Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amazing how God works

I am amazed at how God works in our lives, how He shows us what he wants for us if we just listen. I think that is where many of us , including me, make our mistakes is not listening. Just be still and listen to Him. What He wants for you may not be what you think. And things may change from one season to another. While I trully believe we should leave everything to Him and He will take care of us , I also believe he quietly whispers to us the next step we should take in our life. Many people have asked my husband and I when they find out how many kids we have if we have a brain, or they tell us we should use the brain God gave us. But just think of the bible. I bet everyone sure told Noah he should use his brain and not be building that boat, can you imagine how silly he looked. But he knew what purpose God had for his life. And since he LISTENED he was rewarded with his life and that of his family's. Could you imagine being his kids while he was building the boat, then imagine being his kids after the flood. What about Jesus what if he did not listen to God? What I am saying is that sometimes God's will for someone's family may not be what he wants for yours but you should NOT look down on them. Also recently in my quiet time I have discovered God is ready to give me a rest after this baby, not sure how long it will be or if this baby will be our last. I feel such a peace. I have definately heard loud and clear that my husband and I will be taking a break. Do I know what God has in store for us? No way! Do I know if He will give me a year break, 10 year break, or if baby 8 will be our last? No way! Only God knows that. But I take peace in realizing if we just listen God will tell us what we need to know. He will reassure us time and time again in several ways.
What a amazing God we serve!! WE are also going through a bit of a trial with trying to decide what to do about church. I will not get into this right now but I know God will lead us in the direction we need to go and where we need to be!! I know he will lead my husband in that direction. Thanks for all who read my blog and thanks to all who encourage my family. After all that is what Christian's are suppose to do! What christian's are suppose to do may just be my next topic. :) Because we have come far from what we ought to be doing.

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keithandjennifer said...

I am so glad you have peace in this Tiffany. That's how you know it is from the Lord.... Good listening!