Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monthly Menu Plan

Here is our monthly menu plan . I just put our main meal and for supper I just add fruits, vegetables and sometimes some sort of bread like yeast rolls or bisquits. Lunch we will have stuff like fruit , crackers, sometimes chips. those sorts of things. Sundays we eat every sunday after church with our church family so we bring something each sunday. Haven't figured those meals out yet.

1st-lunch-ramen noodles supper-country fried steak with gravy
2nd-lunch-pizza supper-veggietable soup
3rd-lunch-sandwhiches supper-spaghetti
4th-lunch-hot dogs supper-salad with grilled chicken in it with yeast rolls
5th-lunch-tortillas supper-roast
6th-church lunch-? supper-Hamburgers
7th-lunch-tuna sandwhiches supper-tenderloin on rolls with bbq sauce
8th-lunch-chicken nuggets supper-chicken, cheese, and rice
9th-lunch-spaghetti o's supper-deer cubed steak
10th-lunch-sandwhiches supper-deer roast with carrots and potatoes
11th-lunch-eat out supper-potato soup with cheese sandwhiches
12th-lunch-chicken strips supper-taco's
13th-church lunch-? supper-pork chops
14th-lunch-chicken salad sandwhiches supper-fish supper with grilled salmon,hushpuppies and rolls. maybe a salad
15th-lunch-ravioli supper-Ham,green beans,corn,?
16th-lunch-sandwhiches supper-homemade pizzas
17th- lunch-pizza rolls supper-steak with yeast rolls
18th-lunch-chicken nuggets supper-tator tot casserole
19th-lunch-sandwhiches or bbq supper-a big breakfast
20th-church lunch ? supper-veggietable soup
21st-lunch-subs supper-homemade chicken noodle soup
22nd-lunch-pizza supper fried chicken
23rd-lunch-spaghetti o's supper-stir fry with chicken and veggies
24th- lunch-corn dogs supper-BBQ chicken
25th-lunch-eat out supper-roast
26th- lunch-burritoes supper-ribs,salad,rolls
27th-church lunch? supper-subs
28th-lunch-chicken strips supper-tenderloin

I make our own breads for the most part and homemade soups and such. hoping to post recipe's soon!! Hoping to also post our daily schedule we follow.

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