Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HOw the Lord is working here!!!!!!!!

Oh my our revival is going awsome!!!!!!!!! Lives have been saved, people have been touched, healing has taken place for some, it just has been wonderful.... I wished it would never never end. I got so emotional last night because it was more than I could keep in. I could feel the HOly Spirit in there!!! Our speaker is wonderful. I so wish this could move all across the world. It is so exciting !!!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Our revival starts tommorrow morning. OH how I hope it is good and hearts are won for Jesus!! I hope alot of new people decide to come. I also hope and pray we stay well so we can go. My 2 yr old and I have not been feeling well for over a week now. Not sure what it is. Anyway, pray our revival stirs many hearts and the Holy Spirit moves in many lives. It goes from tommorrow till Wendsday.
I am 14 weeks now, only 4 more weeks till we find out what we are having. Even as many kids as we have it still makes us so excited seeing the baby and find out what we are having. It never ceases to amaze me what a miracle pregnancy ,conception and all that is. How someone cannot conceive a baby a baby in the womb is beyond me!!!!!!!!!! We are really really hoping for a girl but another boy would be a blessing too, just a happy healthy baby.
I don't get around to reading blogs like I used to. Sorry everyone. I will try to today, hopefully. Just stay so busy. I am gonna try and do some school with the kids today, yeah I know it is Saturday but my hubby is gonna need the boys a good bit for work this week and there are some things I want to get accomplished school wise.
We are going on vacation the end of this month. Boy I sure do need it. My parents are going with us so that will be nice. My dad is semi laid off so we are gonna try and pay for the cabin on our own so they can go and not be so stressed about money. My parents have done so much for us, just wanna give me a little. NOthing will ever compare to what all they have done for us though.
Anyway, hope everyone is well and stays safe in this weird weather.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

new blinkies on my side bar

Thought they were so cute, check them out!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

field trip suggestions

Okay so those that live close to me please give me some good suggestions for some field trips. We are going to pigeon Forge,tenn in may so if anything is there that is a must do for homeschooling let me know also. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Midwife appt.

WEll I had my second appt today. I am 12 weeks or so my first ultrasound put me at . Everything went well, she said I am just so exhausted because of hormones , we tested my iron levels and they were fine. She did say it could be my thyroid but she must of forgot to get my blood work done to see if that was it. She could not find the heartbeat so we did a ultrasound . When we were in the first room I told her I had already felt the baby, I knew by textbook they say you are not feeling it but I KNOW. She said she agreed that moms that have other kids and that are in tune with their bodies do feel them earlier. So , anyway when we went in for the ultrasound the baby was just bouncing all around, hence why we could not find heartbeat. My oldest daughter went with me and she just ate it up. The baby looked like it was waving already. On this ultrasound the baby measured a couple of weeks behind but she said it could be the old machine and she doesn't know what she is doing that well so we shall see my next visit which is my anotomy visit. So in 6 weeks I will go back, I talked her into 6 weeks cause there is really no reason for me to come back in 4. Plus when I go back I want it to be for my ultrasound and hopefully find out what we were having. I said by the way the baby was moving oh gracious it is another boy. LOL! SO that was pretty much my visit. She gave me some meds for my allergies. 6 weeks will take forever!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

OH my what was that,

I am not sure what it was but I think I got a full nights sleep last night. :) I don't remember when the last time I got that. It has been so hard getting up with the two and being so nauseated and exhausted with this pregnancy. That was a peasant surprise last night. Dh's work has slowed wayyyyyyyyy down so if you could all say a pray about that I would surely appreciate it. Well I gotta go start the kids with this school work, have a blessed day.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I just have to say it I am soooooooooooooooo exhausted. I wake up exhausted and go to sleep that way. This pregnancy has not been so easy like my last couple. I feel really bad at night and in the mornings. I know this too shall pass. But I am just sooooo tired. Please pray I gain some strength back, I know through Jesus Christ nothing is impossible but here lately just getting up in the mornings seems impossible but I know I have to.
One of my friends when I was in school , her mother passed away yesterday morning from a battle with cancer. It makes me all the more realize how thankful I am to have my mom and how much I love her. I think sometimes we take our mama's for granted. So maybe as you read this you could call your mom, email her, write her a letter, go see her and give her a big ole' hug because we are not promised tommorrow. Daily I see how blessed I am and how I take it for granted. Another friend from church her mom is really struggling with breathing and they are doing surgery Monday and it is something that is very touch and go. Please pray for these ladies and their families.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Busy is all I can say

While I enjoy my children and husband they sure keep me busy. I have not been feeling well this pregnancy, keep thinking I am trying to get the stomache bug going around but I think it is just the pregnancy. But as you mothers know we do not get a time out. I do have a great husband though that does help out but still there is always so much to do. I almost got overwhelmed yesterday. I never seem to get my list completed of things I need to do anymore. We have one son who is a bit trying, okay okay he is alot trying sometimes and lately he has been really trying us. Not sure why, guess it could be because he is turning 12. But he is not doing well in school, does not want to listen unless it is history or science. He HATES math! He only does half or less of what he is suppose to do in chores,etc... you get the picture. It makes things so much harder and really really frustrating. He is the one we have so much trouble out of, he is the one that drains me daily. I LOVE him to pieces though and could not imagine my life without him. But his twin is the exact opposite(while he is sneaky with the things he does) he does do really well in school and really listens. He does his chores just like he is suppose to. Does exactly what you say when you say it, works really well with his father,etc.... IF all our children were like that oh how much easier it would be. But i suppose it would be boring as well. LOL! I know God has something huge planned for all our children and that is why they are made the way they are but sometimes it really really wears on me. sometimes I just want to scream and say I do not know what to do anymore.
GOd has really blessed us so much lately. With a new addition on the way I was wondering what we would do for another bed once the baby got out of the bassinet. I knew we would figure it out,so I was not stressing but I like everything to be just so and planned out if you know me so I was thinking about it. Well Saturday morning our neighbor called me and asked if I knew anyone who needed a crib for free. Keep in mind I have NEVER in my life talked this woman. We have waved in passing but that is it. As long as we have lived here we have never talked while passing, never called each other,etc... but she called and asked. I was like are you serious. And she said yeah. So I explained to her that we were expecting again and wondering what to do. She told me she had temporary custody of her grandchild and he would not sleep in it anymore she got him a twin bed to go beside her bed and so she wanted to give the crib away. I was just dumbfounded. Hubby went and picked it up yesterday. This crib looks brand new. So pretty! Had a mattress with it, so we do not have to worry about that. Gave us the bedding, crib sheet, tons of baby toys , a lamp,and some CUTE blankets. There is nobody that can make me believe God does not provide!!!!!!! He does and he is so good.
I hope everyone is doing better financially. My husband's business is slowly picking up and we are doing pretty good. I know some are still really hurting and you are in our prayers.