Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birth Story

 Well I think this is a labor and deliver I WILL NOT forget. Jase is here, he was born Sunday morning and I am so grateful to God that I am on this side of it all . Although it comes with it's own challenges too like no sleep and a tired, sore, worn out body. But I get to hold and love on my new precious blessing.
    Well, where shall I begin. Last Monday I started to feel more contractions. I had to take my daughter to the dentist which of course the apt did not go as planned but I made it through. By Tuesday I was hurting, had been up all night and was having steady contractions. I called one of the midwives and she came over. I was dilated 3 cm and she said she thought it was the day. Well, so did I because my contractions were not letting up. We had planned on her coming back later on since I usually always labor all day anyway and checking me later in the day. So she did and there was no progress!!!! I will spare you the agony of my week but by Friday I had not made much change either , only a cm more dilated with all the contractions I was having. I actually thought something might be wrong and keeping him from coming down. Some of the younger kids spent the night with my mom Friday night just to give me a break because they were surely feeling the stress I guess because they were being pretty bad. I picked them up Saturday. I just kept thinking my body was failing me and could not understand with all the pain and contractions I had why he had not been born. Music, prayer, and baths are what kept me going during this time!!!!!! Along this journey also God has placed certain people in my life for encouragement and to help me keep going on, for that I am so very grateful. Saturday night the older boys, Paige, Billy, and myself watched a movie. Contractions were pretty bad during the movie but I just kept telling myself I am not calling the midwives over anymore until my water breaks(which for me is a crazy thing to say, because usually that is when baby is coming) Anyway, Saturday night I was up ALL NIGHT with the most horrible contractions I have ever had. This was my 10th child so I have been through my share of contractions but these were pretty rough. Baths didn't help and I just could not get comfortable and it just felt like his head was right there. After one really bad contraction I told Billy to call the midwives. So, he called. I was checked at 9 am and was 6 cm but fully effaced. But I was just focusing on the 6 cm, I could not believe after all that pain I was not any further. The contractions were INTENSE. Then while everyone was out of the room , I was laying on my side and I felt my body pushing by itself. I called for Billy and told them I needed to push. I asked for my water to be broken but when I turned over to be checked there was no need to break my water. HE was COMING! Jase Malachi was born at 9:56. The midwives were not even here a hour. And btw my water must of broke while I was pushing him out so the whole waiting for my water to break would not have been a good thing!! So after a week of laboring it was over so fast. So fast that it was kind of traumatic for me AND Jase.  So there you have it, while he was my 10th he was definitely my hardest to get here but the trade off was a fast delivery. Hoping now for a fast recovery!! :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How this baby is being used by the Lord

       As most of you know I am 39 weeks and have been "laboring" since Tuesday. Some may call it false labor but those are the ones that have never went through this and surely do not know how I am feeling. God IS teaching me so much in all of this though so I am so happy that all this is not in vain. In all of this I have felt defeated at times and like I just could not go on and God used someone or something to show He is still by my side. We have had sweet friends, which now seem more like family, that have made sure we have had all we needed and have been here whenever needed. He has used other people to bring meals, help with the kids, and just give words of encouragement. I think in all of this the Lord is showing me I HAVE to swallow my pride sometime and accept help. That is what being a part of a Christian family is all about. If you know me any at all I like things in order, things in their place, and everything neat and tidy and when things like this happen it is almost impossible for things to be that way without help.

                I am also being reminded how blessed I am. I think sometimes moms of many take for granted the blessings God has given them, especially when times get hard. Being able to labor(however long) and then go on to deliver a blessing that will hopefully one day go out and spread the gospel is such a blessing. In all of this I keep going back to what sorrow I felt in experiencing the 3 miscarriages before the Lord decided to bless us with keeping this baby in the womb. I will gladly take this pain to see my little one's face!!!! As I am typing this I am having a contraction, which reminds me I am just that much closer. I am blessed and it is crazy how often we forget it.

               I know I am loved. The Lord is showing me time and time again in so many ways. I a lot of times no matter what hardships I go through time and time forget to not try to rely on myself. I cannot do it alone, only with the help of the Lord. I think he uses things like this to remind us only trusting in the Lord, keeping our faith on Him, and leaning on Him can we ultimately make it in this world. He has used music lately to quite my soul and I am so appreciative of that. I had put some songs together for when I was in labor and God knew I would need them at this time!!!!

              I know this will not last forever and Lord willing I will soon be holding a healthy baby boy and baby #10 will be welcomed into this family. And I also know I will be grateful for the lessons I have learned in all of this.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who are we trying to please? Man or God?

Galatians 1:10 - Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.

    I read this verse in my bible study this morning and it really stood out to me. I think that is a lot of the problems our country has now. We try to please each other , do not want to step on any toes, hurt any ones feelings, be different, etc.... Don't get me wrong, we should be loving and kind to one another but we also have got to start standing up for what is just and right. Deciding to give our lives over fully to the Lord was not easy for Billy and I . It meant we had to let go of some friendships and ultimately just pray for those people to find the Lord. It meant not always living in comfort, it meant getting comments made to us about the number of children we had, it meant giving EVERYTHING over to the Lord. While this was not easy the Lord has always provided what we have needed and many of the things we have wanted. WE realize many look at our family with displeasure and that is where this verse really comes in, we are not here to win the approval of man. I want to please my Father in heaven. Just like a young girl dances and sways and calls out to her earthly daddy for his approval on how pretty, how well she is doing something, or how much he loves her we too should also be seeking that approval from our heavenly Father. We were not placed on this earth to make men happy but for the pleasure of the Lord. I really think if we as a society of Christians stood up and started making the Lord the focus of our lives things would change. I am not saying that pleasing the Lord will always make life easy , if that is what I was saying I would not be telling you the truth. People die daily for being a servant of Christ. But I will tell you is that your life will be transformed , you will be changed , and you will see things you have never noticed before. I am so thankful I am saved, a daughter of the Most High, and that while sometimes hard giving of my whole life to the Lord I have experienced such blessings!!! Just meditate on that verse for today and see how it changes your perspective on things going on in the world and how you view things. And maybe also how you are living your life.

   ****** Just a quick baby update. I am almost 37 weeks so could be anytime now our sweet baby boy makes his entrance into the world. Please pray for safety and health for both him and I. God bless you and have a Christ filled day.