Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, December 28, 2015

Springboard American - making money while doing fun surveys

I talked about how mostly our Christmas was free this year. Yes, you saw that right free. I try to do surveys and such throughout the year and get gift cards and such to buy gifts. I love Springboard America because they actually pay out money. This is one site that I actually enjoy most of the surveys as well. So if you are interested please comment with your email address and I will be happy to send you a invite. Please be sure to use a junk email address for all your freebie and survey site stuff. It is a great way to help your money stretch. :)

In Case You Think I Have It All Together

My morning has consisted of trying to get the kids to do their chores. We gave out new chores last night and even had the talk of no playing games until chores/school is done. So, usually when new chores are given out the kids do great for a few weeks but this time didn't even make it a day!!!!
  It is lunch time and so far my no yelling policy is out the door. I've had to tell them several times what to do. The baby won't sleep, the 2 yr old has been screaming about EVERYTHING! The 16 yr old is in a grouchy mood. While trying to do some reading with the struggling reader in the house it was like everyone lost their mind. See where I'm going with this. I do NOT nor have ever had it all together. But ya know what I'm doing the best I can and God loves me. Hey, that's what really matters, right.
   So while I'm writing this blog post everyone is hopefully finishing up their chores. Two yr old is eating lunch so he's FINALLY quite. Quite the word my struggling reader was having trouble with this morning. Mmmm, funny huh. Not so much to me right now. But I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt one day I will miss this. All of it! So, I'll sit here in pure exhaustion and rock this little baby because I know one day there will also be a last baby.
   No mother has it all together. Even though we like to portray we do but that's the beauty of forgiveness. I told my 4 yr old sorry for yelling at him. His response? "I love you, mama". Yes, as mommies we will mess up but our kids will forgive us. :)
  This actually makes me think about how God must feel with His children always throwing tantrums and getting into trouble. Wow, how He must feel!! Dear mamas , I understand how hard it is. But it IS worth it for His glory and honor. Totally worth it!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Great places for great fashion

I know if you're a mom like me shopping is hard to come by. You can still look fashionable while ordering online. There are many sites online to look at. I love Pinterest for this because you can find sites that put outfits together for you. Poshmark that I blogged about last is a good one as well. :) We've gotten tons of cute stuff from there. Schoola is one that has great clothes for your kids. And don't forget to check out Amazon. We tend to forget Amazon for clothes but don't count them out as well as Kohls. I personally think I get better deals shopping online. Please reply and add the sites you like to shop fashionable, affordable clothes on.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Schoola!!! Get $20 free worth of clothes and money for a school of your choice!

Here is the link to get started.
I have gotten all my free stuff so far and it was good condition stuff. :) Hey, free clothes and money to help schools.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beech Nut baby food

 I usually make my own baby food for my kiddos but this season has found me very busy and just not much time for it. We still try to when we can from fresh fruits and veggies and Maddie is 7 months and while still nursing a lot loves her food. LOL.
    We are pleased with Beech Nut baby food. They had made great strides to move to more natural organic baby food and I am very pleased with that. I was not compensated for this review, lol, just feel health is very important and love to let other parents know the companies that really satisfy my family and our needs.
   Please share the products you love for your little ones and are pleased with the strides they've made to make it more organic!