Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why we have so many kids

Well... first I want to warn this may be a bunch of rambling as I am sleep deprived and there is alot going on around the house right now with 7 children . But I feel led to write this post.
First I want to say I could not be happier with the addition of our 7th blessing just a little over a week ago. She is doing well for those that are keeping up and growing everyday. I could not imagine my life any other way and thank God daily for my wonderful kids and husband. While life is not always peaches and cream around here and our kids are not always little angels like some might think it is our life and I am so thankful for each and every moment.
We have not always thought the way we do now. IN fact when I was younger I knew a couple of families that had 6 or 7 kids and though in fact the woman had lost her mind. There was just no way. And then after having my twins at age 16 my thoughts towards children slowly changed, and I do mean slowly. Especially after I got pregnant on birth control when the twins were only 13 months old. After having the twins I realized every child has a purpose and even though they may not be planned they are here for a reason. And btw- it also taught me not to judge others because we all fall and all make mistakes and sin.... that is a different story. Then when I met my prince charming and we got married I promised he that we would have one or two more children(he adopted my first three, maybe a story for another time). After having our darling daugther I thought she might be our last. Two girls and two boys, everyone said how perfect that was. Then we had our next child which was a son about 4 yrs later. That is around the time things started changing for us with our beliefs. We had started changing our lives more, going to church more, doing a bible study,etc..... While pregnant with my son we had decided I would get my tubes tied, then things started coming up about the side effects,etc... so we decided against that and that my husband would get a vasectomy after our son was born. When the time came for that it just did not seem right to me and I had started being led to verses of how children are a blessing and I was being led to sites where women were leaving their fertility to God and he was providing for them, it was amazing to me. So I told my husband I did not want him to get fixed and he was a bit surprised but he was even more surprised the day I told him we should leave our fertility to the Lord. He was hesitant and unsure. While he had gave his business to the Lord(he is self employed) this was a bit more scary. He went on a mens retreat and came back and was totally renewed and changed. A little bit after that he agreed we should give it to the Lord. A little bit after Christmas we found out I was pregnant again, while we were a bit shocked, scared, etc... it was a joyful surprise but we did have a 6 month old so it a bit of getting used to. Then we had our next son. Our 6th child. And everyone's favorite thing to say to us was that they hoped we were done, is that enough yet,etc... We still felt convicted and when our son was 3 months almost 4 months we found out we were expecting again. while the reactions we got were mixed we did not care, we feel like we are doing what God called us to do. We are trying to raise arrows for his glory and honor. And now the 17th of this month our beautiful baby daugther as born. I could not be happier and I do feel the Lord blessing us . NO it is not always easy but it is worth it. Do I know what the future holds, no. But I do not know I want to do what I feel convicted by the Lord to do. Society today sees children as curses, burdens, that they take up too much room, too much air, cost too much money, etc.... You hear it all. But I know my children are here for a reason each and every one of them and they all have a purpose.
It really saddens me the comments we get sometimes , people are so caught up in themselves. Makes me want to say well at least ALLLLLL my kids have manners. Some people make out like we have 40 kids, they look at us like we have two heads. WE get comments from do you own a tv to you do know what causes that don't you. It is insane. And the latest was from a assistant at my midwife's that saw me one day, she asked me if I had a brain. It used to make me really mad at the comments we would get but now I just feel so sorry for the people making them. They have no clue what a blessing children are. Anyway, I hope I made some sense and didn't just ramble. God bless you all.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Birth Story

Okay here it is. I finally hopefully have time to write it down. I went in Wendsday night because I had soooooooooooo much pressure and plenty of contractions. When I got there I had not done more changing of my cervix, still was 3 almost 4. They kept me per my midwife's instructions. My daugther was with us so she got the pull out bed thing while dh tried to sleep with 3 chairs put together, needless to say he did not get much sleep and neither did I. Anyhow, the next morning ,Thursday, my midwife came in and checked me and she said I definatly had changed from what I was that Monday. That I was 5 cm and that baby had moved even further down, I didn't think that was possible. LOL! So she broke my water at 7:30, they started my pitocin at 8:30. At around 10:30 I asked for a shot of iv pain meds. Then around 12:30 or so I said I needed to be checked, she told me I was almost 9 cm and just had a little bit of cervix left and I could start pushing if I wanted. I was thinking to myself what, already. I mean for me it usually is a all day thing for laboring. Anyhow I started pushing and at 12:46 baby Annie was born. My easiest delivery to date! The contractions this time was not bad at all and pushing did not hurt hardly at all. I did alot of praying and just got in a zone and Ithink that really helped. Prayer is a very powerful thing. She was healthy but smaller than I thought. I figured she was right at 8 pounds but she weighed in 6 pounds 15.6 ounces which they round up to 7 pounds. so there ya go.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our new blessing

has arrived!!!!!!! She weighed in at 7 pounds and 20 inches long. she was my easiest delivery to date, which was great considering the past couple of weeks. She is so beautiful!!! It is amazing what blessings God gives us even though we do not deserve them. She is healthy . She is a pretty good baby just has her days and nights mixed up. HOpefully we will get that adjusted soon cause I am pretty exhausted. Our 2 yr old is doing great with her, he just loves his little sister. Our 1 yr old on the other hand is a bit wild and has alot of adjusting to do but hopefully that will happen soon. Of course the rest of the kids just adore her and drive me crazy asking if they can hold her. Just wanted to jump on and update. Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts , and support.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Appt. update

midwife said she could stretch me to 4 cm, baby is right there, she
even touched her hand when she was checking me. She said my cervix is
definately favorable so she was gonna send me to the hospital to first
break my water and then if that did not work put me on pit, but I am
sure breaking my water would of worked. But anyway the hospital would
not agree to it when she called because I am not 39 weeks yet.
Sooo.....she made me a appt for Friday morning at 10:00 at the office
to see her and she told me to have all my bags and stuff and have the
kids someone to stay with that she would send me in Friday if she had
to break my water in her office herself. She said she has no doubt
that once that happens it will not take long for baby to be born since
she is right there. She said I know you feel like you have a bowling
ball between you legs, I was like exactally. So... if I do not go
before Friday then Friday I will be put in. I should be at least 5 cm
by then, I am really hoping for NO pitocin so any suggestions would be
great. I am not gonna do castor oil though because of the meconium
thing. Anyway, that is about it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

midwife appt.

today!!! Please pray for me. IT is at 4:00.

Friday, September 11, 2009

soooooooooooo frustrating

Okay I am embarrased to say I have been to the hospital again, I went Wensday afternoon. My contractions had gotten to 3 1/2 to 5 minutes apart and were lasting longer . Anyway, to make a long story short they said I had not change. Actually they were busy with 3 fixing to have babies so they sort of rushed me out. She said I was 30% effaced and they said I was 50% two days before that. Also the nurse said my cervix was not really favorable for labor when over a week ago I was told it was. And on and on. She didn't really take the time to really check me, sort of hurried. Said I was contracting but they were irregular , um how do you know they are irregular when I was not on the machine longer than 5 minutes. Anyway, so then I called my midwives office the next morning and told them I wanted a appt and would like to see a midwife to talk to her about all of this. 2 of the 3 midwifes are off this week and the 1 that is there broke her leg not too long ago and is not up to par yet and she was already double booked but they told me they would talk to her and see what they could do. I said okay, I just do not really want to deliver at home because ifI was gonna do that I would of prepared to deliver at home. They never called me back yesterday, still have heard nothing!!!!!!!!!!I have a appt monday but who wants to try to go over the weekend with the unknown. I am so frustrated and feel like I am on my own. I know they see pregnant women daily and that you do not need to be at the hospital unless you are in labor. But with me once I hit 5 cm or so I am gone! And it takes us over a hour to get there .
I had to go to Wal Mart this morning and now I am so sore. I just want to cry. Issac got up at 4:30 and didn't want to go back to sleep so I got up with him for a bit , he finally went back to sleep. Then I was up again around 8 or so. I am just miserable, and I know it is this way at the end but I have so much pressure down there and my back feels like someone is pinching it constantly. Please pray for me, I am just exhausted. Please pray I make it to the hospital when it is time. Please pray I finally make some progress. I have been 3 cm( although i really think I was more than that when I went Wendsday) for over a week now. And the contractions are so harsh.
I know today is September 11th, let us know forget those people who lost their lives on that day 8 years ago. And we need to make sure we pray for our country on this day also and really everyday.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another wonderful giveaway from a online friend

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hospital visit yesterday

So yesterday I thought my water was trickling, not neccassarily broke but maybe just leaking so they told me to come in to the hospital. I did . Water had no broken. I was dilated 3 cm internally, and 5 cm on the outside . I am having contractions but they are just not super intense yet. THey had my walk for a hour and then checked me again, not much change was made so we went home. :( My contractions have been different today, more painful I would say . NOt just the tightening but shooting pain with them. So who knows, maybe it will be today and maybe it will be another week, although I doubt it. I also have shooting pain down my leg. Please pray I can just get through all the wondering and that I will know when it is time to go. THis is my 7th child but they have all been so different. My sunday school class is giving me a small shower tonight so maybe I will make it through that. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting close

Well for those that are following I am now 36 weeks and a half. I went to my midwife monday and was dilated 2 cm. This has been a really hard week. With contractions and pain and just plain exhaustion but I have been trying to make it to at least 37 weeks. Also my husband had some jobs he had to get done. AFter today I am good to go though lol. I did not sleep hardly at all last night and my tummy is messed up again. I think that if I do not get to feeling better after I go to town today I may see if my mom can come sit with my kids so I can go be checked again. I don't know. I really do not want to go before tommorrow night though and I wonder if checking me will just help things along. anyway, I am going now to take a nice warm bath. will try to keep everyone updated.