Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Fun of Summer !!!!!

My kids are at the moment sliding on a slip and slide. While most kids these days would not find this fun because they have a huge pool, or go to the lake every day, or have their own jet ski or what have you my kids enjoy the little things., They got their $5 allowance today(yes, I said $5, most kids tell my kids you only get $5's!!!!!) and they spent it., Wanna know how they spent it? The two boys put their's together and bought a icee machine, they had $2 combined left so they then put their's with their sister's money and got the slip and side. And then there is Brittani who is 4 years old and knows no real concept of money saying I want this and this but finally settled for a little fairy house. They were so happy when we left. Many kids these days would have laughed at my kids and what they got but I am so glad my kids know the value of money. But ... I got off what I was saying. I looked out and saw them having a ball on that slip and slide! It is sooooooooo fun to see them smile. Of course with daddy's input on the phone some dish liquid was added to make them go faster :) . Tommorrow they are going to a fun day at our church so that will be a blast for them as well. This summer I am taking full advantage of taking everything in cause kids grow SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast . My newborn is not so much a newborn anymore but a 4 month old that wants to eat constantly. Enjoy the summer everyone and remember to take time to enjoy it with your kids!

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Jane-Jane said...

I think it is GREAT that they are purchasing their own toy items... makes them think about the purchases, love the putting their money together idea too (team work), and the summer cool fun stuff sounds like GREAT fun!

The sound of a child laughing always warms my heart. A child without a smile is hard on my heart.