Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, May 21, 2007

Update on things

First I will update you on how hubby is doing. Billy seems to be doing better his eyes just get red alot ,especially at night, Makes me nervous everytime I see them red like that cause that is how it all started. But so far he seems to be better. Praise the Lord. Hope he continues to do well. Now we just have to pay those medical bills.
Levi will be 4 months old next weekend!! My how time flies. He is a real needy baby. He doesn't sleep much and when he is not sleeping he wants me. I love watching him smile and coo though. Makes all the tiredness I feel melt away.
Paige is growing so fast into a young lady. She is doing better with some of her behavior and we spent some time together while the boys fished Saturday and the smaller kids slept.
Dylan and Dustin have a ball game tonight. Dustin is doing great in baseball,he is our sports fanatic while Dylan is a book worm. Strange how twins can be so different. Dylan got his legs burnt while fishing saturday poor thing and his asthma is really bothering him this morning. He caught two fish while fishing while dustin did not catch any but that is because Billy said Dustin would not keep his hook in the water. He kept reeling it in-lol, sounds just like him.
Brittani oh Brittani. She is very demanding these days also. We are working with respect and stuff with her and not hollering when she wants something but asking polietly. She is a 4 yr old with tons of energy. REminds me so much of her daddy every time I look at her.
WEll and me I am as stressed as ever but trying not to be. Things do seem to be getting better but everytime I think that something happens. i just have to trust in the Lord. I know this!! Oh and I am still trying to get the make up stuff to take off saleing really good. Maybe soon! WEll that is a little update .


keithandjennifer said...

So a 4 yr old with tons of energy reminds you of Billy. I can see that LOL :)

Jane-Jane said...

your son with the asthma... our air condition in SC is not good for the next couple of days due to the lack of wind.... I know I am planning on being indoors so I don't end up in the emergency room.