Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God is sooooo good!

I have just had that going through my head all day long. Even though I am having a terrible time with my back and vericose veins. I just look around at this beautiful house that the Lord has provided us with and it is just amazing. It is amazing how he has blessed my husband's business and then blessed us with 7 going on 8 beautiful kids!! I have had some rough times in my life before I met my husband but alot of that was from decisions I had made but I have NO DOUBT God was with me through all of that and has brought me here to where I am now. I give God all the glory for that. I know many may not understand my husband and my lifestyle but we are just trying to follow God pretty simple when you think about it. It may not always be easy but so worth it. LIke today I have had trouble with one of my oldest children with school and so I have to be tough on him. I know he is dying to go outside because we just moved in here but I have to ground him . As much as it hurts him I think it may hurt me more. But...... I know I have to teach him he has to take his work seriously or everything will be a joke to him. It is so hard to discipline kids sometimes . Especially when you remember when your parents disciplined you and how you felt and what was going through your mind. You know your kids are thinking the same thing. Sometimes I just have to pray to God for strength. I thank God because there is no way I deserve all he has blessed me with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know we will still have troubled times but I know with God nothing is impossible.

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Kelly L Boots said...

So happy to hear you are in the new house!
It is hard to have to discipline your kids but I am so thankful now as an adult that my parents did. I have seen what happens to people who were allowed to do whatever they wanted as kids and how hard their lives are now. You are a great mom and doing your best raising your children to follow Christ's way.