Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Okay a positive post

I am so tired of making post that are so depressing so I am gonna blog some positive things. NO things have no gotten better for us and my daughter has to have braces which are gonna cost us $1,900 but I am so glad and blessed to have a daughter to put braces on. I have so much to be thankful for!!! I pray things turn around for us and I know God has his own plans for us whatever they may be. He has blessed me so many times and helped me thru tons of trials and things that many people do not even know I have gone thru.I have really struggled from the time I was 16 and had my twin sons but I know God was always there with me or else I would never made it out of the hole I was in. I have a husband who loves me now and 5 kids ! ALthough they have been terrible this week all in all they are great kids. And if you sit back and just watch kids you just have to smile. I was at my sister's house cause she kept three of the kids while I took my oldest daughter to the dentist and when I got back we ate lunch at her house. But after lunch my nephew turned to my daughter and said I love you Brittani and my daughter looked at him and said I love you too Josiah. NOw what a blessing that is to hear two cousins be so sweet with each other. I do not know what the future holds for my husband or I but for some reason today it doesn't seem so bleak and worrisome. HOpefully, I can find some kind of home business that will help us or something. I have had so many people that know what we are going thru say well why don't you just put the kids back in school so you can get a job. WELl just cause we are struggling does not mean Iam gonna jepordize how my kids are raised and their self esteem. Plus I do have a infant son who needs me also. BEing my children's mom and teacher IS MY JOB! Being Billy's wife IS MY job. I do not get paid cash for this job but I do get paid in so many other ways and yes this means that my husband and I do not get the finer things in life but we have both decided our children come first. My husband is a hard worker and I am so thankful I have him. He is a great man. Yes he gets really stressed but I know he worries alot. But I know together we will make it thru! WE have already been thru so much.

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keithandjennifer said...

Great post Tiff, You might feel a little better today b/c of all the prayers that went up for you and Billy last night at our home group. I will tell them that you seemed a little more encouraged today.