Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This and that

I know i have not posted in a little while but really nothing much to say. I am now 30 weeks and 3 days so almost 9 weeks to go :) I know he will be here before we know it cause I cannot believe I am already this far. I have not been getting much sleep cause little man has not been sleeping , think it is his teeth. I sure hope he gets it worked out in the next few weeks. Getting to be to be rough. WE have almost everything though so we are pretty much ready. I gave the kids a break from school today just cause I am tired and I think we all are pretty much burned out from all the practice testing,etc... I have one that I am having a bit of trouble with and I am not sure why cause he has been doing pretty good. OUr youngest dd I have been working on the whinning with her, I made a chart and if she has a good day she gets a sticker. She has gotten a sticker everything except Monday when I left her with my mom for my midwife appt.
We had a storm last night and it was pretty rough!!! We were all sitting in the living room when we heard a loud thud. The top of a tree fell and hit our add on dh built. Luckily he is a super handyman and it did not mess much up. just a few shingles and such so he can probably fix it pretty easy. We were really lucky cause of the way it fell. We are hoping to get someone out here to cut it down very soon and top a few other trees. There was alot of damage with trees and such around here from last night but we got some much needed rain.
I have been thinking alot about how people think about kids. I hear so many parents saying I cannot wait till my kids go back to school or have been watching while some of these kids are not even being supervised and are out at all hours of the night. Here I am thinking wow they have hardly been out of school and are ALREADY going back. Glad I do not have to send mine to ps. When did kids become such a burden to people???? I guess when people became selfish. Do not get me wrong! AT 3 am when I am tired from the little one from inside kicking me and our littlest one wakes I sometimes pray please let me get some sleep. And sometimes i get aggravated with the kids and I have been having to pray for patience alot lately! But I do want my kids with me. I get so upset when people now notice I am expecting and their first question is so is this the last one???? OR the other one is don't you know what causes that. I do not know how many children God will BLESS us with, nor do I know what the future holds but I know I do not raise these children alone. It is only with God's grace. They are his children! I only get to borrom them for a bit. AFter having saying that I do have to be honest and say I do hope God gives me a little break between this baby and the next one if there is going to be anymore. But we are leaving it up to him. I just hope all these people that want to hurry their children along do not regret it later as I am sure they will. I know my younger 3 I kept saying I can't wait till they do this and that and now look the twins are 11 and oldest dd is 9. Where has the time went. people really do need to slow down and take time with their kids , if it is only for a little talk or to play around.


musicmommy3 said...

Good post. It reminds me of something I wanted to post. It's along the lines of the way people view their kids. :)

Children are a blessing- no matter if you have 1 or 17. :)

Tiffany said...

Thanks for your comment, it just really gets to me sometimes. :)

Jane-Jane said...

I need help...

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please either post or link to my post for this child of God.

thanks for your prayers and help.

a home for every child.