Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I turned 28!!!!!!!!!! I am getting old.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Glucose test!

So I went for my glucose test this morning and passed so that is another thing checked off the list. The drink made me feel really yucky. I'll manage though. I think we are finally still going in the right direction although not sure we are totally well yet, Thanks for all the well wishes. It is amazing how many times I hear' ARe all those yours' when I am out and about. I took all the kids with me to my appt and then we had to go to Wal mart. It is insane. I guess I might as well get used to it, you should really see their face when they realize that yes I am expecting another. I am enjoying the new van very much, it drives well and I am getting used to parking it. Life is being pretty good to us, all the glory going to God. He is good isn't he, Sometimes when we are sick or just down we really forget how great God is. I am thankful he kept the baby safe while I was so sick. I am almost 29 weeks so getting closer and closer. Dh's business is busy again and he has so much work. It is really good and I hope it continues. So many people do not have jobs right now and/or their business is not going that well. I really hope we get rain soon, just some rain. It is getting really bad here. We need some rain for our garden and I am so scared our well will go dry. Well I have a huge headache so I that is about it for this post. Will post more later.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I think I am FINALLY going in the right direction! I feel soooooooooo much better this morning. HOpe I am not speaking too soon. Thanks for anyone that has been praying for me. It means so much, this really has been a rough week. I went ahead and took the kids to Vacation Bible School yesterday even though I did not feel like it at all and they had a blast. It started Sunday night and I think they are really having a awsome time. I was hoping I would be better by today cause I have so much to do. All week I am going to be testing the boys( well practice testing) to see how well they are doing and what we need to work on, I am working with Paige on contractions, and Brittani on her reading. Levi just works on being cuter and cuter lol. Thursday Paige has her dental appt to tighten her braces and Friday I have my glucose test, hopefully I will be well so I can get it done. Saturday is my nephew's bday party and that night is fireworks. :) Little one is still having some bad diapers, like this morning I woke up to a mess again but he seems to be feeling fine so hopefully slowly but surely the mess is leaving us. I have heard from tons of people it is everywhere. HOpe everyone else's family does not get it!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

And it hit again

Last night baby boy started having terribly nasty diapers and then he threw up twice during the night,. But that was it with him and now he seems to feel fine again, weird. Then our youngest dd started with her diarreha again this morning. It was constantly for over a hr so I gave her some phenigren(sp?)and she seemed better. So I don't know if we are going in the right direction or not , We all ate something today so we will see how that goes. For some reason I cannot swing being exhausted , I did go to bed early last night again but I guess getting up with little man didn;t help. my tummy has been really crampy today, not sure if it has to do with the virus or what , But baby boy is moving like crazy so that makes me feel better.
I hope the kids get better cause starting tommorrow night they are suppose to have Vacation Bible School . We will just have to see. I think I forgot to tell they had golf camp last week and played tournament game Wendsday. One of the twins got a trophy for longest drive and a trophy for 2nd place. Other twin got a trophy for 3rd place. Our oldest daughter got a trophy for 1st place in her division. So i was super proud but my dh was soooooooooo proud, They have not been playing long so I was surprised. :)
Tested my daughter since she was in 3rd grade this year and sent it off so hopefully she did well. We used the CAT through seton testing. Also ordered the boys a Spectrum test booklet just for me to see where they are at. I wanted to practice test them but I might use some of it with my daughter, WE are doing school on and off this summer cause we have baby boy coming in September.
I have a new nephew. I have only mentioned him breifly cause so much has went on but he is adorable. I have only saw him once due to all the sickness and such.
Well that is about it for now, hopefully soon I will have some better post, I just feel like lately I have been blabbing.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well... the kids are better and so far the boys have not gotten the awful sickness!! Dh and I were sick all day yesterday and last night. I was suppose to have my glucose test but I barely made it to the midwife so she said we would wait till I was better for the glucose test. I had lost 2.5 pounds and my urine showed I was dehydrated so she told me some meds and said if things did not improve to call her back cause I would need to get some iv fluids. Soo... I have been trying to take my medicine and drink some stuff. So far things are a little better but I still feel AWFUL!!! Baby seemed to be doing good,heartrate was good, I am measuring pretty much right on. She tried to see if he turned head down but could not really tell and she did not want to press hard cause of me being sick. So I go back on july 7th and i think they are gonna do a ultrasound to be sure he has turned head down. And in other news she said there should not be a problem with the older ones being in the room with us during delivery so that is better than what we thought. I would like it to be like last time with my parents in the room with all the kids with me and dh but if this is what they give me I will take it! Hopefully baby turns so I can still have natural birth!! Anyway, that is a little update. So much has went on but I am sort of in a fog cause I am so tired and feel so terrible`.

Hope none of you have gotten it . My midwife talks like it is going around crazy!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

When it rains it pours!

Well to make a long story short cause I am exhausted our youngest daughter has been sick since Sunday. We ended up at the emergency room last night where we spent 5 hours and finally got to leave a little after 9 last night. We picked the other kids up and while we were at the er our baby boy had been throwing up. Then at 3:30 last night our oldest daughter threw up. i got about 3 or 4 hours sleep last night if that much. So now we are down to our oldest sons and hubby and I. WE are really hoping I do not get it cause it is so violent it is scary to think it may cause problems with my pregnancy. I am almost 28 weeks. Please pray for us. It has been pretty rough around here for about a week and on top of that hubby is having ALOT of trouble with one of his elbows. He is in extreme pain and he owns his own business so it is not a good thing and right now he does not have insurance.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I guess I

am stuck where I am at!! The other doctors would take me and made me a appt for next Friday but now I am having problem with insurance. The doctors office said it may pay or may not . Then if they didn't I would but stuck with allllllllll the bills even at the hospital. So... guess I am stuck. I was up all night with a throwing up child so this really upset me cause I am soooooooooooo tired!!!!!!! So.. when I go for my appt on the 20th I am gonna talk to my midwife about all of this. It is really important to me that my kids be in the room during delivery but doesn't sound like that is totally a option this time :(

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Update on the doctor thing

Well my last doctor that delivered me a yr ago will not take me!! She refused which I do not understand cause she was going to take me when I first found out I was pregnant. So we have one more doctor we are going to try and if that falls through I have no idea what we are gonna do. SOrt of sad.,
We just got back from vacation yesterday,. We went for three days. The kids had a good time! Maybe I will post some pics of our adventures later. I am very tired right now cause I was up all night being sick. I don't know if I overdid it on the vacation or what. Just wanted to update everyone.

Monday, June 9, 2008


It is always something around here. Okay well this time I wanted to use a midwife to deliver so I have been going to these super midwives. Well... so has my sister and she had her baby this weekend and I found out somethings about the hospital I do not like. BTW- Congrats to my sis!!! Going here in a few minutes to see my new nephew!!!!!!!!! :) But they only allow 3 max in the room during delivery. Well that is just not going to work cause my kids are in the room when I deliver, Having a baby to my dh and I is a family event. Plus when I called and asked about this after finding it out the nurse was NOT nice at all so it gave me no desire to deliver there. We had asked the midwives about the kids being in the room and we were told as long as there were no complications I could have as many as I wanted. My sister told me the rooms are half the size of where I delivered at so they may be why they have those rules. So................ I called my last doctor that delivered me to see if she could take me. She is not in today cause her father is having surgery and possibly will not be in tommorrow. They said even if she took me that my insurance might not agree to pay them cause of me changing this far along. YOu have to go to them for so many visits. We are leaving for vacation Wendsday so they told me if I did not hear anything tommorrow to call wendsday sometimes to see what they figured out. Soooooooooo please pray that they can take me. I am 26 weeks, this is really upsetting to me cause with it seems with all my pregnancy's there has been something that has come up. If this falls through I MIGHT just have to talk dh into a homebirth :) EEK

Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick baby update

I went yesterday and placenta has moved completely out of the way! Praise be to God!!! Cervix looked good and baby Issac weighs 2.2 pounds. :) I added a ultrasound pic of him. I go back end of this month for my 1 hr sugar test, fun fun fun !

In other news we just bought a 12 passenger van. It is really nice. So exciting. So now we have enough room for all the kids and us when baby gets here plus a whole back seat.