Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, August 31, 2009

The world around us

I am so tired of hearing about this healthcare but then on the otherhand we need to listen up. I am just so sick of our government trying to take our rights away and while I would love change this is not change for the better no matter what "they" tell us. IF you just watch our rights our being taken away slowly and slowly, especially those of Christians. I am not making a hate speech like alot of political leaders would like to lead the country to believe that if anyone disagrees with them it is hate speech I am just speaking from my heart. The thing that concerns me with all of this is the future of my children! It should concern you as well. What will happen if the dept of this country keeps rising and our rights keep getting taken away. What will happen to them if our freedom of speech keeps getting shut down , and the morals of our founding fathers are forgotten. HOw sad is it that we forget what this country was founded on and even sadder is how we treat each other. We all need to wake up, we need to take a stand together and fight for our children's future. and for their children's future. When our churches cannot even stay together this day and age how do we expect our country to stick together and love each other. IT is time to pray and pray hard for our president, our congress, our government all together and for our country! Yes pray for our president weather you agree with him or not!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shameful self promotion

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Trying to save some money up for some things for the baby and other things.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sad sad times

This week so far has been full of such sad news. It makes me wonder what this world is coming to and makes me pray for Jesus's return so much sooner. Makes me hold my family closer, makes me love my husband harder. Someone who i used to be best friends with that I still really respect is going through a divorce that she does not want and they have two small boys. It just saddens me to the core!! The husband wants it and she doesn't. I found this out this week. Also found out another couple is getting a divorce in our church. Both these couples have been married for many years. Why is this happening so much now??? IN my opinion it boils down alot to selfishness. WE want the easy way out or what we THINK is the easy way out. Alot of times couples one or the other or both just do not try and work things out. I just need to pray I know. And please pray for both these family. IT is so heartbreaking and shocking. And then on top of all that I found the guy that reroofed our house a few months back hung himself, he also has two small children and their mom has so issues so these children are left alone. I mean how incrediable sad. Why in this society are we so selfish??? What do we blame it on??? i know many are not right with God, how could you be to cause so much hurt and pain to your family. And why do so many these days feel they have no option. IT is just so sad to me. That is why I tell my kids you never know when you reach out what it means to that person. You never know what it may mean to that person at that very moment. I think that shows we need to reach out more, witness more, and love more!!!! in the midst of such happy times for my family with a new baby coming soon the way the world is moving towards such chaos is so sad and heartbreaking. Please pray, reach out and most important love your neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend is doing a give away

Her blog is called bringing up blessings and this is her first giveaway, check it out

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New message board for christian homeschoolers

Hope ya don't mind Jess but I thought it would be great to mention the site, I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing. IF you want me to take it down I will. But ladies a online friend of mine for some years now has started a great Christian homeschool board. check it out and come and join us. It's new and just getting started so maybe you can add something to it. God bless

Friday, August 21, 2009


That is what I feel like lately. I just feel like I am struggling with everything. I stay so exhausted. I am struggling because I believe we should leave things up to the Lord including our fertility but then my health has really went downhill this time with this pregnancy. It just has not been as easy, may be cause I am having a girl too. I tend to have a harder time with girls. Dh and I have decided we will probably use Natural Family Planning this time around and chart and go by that, he also mentioned barrier methods too. He has just been worried about my health. Of course I am too but I know God will provide me strength but maybe it is his will for us to use these methods to hopefully keep from having another baby so soon and give my body a rest. I don't know with hormones you just really do not know how you feel about decisions you make but I do have to honor what my husband wants.
We just recently got tv back and go it back through something called Sky Angel tv. It is really nice and Christian centered. It mostly has all christian channels but also the Hallmark Channel, Fox News, The Weather Channel, and some sports channels. It is so depressing anymore to watch Fox News though . It is so sad how our country is getting further and further from what this country was founded on and the beliefs in which our Founding Fathers believed. I am so tired right now so I won't go into a full rant but just wanted to mention how crazy things have become. All I can say to other like minded Christians is you need to get out and witness, something I need to start doing more of myself.
Tommorrow is my little man's 1 yr birthday party, my where in the world did the year go. He will actually be 1 on the 26th. He is so sweet and has the sweetest smile but he is strong willed like my 2 yr old and my husband lol. so needless to say I will be super busy again tommorrow but it is for a good cause. :)
Thanks to those that follow my blog and please leave me a comment or something. I could use some encouragement these days. Trying to stay positive but sometimes I wonder if the devil is trying to get at me or something. Pray for my husband, his health has not been very good lately and we just spent tons of money this week for them to tell us all the testing looked good and normal. while that is refreshing to hear he doesn't have anything awful we are still back to where we were at wondering what is wrong with him and now out all that money. Also pray that he will get some calls, he has had no work. He painted a room at my parents house that my mom wanted him to for some money, if we would of not had that then he would of had nothing this week. Please also pray for my health and for the health of our unborn blessing. Please leave me any prayer request you might have also. I would love to pray for you also.