Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm getting old -lol!

WEll not really but I am getting older and I can tell it with this pregnancy. My vericose veins are awful. I have had alot of trouble this time with my iron levels and dehydration( I think the dehydration is from peeing every 2 seconds lol) . I failed my 1 hour glucose test but I passed my 3 hour. Thank you Jesus, I did have a ton of people praying. The 3 hour test was horrid and made me feel awful. I am now a little over 31 weeks so moving right along. It has been super super busy around here.
I have a praise report, a couple in our neighborhood and their children went to church with us yesterday. That is such good news. This couple has been struggling to make it and they have kids from different marriages/relationships that have already been through so much. We are studing the Love Dare Study in our Sunday School class and they both said they really liked it and is what they need. So please pray they will be back.
I wanted to say to that if you are reading this blog to try to reach out to somebody today or this week. There are so many hurting in this world, in our communities sometimes we are so busy we do not even notice it. Very sad how hurting some are! Please pray for these people.
My dh's business has picked back up full force. While he is stressed I know he is thankful!! GOd has really blessed this business. We give him all the glory and honor. Hope things are going well for everyone who reads this. HOpe I can blog more later.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


where is the summer going??? I just cannot keep up with everything and I would update but I am so tired right now I cannot think of all we have done. WE have had a busy summer but Ithink the kids would say it has been fun. They have had something pretty much going on all summer. I cannot believe that next month our baby will be 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then the next month we will finally have a baby girl again. Such exciting times. I do get stressed but I do love being a mom of many, things are never dull around here that is for sure. The girls also start dance/baton/christian drama the first of august so things will not slow down either. Not sure how we will work that in when the new baby comes but we will figure it all out. Our 2 yr old is doing so good with potty training , although he did have a accident just a few minutes ago but he has been pretty easy. I think he might be pretty close by the time the baby gets here which would be wonderful. Dh's business is a bit slow right now but I am not gonna stress cause God has totally provided for us in the past and I know he will now and in the future. He will provide for our needs. God is good, isn't he?
We are doing the Love Dare bible study in our sunday school class and I am also doing the Love Dare book myself and it has made a difference on how I look at things all around. It is a wonderful thing. It brings your attention to things you would of never thought of.
Yes the world is falling apart and going to as my kids would put it down there very fast but I know in the end good will prevail and that in the end victory is God's. My faith is sometimes the only thing that gets me through somedays. I do not see how people make it without the Lord. My prayer is you know the Lord and accept him as your Savior. If not you can, he forgives all sins and he loves everyone very much. WE are all his children. Have a blessed night.