Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, June 9, 2008


It is always something around here. Okay well this time I wanted to use a midwife to deliver so I have been going to these super midwives. Well... so has my sister and she had her baby this weekend and I found out somethings about the hospital I do not like. BTW- Congrats to my sis!!! Going here in a few minutes to see my new nephew!!!!!!!!! :) But they only allow 3 max in the room during delivery. Well that is just not going to work cause my kids are in the room when I deliver, Having a baby to my dh and I is a family event. Plus when I called and asked about this after finding it out the nurse was NOT nice at all so it gave me no desire to deliver there. We had asked the midwives about the kids being in the room and we were told as long as there were no complications I could have as many as I wanted. My sister told me the rooms are half the size of where I delivered at so they may be why they have those rules. So................ I called my last doctor that delivered me to see if she could take me. She is not in today cause her father is having surgery and possibly will not be in tommorrow. They said even if she took me that my insurance might not agree to pay them cause of me changing this far along. YOu have to go to them for so many visits. We are leaving for vacation Wendsday so they told me if I did not hear anything tommorrow to call wendsday sometimes to see what they figured out. Soooooooooo please pray that they can take me. I am 26 weeks, this is really upsetting to me cause with it seems with all my pregnancy's there has been something that has come up. If this falls through I MIGHT just have to talk dh into a homebirth :) EEK


musicmommy3 said...

I vote for the homebirth. (GRIN!!) You can have whoever you want at your house. It's truly a real "family" event. Nough said. Yes, my last two were at home.
However, you do what you obviously feel comfortable with as a couple. :)

Tell Jen that I said CONGRATS!!! Give her a big hug and kiss for me. :)

Tiffany said...

WEll dh is not too comfortable with home birth but I will if I have to. I will update when I know for sure what is going on.