Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Appt. update

midwife said she could stretch me to 4 cm, baby is right there, she
even touched her hand when she was checking me. She said my cervix is
definately favorable so she was gonna send me to the hospital to first
break my water and then if that did not work put me on pit, but I am
sure breaking my water would of worked. But anyway the hospital would
not agree to it when she called because I am not 39 weeks yet.
Sooo.....she made me a appt for Friday morning at 10:00 at the office
to see her and she told me to have all my bags and stuff and have the
kids someone to stay with that she would send me in Friday if she had
to break my water in her office herself. She said she has no doubt
that once that happens it will not take long for baby to be born since
she is right there. She said I know you feel like you have a bowling
ball between you legs, I was like exactally. So... if I do not go
before Friday then Friday I will be put in. I should be at least 5 cm
by then, I am really hoping for NO pitocin so any suggestions would be
great. I am not gonna do castor oil though because of the meconium
thing. Anyway, that is about it.


Kelly L Boots said...

Try taking a long walk. I know it is really hard to walk because of the pressure but that is what I did the day I went into labor with Avalynn. I think that with the head down so low the walking and pressure of the head made my cervix dilate. Then after walking relax in a hot bath. Just try to let all of your muscles relax. It worked for me! Hope it works for you! I was 39 1/2 weeks though so I could have gone anyway but I really do think the walk helped! Hope its soon for you! At least you know now you only have to wait until Friday!

Catrina said...

I hate to post this but... I've heard you can "do it", you know "IT" That is supposed to be a natural birth enhancement along with "chest stimulation" lol Good luck, I hope you go on your own.

Tiffany said...

well thanks ladies, I have been doing all mentioned and nothing. Maybe my walks have not been long enough.Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

*Mirage* said...

Good luck! If you have her Thursday that's my daughter's birthday! ;)

Summer said...

Did you see my comment a while ago about the headbands? It was about 5 days ago... see what you think.