Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Things I Learned While Taking the Kids Camping

 My family went camping this weekend for my birthday. We have not taken them in a long time... we have only been one time and only had 4 kids at that time. Now, having 10 kids I was to say the least a little apprehensive . But I am so thankful we went!! I learned so much and realized so much from it and we will be going back LONGER next time. I will be doing another post soon about tips and tricks I learned and what worked well but that is a later post. Here are some of the things I discovered....

 Number 1- God is soooo very good. We are blessed beyond measure. I think we take sunsets, sunrises, just life in general for granted and while camping you have time to kind of focus on that. You have time to actually absorb all the Lord has blessed you with. What a great reminder.

Number 2- We miss so much in our day to day lives. Doing chores, being on the internet, our phones, living our everyday lives we miss a lot of things. WE miss important things. We miss some awesome conversations between our kids. We miss some silly things they say. Now, I KNOW we have to do daily things and do what needs to be done but that is why camping and these sorts of trips are so important. I think my kids will remember this trip more than Disney or anything else we have done. They have said over and over again how they loved camping and time we spent as a family.

Number 3- I realized how much my kids like to be together doing things. I saw them have so much fun together and hardly ever argue. I realized how grown up my sons actually were while they were helping their dad put up the tent, helping back the boat in the water, taking us on the many trips to the bathroom, and helping pack up... They are truly men!!

Number 4- I do not actually NEED all the things at home but they do make things nice. And I always said I could never live back in the old days but actually now I think I could!! Yes, I loved coming home and taking my nice warm bath and using my washer and dryer BUT actually things were not that bad. I realize I do not NEED or really WANT some of things I use to.

Number 5- I realized how much I truly love my husband and how much he invest in our children and for that I am grateful. This birthday was one of the best ever because of this trip. I got to just focus on my children and be with them. We got to get away and just love on one another. I really believe God put this trip together for me. I needed it and I am thankful we were able to make these memories with our precious children.

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