Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wonderful vacation

In some ways I still feel like I am on vacation being in our new house. I am still in shock of having such a nice place that God has provided us. Everything from buying a house, to the blessing of our children, to being able to go on vacation is all by the grace of God. God is so good to us. OUr vacation was wonderful and we had a great time with my parents. Being 6 months pregnant didn't really bother me either! I am so thankful my kids get those time with my parents like that because those are things they will remember when they get older. I still remember camping and mountain trips with my grandparents!! I sat back watching the kids while they were playing on the sand at the beach and was awe struck with how much God has blessed me with. Our vacation was much needed. Then yesterday we had a awsome time at our new church. We had a women's meeting afterwards and it was really nice for me and my husband loves how they have men's bible study each week. It is exactly what we have been looking for!! Vacation has come and gone though and the daily grind is back. We did not do school today(we school year around for MANY reasons) because the boys are working. They are actually working, not with their daddy today but he dropped them off for them to work for one of hubby's customers. They are growing so fast!!! I am so thankful they can experience what true hard work means so they can provide for their family when they get older. And boy is it hot so I know it is extra hard work! Then my beautiful oldest daugther is really learning how to take care of a household. she is growing so fast as well.
i did want to talk a bit about how thankful I am that some of things I have been teaching the kids have sunk in and how sad I am that some parents just do not understand the teen years are soooooooooo important and teens need to be guarded just like younger children. When we were on vacation I could not believe the very young girls and how they were dressed. Then the last night after the little ones went to sleep my parents stayed with them so we could take the older ones swimming by themselves. Billy and I just sat in chairs and watched them which was really nice as well but the boys came to us and said two girls were flirting with them which is not a huge shock but then they told us they asked the boys to kiss them. the girls were also dressed in hardly anything, so skimpy of a bikini. what in the world are parents thinking. Society today just saddens me and then we wonder why we lose our children to the flesh. We allow it to happen because too many parents are trying to be their children's best friend. And then for those girls to be around by themselves is also so awful. They moved on after following the boys around awhile after deciding the boys were not going to have anything to do with them plus they figured out where ever the boys went we went . They moved on to a young teen who was smoking. It was very sad to see. Parents have GOT to start stepping up. I am so proud of our boys for coming to us about it.
So anyway, we did have a awsome vacation. We took all the kids to REd Lobster which they had never been to. The girls performed with Ta Dah at Broadway at the Beach. We just had a good time!!! Did I mention I love the beach :)

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Kelly L Boots said...

So happy you had a great vacation! So sad for those girls that they do not have parents who teach them to respect their bodies.