Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sad sad times

This week so far has been full of such sad news. It makes me wonder what this world is coming to and makes me pray for Jesus's return so much sooner. Makes me hold my family closer, makes me love my husband harder. Someone who i used to be best friends with that I still really respect is going through a divorce that she does not want and they have two small boys. It just saddens me to the core!! The husband wants it and she doesn't. I found this out this week. Also found out another couple is getting a divorce in our church. Both these couples have been married for many years. Why is this happening so much now??? IN my opinion it boils down alot to selfishness. WE want the easy way out or what we THINK is the easy way out. Alot of times couples one or the other or both just do not try and work things out. I just need to pray I know. And please pray for both these family. IT is so heartbreaking and shocking. And then on top of all that I found the guy that reroofed our house a few months back hung himself, he also has two small children and their mom has so issues so these children are left alone. I mean how incrediable sad. Why in this society are we so selfish??? What do we blame it on??? i know many are not right with God, how could you be to cause so much hurt and pain to your family. And why do so many these days feel they have no option. IT is just so sad to me. That is why I tell my kids you never know when you reach out what it means to that person. You never know what it may mean to that person at that very moment. I think that shows we need to reach out more, witness more, and love more!!!! in the midst of such happy times for my family with a new baby coming soon the way the world is moving towards such chaos is so sad and heartbreaking. Please pray, reach out and most important love your neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Mirage* said...

It is so sad! I'm sorry about the divorces in your church! :( And the roofer who hung himself! How selfish! His poor family! :(

Kelly L Boots said...

So sad. :(