Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The past few months!!!

I was gonna title this the past few weeks but that really isn't fitting , It has been pretty chaotic for the past few months. Our fifth child was born almost 3 months ago. He is 11 weeks today, my where does the time go. The last part of my pregnancy was not so easy. I was so glad to welcome LEvi Gracin into the world. Then about a month or so ago he got RSV, I had to keep him in till he was well and that was very difficult. The about the time he is getting well from the RSV and everything my husband starts having problems with his eyes!!! I posted all about it but the stupid thing would not post. SO this is the short version since my time is limited. I took him to the doctor twice last Monday, then I took him back Tuesday, saw a speicialist Wendsday and Thursday. Went back to the original eye doctor Saturday who seemed to have given up. SO we went to another doctor yesterday who finally said his problem could of been something he was born with called Epithlial Basement Membrane Dystrophy. He just recently started wearing contacts so she said the contacts,solutions,and high pollen count this year could of irritated something he already had. ALso preservities in eye drops and stuff could of did it too. Anyway he seems to be on the mend . I so hope so. He was out of work for a little over a week and he is the only one working so that has killed us. I am trying to keep the faith and trying to keep praying. It has been difficult. This past weekend our well messed up also so that was another $150 we had to spend. It is just one thing after another. Seriously and has been that way since my hubby and I married almsot 6 years ago. I just wished things would let up on us some. Been really difficult.
HOmeschool went okay today. The one that really struggles isn't feeling well so I think that contributed to some of the problems we had. I am still struggling with what to do next year for my cirriculum since our money situation isn't very good. WEll I have to run!

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keithandjennifer said...

Hey girl-- Glad to see you blogging. I am going to try to add a friends sidebar to mine. *IF* I figure it out I will add you so my other blogger friends can find you. I'll call you today.. Jenn