Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ways I am Saving Money in 2014

 I have many goals this year but one is one of my biggest, I want to simplify and by that I mean not buying things we do not need and using what we have. Also not throwing so much stuff away and getting rid of stuff we do not need to help others. I am going to highlight in this post several things I am doing to save us money and hopefully become healthier in the process.

-Cloth diapering- We have been doing this for awhile now and it really has saved us a ton. At first the starting cost was a bit overwhelming as you go and have enough diapers it really helps so much. It is not like I thought it would be either. I LOVE cloth diapering and am thankful I decided to at least give it a try. Now that our little man is almost big enough to wear his older brothers diapers it is really great. I love how they have the snaps to fit different sizes. Also love after the diapers are washed to see how many diapers we did not throw away and to know all I have to do is wash to have diapers and not have to go buy more.

-Cloth wipes-We are in the process of trying this. Will let you know how it goes but we just made up our cloth wipe solution and cut up some receiving blankets we will no longer be using. I also thought this would be a fun thing for the little ones to do is cut up the blankets in squares and put them in old wipes tubs(homeschool anyone ;)

-Young Living essential oils- Yes, you heard that right. Many say their oils are really expensive and they could never afford it but actually it has saved us. WE have avoided so far this season really bad sickness. What we have had has been taken care of mostly from the oils and I have been able to get rid of a nodule/lump whatever it was with Frankincense. Several instances we have used the oils and it has saved us money. Like when Dustin cut his hand and probably could of used stiches but they did the job. Also the health benefits we are getting from using their non toxic products.

-Eating what we have. I am going to work on finding more recipes with venison. We are eating a lot of venison at this time and I am very thankful I have hunters in the house. We also have chickens for eggs and hogs for our own pork.

-Eating healthy. Yes, will save you money as well. When you no longer buy those high priced Debbie cakes and such then you will see a difference. Cooking from scratch can save you money.

-Making your own bath salts/scrubs. Those types of things. My daughter just made her own shampoo today but I will let you know how that works.

-Oh and we are planning a big vacation this year so every piece of change I find I put it in a jar and hope by doing this I will be able to save up enough in change for our gas. :) Will let ya know.

I am hoping to do a post a week about money saving tips so keep checking back. IF there is something you would like to know about just leave me a comment. Also you can leave your money saving tips. I always love to hear how others save.


Dawn said...

I have been working very hard to use up all of the leftovers. Also, not buying something (like a certain spice) for 1 recipe. Sounds silly, but I love making new recipes in the kitchen and in the past I have bought certain things with the intention of using it for 1 certain recipe. I need to be better steward than that and make sure we are actually going to use it more frequently. Another thing I am working on is being more organized (particularly with the children's clothing) so I don't have to waste money buying an article of clothing when we have it already.

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much Dawn for that tip!!! I do the exact same thing about the spices. Could you share some tips that you use to organize your kids clothes?