Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A day in the life of me!!

I thought I would do this , also to keep myself focused on what I need to be doing lol. It is 10:01 right now and so far this is what I have gotten acomplished.

-Woke up at 5:50 and fixed hubby's breakfast and brought it to him.
- Laid back down but baby got up and so I put him in the bed with me and we slept(well woke up to kiss hubby by at 6:30)
- Slept till around 7:00 when Levi got up
- Got up and put him in his bouncer and ate breakfast.
- Put in a load of clothes
- Call doctor's office to tell them I would bring Dustin tommorrow for his blood work
- Checked emails and blogs and so forth
-Fed Levi his baby cereal
-Gave Levi a bath
-Played with Levi a bit
-Straightened the house a little
-Other kids woke up and got breakfast
-I cut up some watermelon and cantelope for snacks and made some sugar free jello. While this does take longer than just letting them snack on packaged food this is better for them.
- took clothes out of washer and put in dryer.
- Fix levi's bottle and got him to sleep.

So far that is it, next I am gonna go make my bed which I usually have already done.
I will add to this throughout the day.

Okay now it is 11:15 here is what else I have acomplished! :)
-Washed Levi's frog quilt and hung it out
-Washed sink of dishes(since our dish washer does not do a good job) and the boys dryed and put them up
-Put in a load of red clothes to wash and cleaned out the lint vent on the dryer.
-MAde bed
-took vitamin
-Changed LEvi's diaper and played with him a bit
-Straightened up living room
-Added some blinkies to my blog

So that is it, getting there today hehe. NOw I have to make lunch and continue on through my day

Okay so it is now 1:09 here is what else i have acomplished
-Listed some clothes on a site to sale
-made lunch(chicken noodle soup and crackers) :)
-washed lunch dishes
-folded load of clothes, put load from washer to dryer and put in another load to wash
-fed and changed LEvi
-got some kisses from my boy so he will just giggle
-put Brittani down for nap (she has been pretty good today ) :)
-helped the kids a little with cleaning out the refrigerator
-redirected a few on good manners
-cleaned bath tub
-talked to hubby on the phone
mmmm,think that is about it. Next hoping to get some Taebo in .

NOw it is 3:23
-No Taebo yet :(
-Talked to hubby again
-Washed another Load of clothes and folded another load
-Cleaned a really bad uh oh oh my sons knee :( He got really hurt trying to do tricks on the scooter out on the road. Looks really nasty(my mom is coming by to take a look at it cause i think you can see the bone) :(
-Listed some more clothes to try and sale
-Fed Levi AGAIN And changed a AWFUL diaper. EWWWWWWWWWW
-had some "me" computer time
-washed bottles
- talked with the kiddos, boy they always have all kinds of stuff to tell me. They will play outside for a bit then come in and tell me what all they have been doing and stuff they just remember lol.
-Brittani is STILL napping :)

WEll that is probably all I will post today. Got to figure out what we are having for supper. I will cook supper and there is a tote of baby clothes I want to go through to see what Levi can wear now. Other than that not much planned for the afternoon! This was a pretty easy day cause we plan to do school still some this summer but I am waiting for some books I ordered.

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keithandjennifer said...

Yea, Keith dreamed about bats. I woke up to him kicking in the bed. I slept fine.... :)