Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Friday, March 23, 2012

A day in the life of me!!

This is for all those that think I have it all together. Today has been crazyyyy!! I got up early to be sure I could get my personal bible time in and boy am I sure glad I did because today has been one of those not in my own strength but only by God's grace kind of days. I already had planned for the little ones to do some planting some veggies and flowers. But first they know we have to get chores done. First we had to do some errands in town which went okay, had a couple of disagreements in the car between younger ones but nothing earth shattering. We get back home and start doing chores. So things were going pretty smoothly and then the older two girls started to argue. I was nursing Jericho( of course) so I called them to me and had a good talk with them about getting along , their responsiblities in this family, etc... OF course my 13 yr old leaves crying( here lately no matter what I say to her she cries) , so then I feel awful because she is a huge help to our family but I have to set her on the right course. Anyway, so that problem is solved. Before that the nine yr old is screaming because our 2 yr old is knocking down candles off the wall by getting on the top bunk so I have to address that issue. I lay Jericho down and start doing laundry. Of course not two seconds into doing laundry I hear him crying. So go get him and he seems to still be hungry so I feed him some banana's I had left over that I had made him last night. Then nurse him AGAIN and lay him down and start making out bills and then I get to thinking okay bills can wait I will do the planting with the little ones while Jericho is sleeping. So we get everything ready and with the help of my two older ones here today we start the process of planting(hope to post pics soon). Well of course chaos breaks out, everyone wants their turn at the same time , the 1 yr old bumps her head on the table and is screaming and so then my attention turns to her because we are on our screened porch and I do want our neighbors thinking we are beating our children. And while my attention turns to her they throw dirt all over the table. I send Pagie to go gather some garden supplies we didn't have and she comes back with Jericho who I thought would sleep for a long time. So she takes him. Anyway after all that everything kind of went smoothly , she took Jericho in and put our 1 yr old in the high chair with a banana. WE finished up our planting in which the little ones ended up having fun and we got to talk about how hopefully in a week or so we would see little signs of life and that God gives us plants and trees, etc... So then it was clean up time and while I was cleaning that up the 2 yr old slipped away without us knowing and was "washing her hair"( more like her whole body and the whole bathroom) in the sink like mama does. Water was everywhere and she also got into the toothpaste and that was everywhere. UGH!!!! By this point I have a raging headache and my allergies are acting up but I remind myself I am really working on patience this week so I clean up the mess and move on to trying to get lunch going .I put the 9 yr old in charge of making pb & j sandwhiches and take the baby to go nurse AGAIN and turn around and our 3 yr old has gotten the bag of pretzels and spilled them all over the floor. Sooooooooooooo, I put the baby inthe swing and clean up the mess, but Jericho is not having that so I get him and go to change the 2 yr old since she is still soaking wet from her "fun". I lay baby in the floor and change the 2 yr old and my 15 yr old son gets the baby. Now great I can finish up stuff. Nope just wishful thinking because son wants to look at a new board game he got in the mail and baby is also spitting up so he and my 13 yr old daughter are arguing about who is gonna take the baby so I take him and go to finally sit down to nurse again and he finally falls asleep when I hear screaming from the kitchen . I go to see what is going on and it is the 9 yr old upset that her 15 yr old brother took her magazine and put it up. So , had to take time for discipline AGAIN!!! Finally get baby laid down, do some laundry,and write this post. Baby WAS finally asleep but just started crying. So he is up again, HOPEFULLY other little ones are fixing to go down for a nap, only reason I could write this post was because they were eating lunch. I still need to finish laundry, finish making out bills, do some homeschooling with the older ones, and I had on the list to plant some herbs to start in cups. Plus figure out supper and do the night routine.
Most days run smoothly around here but some days we have days like today. I would still NOT trade my life for anything , and yes I still view my children as blessings .IT is just in these days like today I have to rely on the Lord more and is that such a bad thing? What kind of day have you had today? Have you had one of those not in my own strength kind of days lately?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still alive

Still alive here, just busy!! Been a good kind of busy. Hope to write when I have time.