Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I wonder if all homeschool moms are like me. You have a up and down mood where you are like if all the kids get out of this is to love God and grow up to be able to take care of their families I am fine. Then the next minute you are worried they are not learning and that they do not know what other children their age know. Paige is in 3rd grade so she needs to test this year. I think that is what has gotten me to thinking alot. It is not like anyone is really gonna see it except the person that grades it. Sometimes through the choas of our life i wonder if they are learning all I want them to. I sometimes wonder if I should stick with a boxed curriculum also and not pick and choose myself. Alot of this is probably hormones too. We got everything done in school today and are now doing chores but I do want to get a little more done tommorrow than we did today. I think the holidays mess us up to. But I guess in the end if all they learn is to love and trust God and how to raise a family in the end that is enough. :)

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keithandjennifer said...

Well, I can say that the curriculum I do with Josiah (although it is not all from the same place) does help a lot. I mean most days I don't want to think about what to teach, just teach it. On the other hand, if I do feel creative I put it aside for the day and do something creative.... Make it as easy for yourself as you can. The homeschool conferance will help you see what is out there. If our husbands are too busy with their jobs to go... May you and I can go down on that Saturday...