Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, February 25, 2008


WE got this pack and play BRAND NEW made by Eddie Bauer , it comes with the bassinet and changing station you see in the pictures. Also got stroller/carseat combo BRAND NEW!!! The car seat and stroller have suede on them , sooooooooooooo nice. We paid $100 for it all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? WE saved over $230 or more. I have been worrying about these things cause we needed some of the bigger ticket items this time cause the other is worn, broken down, expired which is expected going through many other children. SO now all we need is a new crib and if it is a girl we will have to get clothes and such. I am super excited. My hubby and I found this deal while we were out on our anniversary cause my parents had the kids for us. :)
Alsooooooooooooooo my sweet sister paid for my dh and I to have a nice candlelight supper at a nice little place. We had a steak dinner and it was really nice, taste even better when you know you do not have to pay for it lol. My sister is great, and it was totally unexpected. Sooooooo nice!!!!

We did alot this weekend and it was real nice. But now we are back to reality. Just wanted to share my great deal with you all.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Busy day ahead

I am waiting on Terminix (our pest control people) to come and spray and then i have a dozen things to do. I hope they hurry and get here so I can get my stuff done. I don't think I will let them spray inside since I am pregnant, I just do not trust that. Anyway, I have to go to the bank and Wal-Mart and my daughter has a dentist appt. I thought about cancelling it but her braces have been bothering her. Anyhow , she also has a basketball game tonight. It is the first game in the championship. I hope they go all the way and win , she would be so excited. She has really worked hard and loves basketball. This is with our church ,btw. I am still having the headaches although I do not think they are as bad. They are bad enough though, even when I do not have them it is like I have a dull one or something. Weird feeling. This weekend my parents are keeping the kids for the weekend as it is hubby's and my anniversary. 7 yrs married!!!!!!!!! Pretty good I think. WE have been through so much and I think it has only made us stronger, he is a GREAT man. This will probably be our last break for a while so I am gonna take advantage. :) With the baby coming in September I am not sure if we will have this opportunity much after that. I am so fed up with the presidental election I am not even keeping up with it anymore, it makes me so sad but I know deep down GOd is my president and in the end is the one who makes the decisions!!!!!!! It is really funny how things to seem so much better when you just give them to the Lord. God is good... as if you didn't know that already. LOL! WEll I am gonna jump off here, gotta get something done. Have a blessed day and for all those feeling under the weather hope you all feel better soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BUSY and terrible headaches

Hope to make a new post soon but I am just super busy and have been having terrible migranies. OOPS little one is up , will write more soon

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Midwife appt

Well I had another midwife appt yesterday. I am 9 and a half weeks, two months sounds better to me though lol. Things are going good so far. They did another ultrasound and baby was so active. IT is such a little thing but is moving around so much, it was cutting flips . Sooooooooo precious to see the heartbeat again. I love the midwives I am going to. SO different than any of the other doctors I have went to with my other kids soI am hoping for a good delivery experience too. Not much else to say aobut my appt, they weighed me ugh!!! Took my blood for testing and the midwife and I just talked. I go back in 4 weeks and then we can hear the baby's heart with dopplar, I will probably take the kids with me for that appt. I think we have a name for the baby if it is a boy but not really decided if it is a girl. I still have so far to go so we have time . I asked her about my eye twitching. It has been for almost 3 weeks now and it is so aggravating. She said fatigue is probably the problem. HOpefully it will go away soon.
I just have to tell this story before I go! My youngest daughter who is 4, will be 5 in march had fell off her bike the other day. I was bandaging her up and putting ointment on her scrapes and through her crying she looked up at me and said, "momma did you know you are the bestest momma in the whole world". IT caught me off guard and I almost broke out in tears, I choked them back and said , "did you know you are sweetest little girl ever". That was such a sweet moment, just had to share.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Early valentine's Day present

My sweet husband came home from a job with a dozen roses and some candy. The roses are so pretty and smell so good. I have such a wonderful man!!!
The kids are well again for the most part. So that is good, HOPe it last. Things are going pretty good around here, Hubby's work slowed a bit this week but I think it is going to pick up very soon. Hopefully , anyway! WE got four more hens today and got a rooster yesterday, We already had two hens. Hopefully we will start getting eggs soon, The two hens were laying and then just stopped. WE are looking forward to having some babies chicks as well. The kids love to just watch them.
I am so trying not to get burned out on homeschooling. WE are ticking along and I plan on working with them some in the summer cause we have a new blessing coming in September so we will have to take a break for a bit during that time. My goals this year was for the kids to learn a good many bible verses which they have done wonderful with, be able to put all their states on the map which some are doing good with and some not, know their multiplication by memory which we still are working on with some. Know all their presidents. And a few other things. HOw is everyone else's homeschool going????
Well I need to get off here, wanna read some more blogs then go finish watching about the elections tonight. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Huckabee! WE still have faith !

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well two of the kids are sick. Our youngest daughter has been sick since last Thursday, She has had a rough time but I think she is going in the right direction now. It has been one thing after another around here. Today is suppose to be a pretty day so I might get the kids outside for a bit, will do us all good. The boys are working with their daddy today so it is just the girls,the baby and I . I am gonna do some extra school work with Paige today. She needs some extra one of one every now and then. I pray my kiddos get well again. I don't like when they are sick. If anyone is reading this and you know alot about herbal stuff please give some hints and tips. Also any good books you know of??? I have almost lost all faith in doctors. I should not say that cause I know through all our experiences over the years that their ARE some doctors out there. when the twins were born at 32 weeks it was the team of doctors and such that saved their lives. I could go on and on about the good experiences we have had . But lately I have had so much problems with doctors. IT is just crazy, What is going on.
I am now 8 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I have been so exhausted but I really have not gotten to get any real good sleep lately. Maybe soon! I missed my midwife appt yesterday because of taking the two kids to the doctor, I rescheduled for the 15th. That is okay though.
My husband's business is REALLY picking up. I feel so sorry for him sometimes cause he stays so busy but tries to keep up things around here too. He is trying to finish our schooroom/playroom during this time also. He is a great man!!! WE really need the money he is making though cause this time around we need to probably buy a new crib and we will have to buy a new infant carseat. If it is a girl we have like no clothes either lol. But I know everything will work out. God is in control! Boy did I have to keep telling myself that yesterday.
In other news my hard headed sons were just lectured about the importance of not acting up on a go-cart and wearing your seat belt. Their friends had just flipped their go-cart so we were overly cautious with talking with them. Well to make a long story short one of the twins was riding with another one of their friends while my daugher and her friend were riding in ours and they collided cause the boys were trying to pass the girls. The boys flipped and my son came out!!!!!! Why do you think he came out???? He was not wearing his seat belt!!!!!!!!!! So needless to say if there is anyone out there wanting a go-cart we have one for sale!

Friday, February 1, 2008

This is a GREAT song!!!

I only hope I have this kind of love till the end with my wonderful husband , This totally makes me think of my grandparents who I miss greatly! Copy and past the link