Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Writing a book!!!

In the process of writing and publishing a book, cannot wait to have it finished. I thought I was ready for it to be published but have some work to do on it. Cannot wait till it is done. It is a testimony of my life. God is good and I so want to shout it from the roof tops. I was such a wretch and he turned my life into something so beautiful!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not much to blog about

Haven't really blogged lately because really haven't had anything that has came to me that I wanted to blog about. We are doing well just busy. But busy is good. God didn't place us here to do nothing all day. My busy is busy being a mama and wife so I am happy with that. I am reading Large Family Logistics: The Art and Science of Managing the Large Family. It has been pretty good so far and has reminded me of things like teaching good work ethic is so vitally important in raising kids. Not to be demanding but to make them mind and do their work to the best of their ability. I am also writing a book and hope to get it published soon. Just about my life and all I have went through to be the person I am today. Who am I today? Well first and foremost I am a woman who loves Jesus!! I am a wife and a mother. What more can I say.
Just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and well. The Lord has graciously kept us well lately with all the other sickness floating around us. Thanks be to God for that!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monthly Menu Plan

Here is our monthly menu plan . I just put our main meal and for supper I just add fruits, vegetables and sometimes some sort of bread like yeast rolls or bisquits. Lunch we will have stuff like fruit , crackers, sometimes chips. those sorts of things. Sundays we eat every sunday after church with our church family so we bring something each sunday. Haven't figured those meals out yet.

1st-lunch-ramen noodles supper-country fried steak with gravy
2nd-lunch-pizza supper-veggietable soup
3rd-lunch-sandwhiches supper-spaghetti
4th-lunch-hot dogs supper-salad with grilled chicken in it with yeast rolls
5th-lunch-tortillas supper-roast
6th-church lunch-? supper-Hamburgers
7th-lunch-tuna sandwhiches supper-tenderloin on rolls with bbq sauce
8th-lunch-chicken nuggets supper-chicken, cheese, and rice
9th-lunch-spaghetti o's supper-deer cubed steak
10th-lunch-sandwhiches supper-deer roast with carrots and potatoes
11th-lunch-eat out supper-potato soup with cheese sandwhiches
12th-lunch-chicken strips supper-taco's
13th-church lunch-? supper-pork chops
14th-lunch-chicken salad sandwhiches supper-fish supper with grilled salmon,hushpuppies and rolls. maybe a salad
15th-lunch-ravioli supper-Ham,green beans,corn,?
16th-lunch-sandwhiches supper-homemade pizzas
17th- lunch-pizza rolls supper-steak with yeast rolls
18th-lunch-chicken nuggets supper-tator tot casserole
19th-lunch-sandwhiches or bbq supper-a big breakfast
20th-church lunch ? supper-veggietable soup
21st-lunch-subs supper-homemade chicken noodle soup
22nd-lunch-pizza supper fried chicken
23rd-lunch-spaghetti o's supper-stir fry with chicken and veggies
24th- lunch-corn dogs supper-BBQ chicken
25th-lunch-eat out supper-roast
26th- lunch-burritoes supper-ribs,salad,rolls
27th-church lunch? supper-subs
28th-lunch-chicken strips supper-tenderloin

I make our own breads for the most part and homemade soups and such. hoping to post recipe's soon!! Hoping to also post our daily schedule we follow.