Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Saturday, January 19, 2008


first appt with my new midwife is MOnday in the morning. I am hoping she will make me feel a bit better about things, Hopefully she will do a ultrasound so I can know if I am just having one baby or two (since my hormone level was so high) and also that I am not farther along than I think I am. ALso that everything is okay with the pregnancy. If I could know these things then I don't need to see another doctor till it is time to know the sex of the baby lol!!
In other news the snow we got the other night was soooooooooooooo pretty. WE are hoping to see some more today God willing. Maybe I need to do a snow dance. WEll that is about it for today. Maybe i will have more to blog on later on. Just the same old same old here. So what is going on with my friends out in blog land???

P.S. My husband's business is picking up tons ,. I trully praise the Lord for this. I got really worried cause he got real slow but now he is getting phone calls and a good bit of work. Thank you Jesus


catrina said...

Do twins run in your family or are you just like me, every time I got pregnant I thought I was having twins. They are in my family so I had reason for wondering.

P.S. I'll do a snow dance if you will. I just looooovvvve it.

Tiffany said...

Yep twins run in the family and seeing I already have a set of twins that makes the odds go up or so I have read.
And my snow dance must of not worked., Everyone around us has saw snow except us :(

Jane-Jane said...

multiples are so much fun! (however I have never had to carry them!)

As for the snow....I was praying my heart out that we would not get any over here in the upstate...we had a two day training to attend in G'ville that we REALLY needed to attend. Now if the temps would go back up...I'm NOT enjoying the cold temps!

Keep us posted on your bundle(s)of joy!