Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Friday, September 25, 2009

Birth Story

Okay here it is. I finally hopefully have time to write it down. I went in Wendsday night because I had soooooooooooo much pressure and plenty of contractions. When I got there I had not done more changing of my cervix, still was 3 almost 4. They kept me per my midwife's instructions. My daugther was with us so she got the pull out bed thing while dh tried to sleep with 3 chairs put together, needless to say he did not get much sleep and neither did I. Anyhow, the next morning ,Thursday, my midwife came in and checked me and she said I definatly had changed from what I was that Monday. That I was 5 cm and that baby had moved even further down, I didn't think that was possible. LOL! So she broke my water at 7:30, they started my pitocin at 8:30. At around 10:30 I asked for a shot of iv pain meds. Then around 12:30 or so I said I needed to be checked, she told me I was almost 9 cm and just had a little bit of cervix left and I could start pushing if I wanted. I was thinking to myself what, already. I mean for me it usually is a all day thing for laboring. Anyhow I started pushing and at 12:46 baby Annie was born. My easiest delivery to date! The contractions this time was not bad at all and pushing did not hurt hardly at all. I did alot of praying and just got in a zone and Ithink that really helped. Prayer is a very powerful thing. She was healthy but smaller than I thought. I figured she was right at 8 pounds but she weighed in 6 pounds 15.6 ounces which they round up to 7 pounds. so there ya go.


Kelly L Boots said...

I am so happy you had such a wonderful birth and that your baby was a perfect size!

Catrina said...

Congrats, hope you are able to finally see your toes. lol Get some rest girl.