Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy busy and proud of it

Although I have been pretty busy lately I am glad that I am. I know many of you are saying what??? YOu are glad to be busy. I was thinking about this the other day when a woman saw me with my 5 kids and said boy you sure are a busy woman and I usually just give a fake laugh and say yeah but this time I said better to be busy then be lazy. Dunno where that came from or why that came out of my mouth. She just stood there sort of dumbfounded . But that is the truth. I rather have a ton of things going on and be getting them done than be doing nothing. Today was a pretty busy day as well , had to take my oldest daughter to the day camp at the YMCA, this week she has that going on. Then my youngest has a appt with a eye doctor. It is okay though.Like I said much rather be busy especially doing things for my children. then tonight I cooked a big breakfast for supper and we all sat at the table together and ate . Lately we have been eating at different times cause the boys are playing with their friends and hubby has been working alot. I made sure I timed it right so we could all eat together. If you do not know my husband he LOVES Ryan's steakhouse. WEll after our supper he said that was better than anything and one our sons said better than Ryan's and my wonderful hubby said yes BETter than Ryan;s . I was like wow!!!! What a complement. I love my hubby, my kids and my life. While I do get stressed out sometimes and frustrated I do have a awsome life. Thank God!
On another note please pray for my aunt! She had to have surgery cause she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He went in to get it all and was not sure he did so now in a few weeks she will have to drink some chemo type stuff or something. Pray that this works,pray that she becomes well, pray none of this makes her sick! Thanks a million


Jane-Jane said...

don't you love complements on your cooking!

AND... I will be praying for you aunt. A few things... I have heard from several medical professionals that if one was to have to have cancer that Thyroid is the "best" one to have. The recovery is VERY VERY VERY high.
And is it chemo or a nuclear drug that she will be taking? Typically it is nuclear, to which is very painless and has very little if any, side effects.... the only issue with it is that the patient has to be alone for 48-72 hours so no one else gets "nuked" too. So as long as she gets some good books, or a bunch of movies from blockbuster, she might enjoy the solitude for a couple of days.

Keep us posted on her health!

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing compliment on your cooking!! =)

I hear the same comment from people when I go out with my kids, and that is a good line. You are right, busy is WAAAAAY better than hanging around doing nothing. Even those huge piles of laundry and dishes are a blessing... we are on day 2 of the four kids being gone, and with just the baby and the two of us, you'd think I'd be glad there's hardly any chores... but I feel like I'm not sure what to do with myself.

I'll pray for your aunt, too... that sounds scary!!!