Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, May 7, 2007


Life hasn't been much better to us but I know it could be worse. Billy spent most of the weekend trying to fix the van's bumper to make it look okay since we will not be able to afford to fix it. Our roof has been leaking some too so he has that to figure out and then when I was getting ready for church yesterday morning my hair dryer tore up. I just wanted to scream!!! Billy and I got into a huge argument last night , I knew it was coming, WE are both so stressed. Anyway, I asked my mom if she could keep the kids for a little while next Saturday so we can try to rekindle some of our spark for each other. We really need it. I have found a bunch of things I want to order for the kids next year for school but right now no funds to do it. Hopefully things will turn around for us soon!!! I pray they do. WEll that is about it, nothing exciting here to share. Oh well yes there is . Brittani went to her first birthday party this weekend all by herself. We dropped her off at 11:00 and picked her up at 1:00. She had tons of fun but she was ready to come home i think. While she was at the party Billy,me,and the other kids went walking on the dam. That was sort of nice!!


keithandjennifer said...

Hey Tiff,

The car bumper looked great. Billy did a great job on it and only for $20.00. That's Amazing!!!

Tiffany said...

Amazing what can he can do huh?