Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh The Joy's of Pregnancy

My I am sooooooooooooo tired!!!! I have insomnia and have had it for a week now. It is just crazy. I finally got to sleep around 3 am and then the baby was up. I have felt so bad today but it was because I am just so tired. Then on top of that my back is killing me for some reason. NOt sure what that is from. I have never had that problem till the end when I have the big belly and you know why your back is hurting. I am thankful no throwing up but things do make me nauseous. This pregnancy is already different than my last. It is amazing I have been pregnant many times and they have all been so different. Anyhow, I accept these symptoms as they call them cause I know it probably means baby is developing well. So excited to be blessed with another blessing so soon. NOw I need a nap lol!
Birthday parties went great yesterday. WE had lots of guest and I think the kids had fun. So now my baby boy is offically 1 and since it is 4 pm my oldest daughter is offically 9 cause she was born at 4. My where does the time go! :(
There was so much more I wanted to blog about today but my mind is so tired. I know I wanted to ask if there is any other quiverfull minded ladies out there that are reading my blog. It would be great to get to talk to you, not many around here so sometimes that gets ya down when people look at like you have 5 heads when you tell them your beliefs. So many people have asked us this time was this baby a oops, were you are birth control., etc.... WEll I am getting off here right now cause all the kids are playing nicely and baby is sleeping so I am gonna relax on the couch for a bit. Have a blessed night


catrina said...

I sooo hate the insomnia thing, it always started around month 4 or 5 and lasted the whole way to birth, plus I had terrible ciatic (sp?) nerve pain. I hope to have a quiver full but I hope to do it through adoption. We are putting up 2 beds in Danias room and I'm pretty sure that bed will be filled a year or so after Dania comes home.

Goodlikeamedicine said...

(found you over at Amy's humble musings in the comments...)

I'm there with you!

Quiverfull minded and pregnant and tired!!

Get some rest, and God bless you! :)