Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Things I am thankful for A to Z

I got this from a mommy group I am a part of and thought I would share it with you all and maybe others can do this as well/ I think in our busy days we tend to forget the things we are thankful for. here goes

Here is my thankful from a to z list

A for my kids friend Austin

B for my wonderful hubby Billy and for my beautiful daughter Brittani

C for Christ and his love

D for my twins Dylan and Dustin

E for early morning smiles :)

F for family and friend

G for good food

H for a wonderful husband( yes I am very thankful for him that I mentioned him twice)

I for ice cream

J for my sister Jennifer

K for my kids now and any more that the Lord may bless me with

L for my baby boy Levi!

M for my mother Marlene

N for nice talks with my sister,mom, hubby, or kids

O for my oldest children being twins and not my youngest :) :) ( just kidding)

P for my oldest daughter Paige

Q for quite time( something I do not get much of,but that is okay)

R for respect from my hubby

S for silly times we have together as a famil

T for my time with you girls here

U ( wow this one is a hard one) for being up till 2 in the morning with my kids( I am thankful for my kids no matter what comes with it) ????

V for Victoria my daughter Paige's first name and victory in Jesus

W for my dad Wayne

X for x/rays that we really need sometimes to tell me if my son with asthma has pnemonia AGAIn

Y for yo-yos ( the simple toy)

Z for the zoo where my kids have so much fun


Audrey said...

Tiffany if you will email me at I will send you the html text.

I wish I could figure out those scroll boxes, so that I could put the code on my blog, but I cant, sigh.

And yes I can make them matching if you like. I am trying to get the different fabric cordinates I have available in patriotic themes up on my website but my site builder is being persnickity.

keithandjennifer said...

Yea!! I made the list twice!! Great idea and blog!

Anonymous said...

Tiffany, I did the Thankful from A to Z! :-) It was really fun. Thanks for the idea!!