Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Midwife appt.

WEll I had my second appt today. I am 12 weeks or so my first ultrasound put me at . Everything went well, she said I am just so exhausted because of hormones , we tested my iron levels and they were fine. She did say it could be my thyroid but she must of forgot to get my blood work done to see if that was it. She could not find the heartbeat so we did a ultrasound . When we were in the first room I told her I had already felt the baby, I knew by textbook they say you are not feeling it but I KNOW. She said she agreed that moms that have other kids and that are in tune with their bodies do feel them earlier. So , anyway when we went in for the ultrasound the baby was just bouncing all around, hence why we could not find heartbeat. My oldest daughter went with me and she just ate it up. The baby looked like it was waving already. On this ultrasound the baby measured a couple of weeks behind but she said it could be the old machine and she doesn't know what she is doing that well so we shall see my next visit which is my anotomy visit. So in 6 weeks I will go back, I talked her into 6 weeks cause there is really no reason for me to come back in 4. Plus when I go back I want it to be for my ultrasound and hopefully find out what we were having. I said by the way the baby was moving oh gracious it is another boy. LOL! SO that was pretty much my visit. She gave me some meds for my allergies. 6 weeks will take forever!


Melissa said...

oh tiffany that is wonderful!! what a great visit!! i am so happy to hear baby is doing great!! can hardly wait to see what you are having!! i hope that you start to feel better soon... it is so hard as you are so busy and so many depend on you for you yourself to get the rest you need!! i will keep thinking lots of sleep thoughts for you! take care of yourself!!

Tiffany said...

thanks Melissa

musicmommy3 said...

Glad that things are going well inside. Sorry that you are so tired. :) Blessings!- Angela :)