Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, April 30, 2007

Why do people feel the need to comment!!!

It gets so frustrating no matter where we go we always get comments about how many kids we have. When we went to Wal-MArt Saturday the old man as we walked in asked Billy are you trying to make a football team. Billy just smiles and says yeah but I am getting so tired of this. It is ridiculous. They say wow are all those your kids or I would kill myself. It ticks me off. SOme say do you know what causes that . Children are such blessings. Yes there are those that could not take care of a multitude of kids in fact they really do not take good care of their own kids so I am sure that is why they have no more blessings. I know I should not let it get to me. There was even a woman one time talking to someone saying that she knew we were on welfare with that many kids. Why is it so horrible to have more than 2 kids???? In the good ole days they had double digit number of kids. WE only have 5. I am not sure we are done. If you ask my parents they would of said we were definately done at 4. The only thing that saddens me now is I am not sure that we are gonna HAVE to be done. Financially we are just in a bad place due to my husbands health. I don't have many dreams only a few and that is to build a house in the future and maybe have 1 more baby! For us to live happy with our children and try to bring them up the best we can and just to be able to pay our bills. NOt much to ask for. Anyway,that is enough rambling I just had to get this out

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Our weekend!!

WEll the weekend is almost over and almost time to start our busy week next week. Yesterday we took the kids to the Mayfield Dairy to do the tour of the place and that was nice just to get out with the kids. I think they really enjoyed going and I think they actually learned-lol! SO great about homeschool is getting to do field trips on Saturday. Anyway, after that we planted a few flowers that we could get for CHEAP since we are in fiancial mess but I am trying to get out of this depression or whatever this is so I thought if i had some color in my yard i would feel a bit better. WE spent most of the day out in the yard and I took a walk last night. Then today I just have mainly stayed around the house while Billy went fishing with his brother. I have made our cleaning supplies for the week today and also made my first batch of our own laundry detergent so we will see how I like it. I am trying every thing in my power to figure out how to cut our cost.I did our lessons for next week so I could be all organized and just been trying to straighten up the house and such. Plus Levi has been really needy today wanting to be held. I have been waiting for like 3 hours for him to go to sleep so I could go water my flowers. Anyway, that is about it for the weekend. NOw the week starts.
Actually I just wanna say before I get off here that I have been just trying to count my blessings. WE have been going thru a pretty rotten time but we have so much to be thankful for. I hope things look up for us soon!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Soooooooo Tired!

WEll I am still have problems with my tummy and I haven't slept well in a week or so. One minute it will be cramping, the next nauseous, the next just pain. Anyway, then the past couple of nights levi has not slept good at all. Last night he hardly slept AT ALL. I am so tired. Then he had to have his shots today. He weighs 13 pounds 2 ounces!!! HE is getting so big. HE is really whinny , hope it doesn't affect his sleep tonight cause I so need some sleep.Anyway, so far all the test on billy have been good. They are all normal so we will see what the rest say. I am just really stressed right now but just trying to put my faith in God. School went well today. WE did not do all subjects today but focused on spelling,math,and English. They really love playing the games with their spelling words on that site. WEll that is all my news today. I have to start supper in a bit. Thanks for everyones prayers and just keep pryaing for Billy's health and that we get better financially/

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

another post

I just thought I would let everyone know Billy did not go back to the eye doctor today, she wants to wait and see him after all his test results come back. UGH!!!!!!!! I think she should of presonally saw him since his vision still isn't too good but oh well. Anyway,just wanted to keep you all updated. Will let you know when anything else comes up/.


I got this super spelling site from some of my friends off a homeschooling board. I have one son that really struggles with spelling terribly and he loves this already! It is I am gonna add it to my side bar too, it is great!

Doctor's appt.

Well he went yesterday but we really do not know much of anything right now. His doctor wants him to go thru a multitude of test so I have no idea when they will all be complete with him trying to work again also. For all you medical people here are the test he has to have:
Rheumatoid Panel,Hepatic panel,LIpids,bone density scan,PTH,and Vitamin D. Today he goes back to the eye doctor so I guess we will know more about his vision though. He says it still is not back to what it was before this episode so wewill see what she says. WEll that is a little update about him.
On another note baby Levi is suppose to get his shots tommorrow that he missed a month ago cause he had RSV we now he is totally congested again and I so hope he is not getting sick. He didn't sleep well last night.
I am still trying to figure out what to do about next years school. I wanted to use Christian Liberty for next year but there is NO WAY we will be able to afford it so I am back to square one with deciding what to do. Paige is suppose to test next year too.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

not much to say

I really do not have too much to say. Yesterday was a pretty good day. I spent some of it trying to figure out our financies. HOmeschool went pretty good yesterday and the volcano we made Friday that was sort of a dud well we did it over again and it worked beautifully!! The kids were so excited. even my 4 year old stood with her mouth hanging open. Then last night I took the baby out with me in the sling so I could get some fresh air. IT was nice. My husband was teaching my boys how to cut grass, they are growing so fast. :( Today Billy goes to see his family doctor about all the test his eye doctor wanted him to have so we shall see what that unfolds. I will keep you updated as much as I can. Thanks for all the prayers we really need them. My stomach has been a total wreck for the past 2 weeks , so much sothat I am not sleeping well at night. I wished it would just straighten itself out!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


It was really good today-church that is. The sermon was really good and made me think about alot of things. Billy got pretty chocked up today, we are really stressed right now. Financially we just are so lost and it is really scary. I know we have to put our faith in God but faith does not feed the kids. Billy is gone right now with the boys fishing, that will be really good for him. I am just sitting here trying to get more things listed on ebay and thinking of work from home jobs I could do. Sometimes thinking really makes my head hurt lol. Anyway, that is mostly about my day today. Yesterday the boys had a baseball game and one of the twins did really well. My parents came and they ate it up that their grandparents were there especially their papa. Dustin did sooooooooooooooooooooo well , I was a one proud mama and billy was one proud daddy. Poor Dylan could not catch a break but he is the brains of the two. That is what we tryto explain to them that everyone is not good at everything and we are all different and that is how God meant for it to be!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

busy,busy, busy!!

I have been listing on ebay this morning and have more to list!!! I have tons to go thru . I am trying to get some money since Billy has been out of work so much and everything is so unknown about his future medicial issues. ALso the boys have a baseball game this afternoon, so we are busy busy busy! Here is a link to one of my ebay auctions and you can link to my other ones from there.

Friday, April 20, 2007

don't know

what is wrong with the time on my blogs but at least my dates are right. I wished I could figure out how to put up links . hopefully soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

does it ever get better!

WEll we got a phone call back from the doctor , I will post more about that later. Everything is so iffy right now we do not know anything for sure. All we know is he has to have more blood test and we will know more from there.
To top everything off I spent my day trying to figure out bills. Then the kids dog died and they are all really upset :( Then on top of that we had a box of highlight stuff and i decided I wanted a lift up so hubby and I decided to use it. Well.... my hair looks TERRIBLE!!! Looks like a leapord. So my wonderful hubby is out right now at 8:20 at night getting a cheap box of hair color to cover this up. So I guess I will have to go blonde again. I sooooooo did not want to worry about roots again. Me oh my!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

trying to stay positive

Please pray for me and my family! We are going thru a whole lot right now and going thru a whole lot of unknowns. I am very scared and see the future I had planned sort of slipping away. I am trying to find some kind of work from home job or something like that to make some extra money while my husband is on and off work and to try and catch some of our bills up.
Meanwhile the kids our outside playing and have a great time together. SO nice for them to not know the worries their daddy and I are facing. Homeschool went pretty well today. Been a rough two or so weeks. Just please pray for us! That is about all I can say. I don't really have the energy to get into all of it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The past few months!!!

I was gonna title this the past few weeks but that really isn't fitting , It has been pretty chaotic for the past few months. Our fifth child was born almost 3 months ago. He is 11 weeks today, my where does the time go. The last part of my pregnancy was not so easy. I was so glad to welcome LEvi Gracin into the world. Then about a month or so ago he got RSV, I had to keep him in till he was well and that was very difficult. The about the time he is getting well from the RSV and everything my husband starts having problems with his eyes!!! I posted all about it but the stupid thing would not post. SO this is the short version since my time is limited. I took him to the doctor twice last Monday, then I took him back Tuesday, saw a speicialist Wendsday and Thursday. Went back to the original eye doctor Saturday who seemed to have given up. SO we went to another doctor yesterday who finally said his problem could of been something he was born with called Epithlial Basement Membrane Dystrophy. He just recently started wearing contacts so she said the contacts,solutions,and high pollen count this year could of irritated something he already had. ALso preservities in eye drops and stuff could of did it too. Anyway he seems to be on the mend . I so hope so. He was out of work for a little over a week and he is the only one working so that has killed us. I am trying to keep the faith and trying to keep praying. It has been difficult. This past weekend our well messed up also so that was another $150 we had to spend. It is just one thing after another. Seriously and has been that way since my hubby and I married almsot 6 years ago. I just wished things would let up on us some. Been really difficult.
HOmeschool went okay today. The one that really struggles isn't feeling well so I think that contributed to some of the problems we had. I am still struggling with what to do next year for my cirriculum since our money situation isn't very good. WEll I have to run!

Trying to post!!!!

Don't you just love computers!