Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Broken arm,bladder infection, and midwife appt

after the last day and a half I could really use your prayers so I will not lose my mind. Sunday night around 7:30 Paige's scooter broke with her and she broke her arm VERY BAD. I rushed her to the emergency room here where they took x rays,also did a ct scan cause she hit her head too. Ct scan was good though,. We were told they would probably since it was so late just splint it to keep it still and then we would have to go out to another place that is 45 minutes away the next day(where Dustin went to get his arm fixed). Well then they came back and said the er doctor called and talked to the orthopedic doctor and actually the place we wanted to take her to had one of their orthopedic doctors on call. They both agreed she needed to come right then. They wouldn't even let me drive her , we rode in the ambulance there. I thought I was gonna get sick going over there , felt like I was riding in the back of a tin can. Billy had the other kids the whole time ,but my mom picked them up and he met us over there. The finally sedated her, they did not put her totally under but gave her meds where she did not know anything, it was weird cause she was blinking her eyes and stuff but wasn't really awake, then he put it back in place and put a hard splint on it. Told us we have to come the end of the week and if it was still in the right place they could go ahead and cast it, if it had shifted ANY she would require surgery and would have to have pins in it. She broke it right where your growth plate is,so it has to be fixed correctly!!!!! We got home at 5 am!!!!!!!!!!! Then I had to take Brittani cause she has only gotten worse. I had to have her there at 10:30. So I woke up took paige's pain meds to be filled, went and picked Brittani up from my moms and dropped Paige off. Took Brittani , she has a bladder infection. gave her some antibiotics , soooooooooo took them to get them filled and pick up Paige's meds and pick up some stuff at Wal-Mart and I needed to pick the kids up something to eat to take to my moms. So I got them something to eat, went back to my moms to feed them and visit with Levi a bit. I also had to get to my midwife appt, and needed to take a bath. While I was at my moms dh called and said he was home, so I brought Paige back with me so she could rest better. Put in a load of laundry, fed my bread,straightened up a bit and then went to my midwife appt. Said everything looked good except my hemoglobin was REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY low and my feet looked horrid but what do you expect. Baby is head down and said he really already seems locked and ready hehe. Weight looked good she said. I go back in two weeks. So..... after my appt. I went and picked the kids up(thank goodness someone worked for my mom so she could help me out)and came home. I was EXHAUSTED And hurting. I got Levi to sleep a little before 8 so I went straight to bed when I got him down. Good thing cause Paige was up alot, she was in alot of pain. Which worries me cause they said if it stayed in place she should not hurt too much and her fingers are really swollen and on the paper they gave me it said they really shouldn;t be. Icalled to make her follow up appt yesterday but they never called back so I am gonna call here in a bit and gonna mentioned all that to them too.
So that is what has been going on, I left out the nasty detailed stuff,it was not pretty. Please pray it heals right. Of course she broke her left one , she is left handed.

*******On top of all this they are giving me problems with out insurance. saying it will cover this follow up but not anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What even without surgery she will have to at least go back probably at least twice. I said well what if she has surgery. They are suppose to let me know what they figure out Friday when we come. Please pray


catrina said...

So sorry for Paige, I will pray that it heals correctly.

Tiffany said...

thanks so much!

Jane-Jane said...

praying for healing.

musicmommy3 said...

So sorry that you are going through all that at once.

Lifting up your family in prayer.