Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well two of the kids are sick. Our youngest daughter has been sick since last Thursday, She has had a rough time but I think she is going in the right direction now. It has been one thing after another around here. Today is suppose to be a pretty day so I might get the kids outside for a bit, will do us all good. The boys are working with their daddy today so it is just the girls,the baby and I . I am gonna do some extra school work with Paige today. She needs some extra one of one every now and then. I pray my kiddos get well again. I don't like when they are sick. If anyone is reading this and you know alot about herbal stuff please give some hints and tips. Also any good books you know of??? I have almost lost all faith in doctors. I should not say that cause I know through all our experiences over the years that their ARE some doctors out there. when the twins were born at 32 weeks it was the team of doctors and such that saved their lives. I could go on and on about the good experiences we have had . But lately I have had so much problems with doctors. IT is just crazy, What is going on.
I am now 8 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I have been so exhausted but I really have not gotten to get any real good sleep lately. Maybe soon! I missed my midwife appt yesterday because of taking the two kids to the doctor, I rescheduled for the 15th. That is okay though.
My husband's business is REALLY picking up. I feel so sorry for him sometimes cause he stays so busy but tries to keep up things around here too. He is trying to finish our schooroom/playroom during this time also. He is a great man!!! WE really need the money he is making though cause this time around we need to probably buy a new crib and we will have to buy a new infant carseat. If it is a girl we have like no clothes either lol. But I know everything will work out. God is in control! Boy did I have to keep telling myself that yesterday.
In other news my hard headed sons were just lectured about the importance of not acting up on a go-cart and wearing your seat belt. Their friends had just flipped their go-cart so we were overly cautious with talking with them. Well to make a long story short one of the twins was riding with another one of their friends while my daugher and her friend were riding in ours and they collided cause the boys were trying to pass the girls. The boys flipped and my son came out!!!!!! Why do you think he came out???? He was not wearing his seat belt!!!!!!!!!! So needless to say if there is anyone out there wanting a go-cart we have one for sale!


catrina said...

I drink echinacea tea like crazy at the first hint of trouble and haven't gotten a bad cold in years. The kiddos will also drink it with honey. That garlic tonic that Deeann makes is awesome also, but your kids will need a steel throat to get it down, only my 10yr old can drink it w/o vomiting. Also that stuff emergenC mixed with a little sprite or OJ is good stuff. The key to herbal stuff is usually getting it in the beginning, once you are full blown sick it is harder to shake. Nate was getting sick and I gave him all the above (minus garlic tonic) and he did get a cold and felt bad but not nearly as bad off as our friends the Dumas's who gave it to him. P.S I've put garlic cloves in my kids ears before anf they haven't been on an antibiotic since.

Susannah said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been dealing with sickness.

We've had a bit of it here, too. Even little baby had the sniffles, and now we're going through another round of sore throats. Had a croupy one last night. :(

We don't get sick often, though, so I'm thankful for that.

I'm so glad to hear business is picking up!! :)