Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Friday, November 23, 2012

Living a Less Toxic Lifestyle

IT is amazing to me how many toxins are in everything we eat and use daily. From the food we eat to the cleaners we use to the make up we slather on our faces. It was not until I suffered 3 miscarriages and found out it was due to thyroid as well as progesterone issues that I decided to dig deeper into what might be the cause for those hormonal imbalances at my age. I knew there must be some reason I as well as many many other women were suffering from different hormonal/health issues. I already was trying to fix healthier foods for my family for weight loss purposes as well as just overall health but it was not until the Lord led me to a website that I ultimately understood how toxic of a life we live. We are a society of make things quick and make them easy to use no matter what the results might be in the long run. We are now getting rid of all our non stick cookware as I have learned so much of how toxic it is especially if it is chipped and scratched. Using cast iron is the best but also stainless steel is good. Stoneware is also good to use. Also getting rid of all the plastics in the house or as much as possible and going to glass storage contaniners, I will probably still use plastic zip lock bags from time to time but they are not as bad if you do not put hot stuff in them. The toxins in the plastic seep into your food. We also have changed our cleaners . From using Windex to Norwex towels to clean our windows. WE make our cleaners with essential oils as well as use Seventh Generation. We are also trying to make our own soaps. WE also are changing the soaps we use, toothpaste, mouthwash , etc.. you get the point. (there is SOME resistance in the house so I will go as far as I am allowed :) )ALso changing the baby wipes we use, baby supplies, we have not changed our diapers over yet but we plan too. As many as we have in diapers that is a biggie that is hard since the non clorine diapers are more pricey and I can get really good deals on huggies and pampers from CVS with couponing and such. This change is a slow one , it is too expensive to change everything at once and also overwhelming but I am doing it a little at a time. Also the meat we eat is a big one!!! So many hormones are pushed in our foods these days due to trying to get as many and as big of chickens out as possible. So... I have been trying to buy organic meat which is expensive BUT since we are not buying as much junk food that part of our grocery bill can go to more whole foods- organic chicken and beef. WE have our own chickens for eggs so that helps and my husband and older sons hunt so we have plenty of venison which is very organic! You also have to be careful with your fruits and veggies, they have tons of toxins on them and sometimes buying organic is best with those too. Also drinking whole raw milk is best. I could tell you so much but I would be here writing all day. As the more I learn I plan to blog more and more about how to live a toxin free or less toxic life I should say. I want others to know how toxic thing are, what is causing all these health issues that are running rampant in our society and how mad it makes me that this is happening to us for a large part for the name of making money. I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice just stuff I am learning about and want others to be aware of. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment or if you want to know more. Also much of the infertility in our society is due to the fact of all the hormones in our food as well as places you would never dream of. I know that is funny me talking about infertility but this is very true and even though I have 9 children, having 3 miscarriages was very devastating to us. But the Lord is in control and I put my trust in Him!


Elisha Strickland said...

I was wondering if you had thought of changing your diapers over to cloth. I know I have no experience, but I have researched them because I have always wanted to go that way instead of the disposable.
I am not talking about the cotton just cloth diapers, I am talking about the diapers that have a breathable type plastic that is on the outside and cotton on the inside and then you buy cotton liners so that it gets any "extra". I know many people buy them on Etsy, but you can probably find them on Amazon. Noel is going to experiment with making them, if she can find the "plastic outside" part for really cheap.
I just was wondering if you had thought of switching over, it may be a little expensive at first (kinda like the norwex cloths) but if you switch over slowly and accumulate them slowly then it is well worth it and you have no toxins to deal with, unless of course you use a toxin laden detergent ;). Just an idea I thought I'd relate to you.

Tiffany said...

Yeah I have thought about it and I appreciate you mentioning it but I just don;t know how that would work. I am really thinking about it but just not sure what I am going to do. When you have multiple kids in diapers it is a bit harder.