Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ultrasound update/ need a few prayers please

Baby looks really good and she said he was a big baby already.He is measuring ahead in everything, He really is big and has long legs. guess that is why I have popped on out. I got to tape it on a DVD and it is so neat! I do have some ultrasound pics I will try and get scanned. But so far he looks like a healthy boy, and yes it is still definately a boy,. He is not shy. He was pitching a fit as we were doing the ultrasound. Kicking his feet and punching with his hands at the same time. WE saw on both his hands he has 5 fingers. Anyway, here is where I need you all to pray. I have a complete placenta previa. FOr starters you really are suppose to be on bed rest until it changes IF the placenta moves. But they know that is a no can do for me. ALso I am not suppose to lift anything over 25 pounds but since Levi is not walking yet i still have to do that and I told them that and they said keep it at a minuium. Also dh and I are not suppose to ya know for a month till I go back. DOn't know how that is gonna work out either. So anyway, I will have to keep going back and having ultrasounds till it changes, IF it changes. I go back I think the 21st of next month. I am sort of upset but tryign to stay positive that it will move but I am dead set against c sections and I would HAVE to have one if this is the case. With the twins I had a bad time with the c section, long story so it just sends me into hives thinking I would have to have one. SO please pray when I go back that things have changed and the placenta moves. But I am happy and thankful that baby Issac is doing well and is happy and healthy

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ultrasound tommorrow

So I have my big ultrasound tommorrow, I cannot wait! I have to take my youngest dd to the dentist though to get a cavity filled first and she totally is not looking forward to it. Also need to go by the grocery store too so tommorrow is going to be a busy day. Anyway, I cannot wait till tommorrow. Lately for some reason I have gotten into a cleaning spree. Yesterday I took all the books off the book case and dusted it , went through them all, discarded the ones I did not want, and then put them all back in. Looks good but very tiring. also mopped the whole house and finished up washing kids bedding. Today I have cleaned the glass/windows in the house. Today I am a little over 19 weeks, almost half way there lol. My sister is getting closer and closer though. Seems like her pregnancy just flown by but probably doesn't seem that way for her. She is something like 34 weeks or there abouts. Anyway, our shopping trip I took with my mom went good, I found little man some really cute shoes for a great price at Stride Rite but of course he still is not walking. Hopefully soon! Got the baby some outfits( though he really needs no clothes) and all the other kids some clothes as well. Also got me a couple more outfits at MOtherhood Maternity. so that was really fun. Well that is about it for me. Nothing much going on around here. Just homeschooling and the normal things that go on. I think we have decided to use Christian Liberty next year. We are schooling through the summer but I am just gonna use here and there stuff. Well I better go. Blessings~~~

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Field Trip

We took a field trip to a place called Travelers Rest HIstoric Site today. It was interesting and the kids really liked it. IT was sort of hard cause the little one was restless and wanted to be a mess. I think the kids learned alot and they just really get involved when we talk about the old days and how things were done. I think we could really live back then, :) Tommorrow after my mom gets off work the girls,baby boy,my mom and I are going shopping. The little one needs some new shoes and I want to go get him sized and I think I am gonna find me a couple more maternity tops and maybe a pair of capri's I dunno. Seems I am gaining very quick this time, just crazy!! I go for my ultrasound next Wendsday. I am still really excited even though I already know what we are having. Well I am tired so I am getting off here, BLessings!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Homeschool curriculum

Okay I am already thinking about next year. Just have to so I can be organized. Anyway, i am thinking of using Christian Liberty but just not sure. Also for those of you that have been homeschooling longer than I do you use accrediated curriculum, if you don';t and plan to when are you going to start??? Is there any need for a child to use a accrediated curriculum if they plan on going to a tech school???? What curriculum do you use??? You would think I was just starting out, I get like this a few times every year worrying if I am doing it right and if when they get older something I did or didn't do will come back to haunt them lol. Hope I am not the only one who goes through that. Anyway and responses,help,etc.. would be greatly appreciated. I looked at My Father's World and the Sonlight curriculum's but they were a little confusing on how to figure out what it included and I could find no pricing. Anyway any help is appreciated

Friday, April 11, 2008

Still around

I know I do not blog as much as I use to but life just seems to get busier and busier! I am not complaining I actually love my life. As most of you know we are expecting our 6th child in September. Anyway, nothing much has been going on. same old thing around here. Our schools were out for spring break this week but we were not gonna be take a break but then we had doctor's appts and then the rest of the week dh needed the boys cause he had two big jobs he was working on. WE at least got a good day of school done Monday. :) Oh well Iknow the boys learn alot through workign with dh so actually they did get school in. They have to know how to read a tape measure , cut boards to the right measurment,etc... I went to Wal-MArt today and spent wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much. I cannot believe how high things are. My allergies have been KILLING me! Well that is a little update.

Friday, April 4, 2008

What is it about getting pics made!!!!!!!!!

I took my 1 yr old for his 1 yr pics at Sears yesterday. As soon as we sat him in the cute white rocker screams and tears started. WE tried EVERYTHING we could to get him to cooperate. He got so upset at one point he was shaking. SO we finally had to let my pregnant self sit on the floor with my legs out,cover my legs up with a white sheet, and he sat on my legs for his pics. It was very tiring for everyone. We did get some good pics though. What in the world is it about getting pics taken???? In other news I am feeling much better, thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will be noneventful. I still cannot believe we are having another boy! I bought a little outfit at Target yesterday for him to come home in, I couldn't resist even though we still have a long time. IT was so cute.