during Thanksgiving it is so overwhelming. How precious is our Lord!!!!! I am really trying to keep the children's focus on where it should be for Christmas. Thank you Lord for sending your one and only son to save a wretch like me!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Being content

I am so content with what I have. I am so excited to be growing closer and closer to Jesus. Have you ever stopped and noticed when you are closer to the Lord things around you are so much brighter and when you are further from him everything seems cloudy. I am much more relaxed about things. Like yesterday I was trying to get to a doctor appt and was running late but I just turned up my Christian music and sang as loud as I could(since nobody was in the car with me :) ) Also gave me time to notice how beautiful the trees still are.
At night we always try to have a bible study with the kids. Lately after we do our study we sing. I bought some hymn books from christian book distributors and we sing out of those. It is so sweet to hear the kids sing, especially our teenage boys. We always end with Jesus Loves ME cause the little ones just love to dance and sing to that. Isn't that how we are suppose to be as adults as well? Just care free, loving Jesus so much that we want to dance and sing. :) Be the way if anyone has a good family bible study let me know, we are almost done with what we are doing.
Thought I would share some pics of the family since I have not done that in a while.

Friday, November 12, 2010

God is always there even if He is sometimes quite

I think I have used this line alot of times with others but I think sometimes forget to tell myself that. I am having a sort of down day today for many reasons and just want to sleep but know this is not possible. I mean God put me here for a reason, and gave me the gift of children, a husband, and a house to take care of. I think sometimes I need to tell myself yes He is there and has not left my side. How wonderful that is to know, isn't it. I so love the Lord and day by day I am trying to grow more in His word. I am no where near where I want to be but closer than I was years ago. There are many things in life that are not fair, things we do not understand. Trials we do not understand why we have to go through but faith is what keeps us going. I have no idea how people who do not believe in the Lord and have Him to lean on make it. Without the Lord somedays I think I would go crazy. And I know what going crazy is, I was there years ago. :) So, if you are having a bad day, week, or even a bad month just call out to the Lord. He is there and loves you and wants you to tell him all your problems. We should praise God not only in the good times but in the bad. And I praise Him that he brought me out of so much in my life to the life I have right now. I am so trully blessed!!! Life is not always easy, God never promised us it would be. IT is easy to praise him when things are going exactly the way we want them to but it is when things get a bit hard when praising him is important.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Loving my life

God has so richly blessed me and I am so undeserving. I am really trying to focus on Him more and give the Lord more time. I know it is still not enough but I try to get in some each day. I really would like to start in the mornings and have a bible study but I am so tired and do not get up before everyone due to the baby not sleeping very well yet. I do want to be a light to others in this very dark world though and there are so many things I need to work on. But I just love the life God gave me, no it is not always easy and somedays it is full of stress but I could not ask for more. Yes, I know I am rambling . All day long thoughts in my head are like this as well, lol.
I am so excited for my oldest daughter as we found someone to teach her to sew. The girl is from our church and super sweet. I only wished I learned to sew when I was younger.
I cannot believe it is already almost time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am trying to remember what they are both all about and trying to teach my kids the same thing. I am hoping to have stress free holidays this year. We are doing a Thanksgiving get together at our house with one side of our family since God has blessed us with a good size house. (Which I also believe was given to us for a reason besides just because we have so many kids, just not exactly 100% sure of that reason yet).
I just really love my life and am so thankful for all the Lord has blessed us with .My husband has already killed 4 deer this year and one of our twins killed his first deer also. All that deer meat will surely help with groceries :) . God is soooooooo good!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We as christian parents have to stand up

"Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children. For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." - Ephesians 5:1, 8-11

I know many christian parents were brought up to trick or treat and therefore take their kids but have you ever really studied the origins of Halloween. IT is really evil and demonic and we as christians have to stand up and take a stand against evil. I know I know I used to think these things were harmless too but I was so wrong. Even some churches see it as harmless but see that is how the devil's lies creep in slowly to our society. Here is a great Christian Perspective of Halloween and how it all got started and what it all means even down to apple bobbing.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

no time to really blog

With having 4 kids 3 and under there is not much time for extra things. I am usually busy doing laundry, changing diapers, feeding someone, etc.... But that is okay. That is the season I am in right now and I know it will pass all too fast. ON top of that on the way to church Sunday our 3 yr old started throwing up and now our 7 yr old is sick and throwing up. We are just praying super hard the baby does not get it. She is only 3 weeks, which I really cannot believe that either. Where does the time go.
Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know I am alive, just super busy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blessing #8 is here

My computer crashed so I have not been able to get on. Elizabeth Grace made her arrival September 27th at 7:26 pm weighing in a whole 6 pounds 5 ounces and was 19 inches long. I will share birth story hopefully soon. As you can imagine it is a bit busy around here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

16 days

till blessing number 8's due date!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Almost time for blessing #8 to make her arrival!!!!!!

Things have been so crazy around here and it is almost d day-delivery day. :) We still have some appts to get through this week and Annie's birthday party Saturday. I finally packed most of my bag and got most everything we will need for baby. This last part is always so rough and I think with the more I have the harder it gets but it could be because I have more to take care of.
I just want to say God has blessed us so much, with a wonderful house that I absoulutely could not of built better and we have found a wonderful church. this is a church I just never thought still existed this day and time. It is so wonderful and such a encouragement. God has trully blessed my husband's business and for that I am so very grateful. We have healthy kids and a good marriage. What in the world more can a woman ask for. NOthing.... I know to many my life does not seem so wonderful. I do not get time for myself, I do not get out much, I do not have many " friends", Most of time is wrapped up in my family but isn't that why we were put here. To raise our families as arrows for the Lord. NOt all this stuff that when we are gone will just fade away. I still have so much to learn and work on in my christian walk but I hope I am getting closer to being the mother, wife, and child of God that I strive to be.
So even though I am tired as all get out and in pain from being almost 37 weeks pregnant God has trully blessed me and I do see it. And I hope when delivery day comes and when labor hits that I can just focus on all this. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

busy times

It is so busy around here but I guess you could call it a good busy. We are getting ready for the arrival of our 8th child. Having our sons 2nd birthday party this weekend and then our baby girls birthday party in two weeks. I cannot believe she will be 1!!!!!!!!!!! My where in the world does the time go. IT is flurry of activity around here right now. The older boys are working with a family in our church, hubby has been busy with work and my oldest daughter have been super busy with the little ones and trying to keep house. On top of this I have been trying to fit school in here and there and everywhere I can fit it in. :) God is good though and he will give me the strength to make it through. Really it is a good busy, rather be raising a family for the Lord than anything else. How about you?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Having Your Children's Heart

We are really struggling with one of our children right now. I wonder sometimes if the things we do or say to our kids really really make a difference. We try to do it right, although we ARE human and mess up time to time but we are really having a hard time with one of our children. THEN yesterday the child that has been such a blessing to me with so many little ones did something that was very upsetting. So then you stop and think are any of your children's heart in the right place. To have them live right you have to have their hearts. So... that is what I am really going to be working on until the baby comes. I KNOW that one day HOPEFULLY the way we are trying to raise them will show through. Oh how I pray it does anyway but until them I will just have to work on getting their hearts and therefore hopefully in turn them having a heart for God. Do you have your children's hearts? Is it something you strive for. I know in this society alot of times parents just want to be friends with their kids. TO not make them mad, to not have conflict but in the end does that benefit your child? It is easier to just let them go about their business than to do on them constantly. It is very time consuming but for ME it will be worth it in the end.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

And the winner is...............

Drumroll please..............................

Caroline!!!!!!!! Congrats to her and thanks to all who entered. Add me to your blogroll as I do giveaways here and there.

Giveaway has ended

Will be listing winner soon!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Any tips on keeping hardwood floors clean

Seems I clean my floors constantly and they always look dirty. May be because of so many little fit, I have tried to ask everyone around here to wear socks because I think that will help but nobody really has and it has been so hot who would blame them. Any tips??? Also any tips on putting the shine back on. In my kitchen in some spots the shine is gone. Any help would be appreciated.

Monday, August 9, 2010

So much going on

This season of my life is so crazy busy but I do not want it to fly by because I know I will miss it at some part in my life. I know life is all about seasons and this one I am in is a bit chaotic. There is something always on the calendar to do and add homeschooling, 7 kids, everyday household chores, and being pregnant it can feel so out of control. But I have to remember that God has everything in control so therefore if I lean on Him I will also. Baby will be here next month, I just cannot believe that!!! I have a good bit to do before she gets here so I better get started and we have 2 birthdays to celebrate before she makes her arrival. Alot of appts. and I would like to get in a good deal of schooling. I just have to remind myself with God all things are possible.
So for those that are starting back homeschooling how are things going. We school mostly year around for many reasons so it is not a big thing to us with school starting back but I know sometimes it is hard to get back into the swing of things. So how is everyone doing??? Would so love to hear.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Giveaway time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seventh Generation :)

Well most of you know I love Seventh Generation cleaners, and to get to use them without buying them is super exciting for me. Amazing what us mommies get excited over , isn't it lol. I was sent a Back to School Seventh Generation pack by MyBlogSpark. It included brown paper towels, 2 things of disinfectant wipes, cleaners, pull sack that is super nice, and a box of tissues. I am giving one of these exact kits away courtesy of MyBlogSpark. What you need to do to win you's how. You have multiply ways to enter each counts as 1 entry. Giveaway ends August 14th.

1.Tell me if you homeschool or if you send your public school and what the reason is why you chose that path.
2. Blog about this giveaway , don't forget to leave me your blog address so it can be counted.
3. Lastly by referrals. IF you refer someone here and they leave me a message telling me they were referred by you then that will count once for each referral. :)

Simple enough right!!! And plenty of chances to get many entrys.
**All the products, information and giveaway prize pack were all provided by Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark.

Video on the History of Germs

**All the products, information and giveaway prize pack were all provided by Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Giveaway coming very soon!!!!!!!!!!!! seventh generation

Just a heads up I will be doing another giveaway very soon so stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

this and that

I hardly ever have just a topic to talk about because I always have a thousand things going on in my mind. LOL
first I want to say in a month or less I may have a new giveaway so be watching out for that. :)
Next I wanted to ask anyone who reads this to leave me a comment of your fave receipe to cook for your family. It can be anything and even be a dessert. I am trying to gather some new things to cook instead of the same old boring stuff. So far this week we will have a little different things to eat so I am happy about that. So if everyone could just leave your receipe!!:) Thanks. Plus I am hoping to do some casserole cooking and that kind of stuff before baby gets here so I will have some food in the freezer that will be fast but good and not processed.
I am starting to take inventory of what I need for baby . I guess I had better seeing I am over 30 weeks now. Not much longer now. This pregnancy has flown by!!!!!!!!!!! I have felt pretty good so far but am getting to the not so comfortable stage.
Things have been a bit crazy around here but I have just been trying to take things a day at a time. That is what God wants us to do so that is what I am trying to do. Our new church has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. I look forward to really getting to know everyone there better. God is good and He has shown my husband and I so many things lately. He really does provide far beyound our needs and so much more. Thank you God for this. Also if anyone has a prayer request I would sure love to pray for you. I pray everyone that comes across my blog will see how much God has done for my family and I. I have been through so much but God has always been with me. He has blessed me immensly. So whatever trials I face daily sometimes I just have to step back and look at the big picture and see if it really is as big as it seems. And I have tell myself frequently nothing is bigger than God.
John 8:28 I do nothing on my own!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have been so super busy that is why no blog post. the kids have been sick for over 2 weeks now and things have been crazy around here. I think it may be getting better so hopefully that part will slow down. We have a appt today for one of the kids, lovely braces appt. I will be glad when she gets them off.
I had my midwife appt yesterday. I am almost 30 weeks , my where did the time go!!!! Number 8 will be here soon. I am so excited to have another blessing and another little girl. Our 3 year old is super excited, he ask daily have I got the baby out of my belly yet lol!! So cute!! He loves his little sister so much now that I have no doubt he will be a big help with this baby.
Still been trying to do some school here and there although with so much going on it has been hard. Well the kids are waiting on me, I have a couple of errands to run. talk to you all later and hopefully can make a meaningful blog post sometime.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Does anyone know how to block someone from your blog?

Friday, July 2, 2010

i am back!

Someone tried to hack my blogger account so they shut it down or that is what they said I guess. But I am super glad to be back and I hope nothing was compromised. Pray nobody got any of my information or anything. I couldn't use my gmail account or my blog. I just wanted everyone to know I am back though.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy times and turning 30

EEK!!! As I wrote that it left a bad taste in my mouth . But it shouldn't. I just wonder where the time went. Seems like I am only suppose to be like 21. But the Lord has blessed me so much in my 30 years, beyond what I deserve. I have been through so many trials in my 30 years but things could of been alot worse!!! I have 7 beautiful kids(and one on the way) and a wonderful husband who is such a great provider, husband, friend, father,etc.... But 30, there is no way I am turning 30 today. Oh well I will take it in stride and just look at the blessings I have.
We have been so super busy lately it is crazy. This week Friday we had friends over which was nice. Friday night one of my nephew's had a birthday party. Saturday my 3 yr old son had a birthday party to go to , I had to make a grocery shopping trip, and we watched fireworks that night. Sunday we do church most of the day with church, then eating and fellowshiping afterwards. Then bible study together at night. We had several appts last week as well. Busy, busy times. Before we know it baby number 8 will be here. This pregnancy is zooming by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well just wanted to let everyone know where I have been. I am gonna run and do school with the kiddos, just gonna touch on some math today and work with the little ones on some things. HAVE a blessed day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wonderful vacation

In some ways I still feel like I am on vacation being in our new house. I am still in shock of having such a nice place that God has provided us. Everything from buying a house, to the blessing of our children, to being able to go on vacation is all by the grace of God. God is so good to us. OUr vacation was wonderful and we had a great time with my parents. Being 6 months pregnant didn't really bother me either! I am so thankful my kids get those time with my parents like that because those are things they will remember when they get older. I still remember camping and mountain trips with my grandparents!! I sat back watching the kids while they were playing on the sand at the beach and was awe struck with how much God has blessed me with. Our vacation was much needed. Then yesterday we had a awsome time at our new church. We had a women's meeting afterwards and it was really nice for me and my husband loves how they have men's bible study each week. It is exactly what we have been looking for!! Vacation has come and gone though and the daily grind is back. We did not do school today(we school year around for MANY reasons) because the boys are working. They are actually working, not with their daddy today but he dropped them off for them to work for one of hubby's customers. They are growing so fast!!! I am so thankful they can experience what true hard work means so they can provide for their family when they get older. And boy is it hot so I know it is extra hard work! Then my beautiful oldest daugther is really learning how to take care of a household. she is growing so fast as well.
i did want to talk a bit about how thankful I am that some of things I have been teaching the kids have sunk in and how sad I am that some parents just do not understand the teen years are soooooooooo important and teens need to be guarded just like younger children. When we were on vacation I could not believe the very young girls and how they were dressed. Then the last night after the little ones went to sleep my parents stayed with them so we could take the older ones swimming by themselves. Billy and I just sat in chairs and watched them which was really nice as well but the boys came to us and said two girls were flirting with them which is not a huge shock but then they told us they asked the boys to kiss them. the girls were also dressed in hardly anything, so skimpy of a bikini. what in the world are parents thinking. Society today just saddens me and then we wonder why we lose our children to the flesh. We allow it to happen because too many parents are trying to be their children's best friend. And then for those girls to be around by themselves is also so awful. They moved on after following the boys around awhile after deciding the boys were not going to have anything to do with them plus they figured out where ever the boys went we went . They moved on to a young teen who was smoking. It was very sad to see. Parents have GOT to start stepping up. I am so proud of our boys for coming to us about it.
So anyway, we did have a awsome vacation. We took all the kids to REd Lobster which they had never been to. The girls performed with Ta Dah at Broadway at the Beach. We just had a good time!!! Did I mention I love the beach :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just got back

from a wonderful vacation with my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More to come later but I just have to say I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the beach. Not so much the immorality but more on that later.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God is sooooo good!

I have just had that going through my head all day long. Even though I am having a terrible time with my back and vericose veins. I just look around at this beautiful house that the Lord has provided us with and it is just amazing. It is amazing how he has blessed my husband's business and then blessed us with 7 going on 8 beautiful kids!! I have had some rough times in my life before I met my husband but alot of that was from decisions I had made but I have NO DOUBT God was with me through all of that and has brought me here to where I am now. I give God all the glory for that. I know many may not understand my husband and my lifestyle but we are just trying to follow God pretty simple when you think about it. It may not always be easy but so worth it. LIke today I have had trouble with one of my oldest children with school and so I have to be tough on him. I know he is dying to go outside because we just moved in here but I have to ground him . As much as it hurts him I think it may hurt me more. But...... I know I have to teach him he has to take his work seriously or everything will be a joke to him. It is so hard to discipline kids sometimes . Especially when you remember when your parents disciplined you and how you felt and what was going through your mind. You know your kids are thinking the same thing. Sometimes I just have to pray to God for strength. I thank God because there is no way I deserve all he has blessed me with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know we will still have troubled times but I know with God nothing is impossible.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


are in our new house!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! more to come later.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AT peace

I am so at peace tonight, not sure why because even though we are SUPPOSE to close on the house tommorrow we still have not heard what our downpayment is gonna be or anything. My hubby told them if he run their business the way all of this house stuff had gone he would have no customers. But God has filled me with such a peace and shown me in so many ways that he is taking care of us. It feels like he is tapping me on the shoulder saying I have this, do not worry!! HOw peaceful is that feeling. I am at peace at the house, the moving, and everything else we have going on in the next many weeks. I am at peace about baby number 8 coming where i have been very apprehensive. God is good, He is good all the time. I am so proud of my husband. He has gotten everyone in the house in the routine of praying every night, we even pray together as husband and wife right before we go to sleep. I feel so much closer to him since we have started this!!!!!!!!!!! We do our bible study with the kids each night and pray then but this feels different. I never would of dreamed I of all people would had 7 kids going on 8 but this I am leaving in God's hands just like everything else. He has shown me so many things about children and how they are to be cherished and how sometimes I really do take mine for granted. I am also doing my own little study , I am reading a book called Being a Vessel for God. It is great!!! Well I better go we still have alot to do tonight and we are running out of night. :) God bless!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Soooooooooooooooo busy around here!

So much has happened lately for us. We are the process STILL of buying a house. we were SUPPOSE to close in the morning on it but it seems some people didn't do their job and so we are going to have to wait now. They said we could get to close Monday at 4 so we shall see. This has been soooooooooo nerve wracking!!! I hope we never have to buy a house again but I keep telling myself that it is all worth it, we will have plenty of room and we are getting the house at a super price. Just please pray that closing gets done soon, we have boxes everywere because we had intended to start moving stuff tommorrow after closing.
On top of that we have been trying to get the lady's insurance that hit dh to pay his medical bills and supposedly they are but geez we have had to get phone numbers for them and then they have called several times, this has been a mess also but dh has already gotten his service van fixed from the wreck.
And then hubby is super busy!!!!!!!!!!1 Thanks God, trust me I am in no way complaining but I know he is super stressed with everything going on and trying to work also.
Baby seems to be doing well, feeling her more and more lately. I am almost 21 weeks or maybe I am already. I just really cannot keep up. Been trying to do as much homeschooling as I can lately.
THEN in the neighborhood we live in now there has been alot of issues going on as well. Why in the world can people not act like adults. Well, I know the true answer. Without Christ in your life you do not do the right, you do act childish, you do not worry about others feelings ,etc... But this is getting ridiculous. So if you need something to pray about please please do so about this neighborhood. It is trully sad since kids are involved in the middle.
Dh and the older two boys are at bible study tonight with the men in our church we just started going to. I am super excited for them because I know living like we do is so very hard for my wonderful husband. I know he feels like a outcast with other men and to find likeminded Christian men is a blessing and finding children that have been raised like we are trying to raise our kids is also a HUGE blessing.
Well I better go, wanna spend some more time with the kiddos that are here. It was special to do bible study tonight with my older daugther and all the little ones. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!

Just wanted to wish all the mommies out there a Happy Mother's Day, it is really the best gift God ever gave us .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just a update

As most of you know dh and one of our children were in a wreck last week but they are both okay. But when it happened I was on the phone with dh and then in a split second he was gone. Thankfully he was just gone off the phone but it left me thinking how fast things happen and that we do not need to waste time on worrying about the same stuff and spend it loving our family and living for the Lord. At least I know my husband is saved and where he would go. As well as our son. Just remember we are never promised tommorrow, we are never even promised one more second actually.
I was going to do a post on the church and how it is failing these days but this is not the time for me to do so. I will pray about it and hopefully the Lord will let me know when or if I should post it.
We found out yesterday number 8 is going to be a GIRL. :) So our pattern of boy boy girl girl continues. We will be tied this time. I am just amazed at how God provides what we need right at the moment we need it . He has so me so much lately, it is just amazing and sometimes I am in awe. God is good and it saddens me to no end that some people never get to see first hand God working in their lives because they never allow him to.Hopefully if everything works out we will be moving into our new home the middle of this month. Please pray God allows everything to run smoothly and nothing falls through. What a blessing this house would be to us.
Well I have a little one sleeping in my arms and it is hard to type so this is it for now but hope to type more later. God bless you all.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amazing how God works

I am amazed at how God works in our lives, how He shows us what he wants for us if we just listen. I think that is where many of us , including me, make our mistakes is not listening. Just be still and listen to Him. What He wants for you may not be what you think. And things may change from one season to another. While I trully believe we should leave everything to Him and He will take care of us , I also believe he quietly whispers to us the next step we should take in our life. Many people have asked my husband and I when they find out how many kids we have if we have a brain, or they tell us we should use the brain God gave us. But just think of the bible. I bet everyone sure told Noah he should use his brain and not be building that boat, can you imagine how silly he looked. But he knew what purpose God had for his life. And since he LISTENED he was rewarded with his life and that of his family's. Could you imagine being his kids while he was building the boat, then imagine being his kids after the flood. What about Jesus what if he did not listen to God? What I am saying is that sometimes God's will for someone's family may not be what he wants for yours but you should NOT look down on them. Also recently in my quiet time I have discovered God is ready to give me a rest after this baby, not sure how long it will be or if this baby will be our last. I feel such a peace. I have definately heard loud and clear that my husband and I will be taking a break. Do I know what God has in store for us? No way! Do I know if He will give me a year break, 10 year break, or if baby 8 will be our last? No way! Only God knows that. But I take peace in realizing if we just listen God will tell us what we need to know. He will reassure us time and time again in several ways.
What a amazing God we serve!! WE are also going through a bit of a trial with trying to decide what to do about church. I will not get into this right now but I know God will lead us in the direction we need to go and where we need to be!! I know he will lead my husband in that direction. Thanks for all who read my blog and thanks to all who encourage my family. After all that is what Christian's are suppose to do! What christian's are suppose to do may just be my next topic. :) Because we have come far from what we ought to be doing.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Really thinking lately

I have been really been thinking lately about how we go through life and we totally forget how good God is. We forget daily what he does for us. Lately things have been a bit stressful here but as I step back and see others who are facing trials and situations I find myself praising the LOrd for the busy time because it is a good kind of busy. Busy with kids(thank God he has given each one), busy with trying to purchase a home(thank God we even have that oppurtunity), busy trying to keep house and keep dh happy and fed( and a big thank God for the wonderful husband I have). God is good!!! I have been talking with friends lately that are going through various trials and sometimes you wonder why you were placed in that persons life at the time you were , especially when one is so busy. But that may be where God is placing you at that time, you may not know how important you being there for that person at that time is. My point is don't forget to thank God for what he has blessed you with, don't forget to show christian friendship to those in need ( alot of people are hurting out there), don't forget what God has done for you!!!!!!!!
We are expecting our 8th child probably the end of September( due dates have been questionable) and I could not be happier. I am not sure if this will be our last or not, only God knows that. That is something I will be doing alot of praying about. But I am so thankful God placed in our hearts the desire to trust him these past years!!! If it would of been up to our own human logic my 2 smallest children would not be here. Wow, I could not imagine my life without my babies. I am excited to find out what we will be having on May 3rd. Each time seeing each baby on that ultrasound moniter is a miracle to me. IT is amazing each and every time and it never gets old.
And I just wanted to state I have the best husband in the entire world. He is such a good man. He is at our potential house cleaning up the yard because if everything goes through we could be closing the first of next month and he wants it all nice. He is such a hard working man. He has worked from morning to night for the past few days and he should be resting today. He is a wonderful daddy!!!! He loves his kids so much. He is my everything, my husband, my best friend, my rock, my inspiration to be better, etc... on and on. I love him so dearly. I am sadden hearing women talk these days even in the church about their husbands. This should not be taking place. MOst of the time husbands would do better if their wives would encourage them more. My prayer is women in this nation will wake up and remember what God put them here for. To be a helpmeet to their husband and to be a MOTHER to their children.
Okay I am gonna get off my soap box now. Please feel free to share with me how the Lord has blessed you lately or if you need to leave a prayer request please do so and I will pray for you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

WE are "hopefully" getting a house

Our offer has been accepted , the contract has been signed. Just waiting on the mortgage papers and those kinds of things. If nothing falls through we could be signing the end of this month. Please pray for us that things do not fall through, that this house is right for us, that dh can get some sleep(since we started this journey he hasn't slept much), that this is right. Thanks to you all. The house potentially could be made into a 8 bedroom house and it has 4.5 bathrooms in it!!!!!!!! It would be such a blessing for us.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The winner of the Seventh Generation Giveaway is Nataly!!!!!!!! That is why you were so excited lol you knew you were gonna win. MY 7 yr old drew the winner so you can thank her. Congrats.... and for all those who didn't win I will be having more giveaways hopefully soon.
Nataly I need your address so your prize pack can be sent. I will be contacting you.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I will announce winner tommorrow but not sure when because are having a yard sale so bear with me ! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

A pretty good weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. My 3 year old got to go play golf with his daddy Saturday. And he was on cloud nine , he was actually even happier than that! I have such a wonderful husband, most men would not want to bother with their kids going,especially little kids. I am so proud!! :)
Then we had a good Easter and I am so proud of my kids because talking with them yesterday most of them understand just want Easter is all about. WE do and don't do Easter baskets. My 7 year old picked hers out(we just buy really cheap ones) and then I got one for the 3 yr old. Then just a couple of things like bubbles and such for the 1 yr old. We really haven't talked about the Easter bunny to our 3 yr old so not sure what he thinks. Our 7 year old knows there is no such thing. Of course our older 3 do not even want to hunt eggs anymore, they wanted to hide them for the smaller ones LOL.
Well I better go , I have so much to do today. We are having a yard sale next weekend and I am getting ready for that. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and got to spend it with family and friends.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!! Seventh Generation

I know many of you moms are interested in non toxic cleaning supplies and I received this wonderful set of cleaning supplies from MyBlogSpark to try and I am also doing a give away for them. I received bathroom cleaner, all purpose cleaner, 2 rolls of brown paper towels, disinfecting wipes,a book, and a caddy and you will also receive this. I attaches a picture of what you would receive. This is my first blog giveaway so bear with me. I have been using the cleaners for a couple of days now and I really like them. I even like the way they smell. I didn't think I would like the brown paper towels but they are actually really good. Anyway here are ways you can win this contest. It will end on April 9th!!

-First leave me a comment telling me what you dislike most about cleaning the house.
-Second blog about my giveaway and post link to it on your blog. Please leave me blog link on your post or it will be skipped.

That's it pretty simple huh? Do not forget to post your email address so I can email the winner. Winner will be picked by one of my adorable kids by places names in a hat. :) Have a blessed day and good luck.

**All the products, information and giveaway prize pack were all provided by Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update!! And upcoming give away

We are FINALLY all better, thank you Jesus. There was alot of praying for those couple of weeks we were sick. Poor Paige was the sickest of us all since she got the flu AND strep throat.
This weekend hubby and I went away ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL by ourselves to Pigeon Forge, Tenn. My parents kept the kiddos. It was a much needed time together. WE actually got to see a good bit of snow on top of the mountain as we went over. We had a really nice time and it helped me come back and be the kind of momma I need to be. :)
Easter sure snuck on me, I had to run out yesterday to find my oldest daughter her Easter dress which was NOT easy considering what fits her is super super short. We were out trying to find panty hose because her baton pics also snuck up on me. She was the ONLY girl there without make up on for those pictures, her father straight up told me she would not be wearing make up.
I also had a midwife appt. yesterday. NOthing much to report. She couldn't find the heartbeat so we did ANOTHER ultrasound, I am 12 - 13 weeks and this was my third ultrasound lol. Baby is fine and was bouncing all around, hence why we could not find heartbeat. My next appt will be in 5 weeks and that is my anatomy ultrasound appt. Cannot believe it is already time for that!
********** I know this is what you have all been waiting on, please keep checking back with me because I will be doing a give away pretty soon. IT will not be anything huge but will be really nice to recieve for anyone. ***********

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Teenagers, flu, and a little of everything else

My twin sons turned 13 Friday. I wanted to write up a long thing about them because they are true miracles but we have had the flu here and I am so tired. But they went from 3 and 4 pound babies to taller than me in a blink of a eye, it all goes so fast. They have no idea that they made me the person I am today. They are true blessings. Today one of our other daugthers turns 7, I just cannot believe it. We were suppose to have them all a birthday party yesterday but we had to cancel that. I had to take the birthday girl to her heart doctor this past week and she got a very good report this time so I am proud of that. Please pray that we get well very soon, 7 kids and a dh with the flu and a pregnancy is a bit trying. I can barely keep the laundry going not to mention worrying about feeding everyone. Hubby is finally feeling better thank goodness but now he is so behind on all his jobs, he has alot of catching up to do this week. Well I had alot more to say but I am feeling a bit rough so I am gonna run. Hope everyone else is doing well. God bless.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Good weekend

Saturday we loaded up all the kids and just took a ride. We went a few places in commerce and then just drove. Took them to a couple of parks and just spent time as a family. It was really nice. Then when we got home I had to run to the grocery store, of course. Sunday was church and then we came home and just stayed around the house. I actually took me a little nap , about 30 minutes, and it felt so goodddddddd!!!!!!!! Hubby cooked ribs on the grill for supper so that just was the icing on the cake. :)
Today Issac has his 18 month check up and then I have a midwife appt today also. Not sure why they scheduled me back so soon but oh well. so that is pretty much what is going on with us.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I love homeschooling now, at first when I started homeschooling i felt it was just something that just had to be done, NOW it is something that we do all the time. You learn in everything you do. While math,reading,spelling,science,history,etc.. are all important I think every day life is so much more better a learning experience than anything. My kids can clean a whole house, fix a huge breakfast, start a fire in the fireplace, change diapers, calm a fussy baby, etc.. I never could of imagined doing that and I am sure they would not know how if they were still in public school. I am amazed and what they learn. Today we are doing math and then the older ones are mixing up finger paints for the younger ones to paint with. Then the older ones will go back to spelling after a brief period of finger painting with the younger ones. I dunno I am just coming to the realization that homeschool is not what I first thought of it, ever thing in life is a opportunity to learn. I am not so uptight about it now since I understand this!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Check them out!!! :) Just copy and paste link

Will be listing more in a couple of days. so keep checking back :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Midwife appt.

Everything went well. Got to see the little peanut. :) From my ultrasound she gave me a due date of October 6th. Baby's heart rate was 128 . So here we go, the start of another journey. I have not been feeling well at all. The midwife seemed to think it was something with my eyes but I just think this pregnancy is kicking my backside. I have dizzy spells, blurry vision, then comes the awful migraine. Please pray for me, it is hard for me to keep things going around here when I feel so horrible.
On a bright note my wonderful dh gave me 12 dozen roses and a huge balloon that says I love you for Valentine's Day. Best gift he could of given me. We were suppose to get to go off this weekend while my parents tended to the kids but the weather put a damper on that so we are shooting for the middle of March now. I cannot wait to get off with just dh and me for just a bit. don't get me wrong I love my kids but dh and I need that time together as well. Good thing the weather did keep us from going because the 3 littlest ones are not feeling well. Just the cold type of stuff.
Here is my menu plan
Monday 15th- Chicken Nuggets and some sort of potatoes and a veggie
Tuesday 16th-Lasagna , bisquits
Wendsday 17th-kids church
Thursday 18th-Roast with potatoes and carrots
Friday 19th- Hamburgers and Augratin Potatoes

I will not be eating alot of the potatoes and such , and sometimes I will be substituting for a salad with spinach in it. I am trying to maintain my weight this pregnancy since I am the biggest I have been starting off.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu plan for the month

Wendsdays the kids go to Awana so they eat at church . Dh ,me,and our 1 yr old(baby girl doesn't eat yet lol thank goodness) pick up something cheap out or get something at home.

1st-Fried Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Beans, and Garlic Bread
2nd-spaghetti,Black eye Peas , and cheese sticks
4th-Potato Soup with Cheese Sandwhiches
5th-Ham , mac and cheese, green beans, bread
6th - Lunch- Hot dogs and buns Supper- Valentine's Day banquet at church
7th- Lunch-Sandwhiches Supper- birthday party for oldest dd and for one on the little boys

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Too much to post about

The devil is really working on me right now so please say a little pray for me and my family. Since I last posted that little one is a bit better, over a week later and he still has a cough and runny nose but is better. Most everyone got it this past week besides two of the older ones but then one of them is now not feeling well.I had to take my 2 yr old to the er tonight due to his ear bleeding so much and him just crying frantically and coughing. Drops were given for the ears and antiobiotics. Said it did look like his ear drum was fixing to rupture and that he had bronchitis. On top of sickies all week we also went through something financially . It was my fault and I am so sick. My husband took it really well though.God has done a huge work in him!! Other things happened this week but I am extremely too tired to blog about them.
Please remember the people, especially the babies and young innocent children in Haiti!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The CROUP and what a few snowflakes do to our little town- ugh!!

Well our 1 yr old has the croup. It has so not been fun at all. He started Thursday night with the seal bark and the wheezy sounds. I usually try to take care of everything at home but I knew this could go bad and just recently my nephew got out of the hospital with something similar. I called my doctor's office to make a appt. and they were CLOSED!! They were closed because we had a few flakes the night before and they were closed due to weather. UGH!!! How crazy is that. So I called my old peditricians office and they made him a appt. So needless to say we are switching back over that, not only because of this but because of some other things as well. LIke another reason is they are not big family friendly or haven't been to me. But back to what I was talking about there was NO snow on the ground and you would of thought we had many inches, the schools were closed, and the our doctor's office. I hope you northerner's get a good laugh out of this one. :) But anyway he just said he had the Croup. He still is feeling horrible and now developing a wierd looking rash on his face. IT has been a longgggggggggg two days.