Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Busy Day and A WONDERFUL Hubby!

First i want to say I had half this written out and my baby boy decided he wanted to type too and pushed a key and everything was gone-UGH! Okay so this morning I took Levi to the doctor to talk about everything that has been going on. First she said his trachea is fine, that it had no masses or anything and that everything was okay with it. SO that is good news, But we still have to talk about his heavy breathing,wheezing,spitting/throwing up,and such. She said she wants him to see a allergist to see if he has asthma and I think she is sending him to another doctor but not sure what kind. She said she wants to find out about the respirtory part first and then worry about the stomache issue cause it may just be the respirtory issue causing all of it. SO we have to go to these doctors and then see what they say. She also put him on a medicine to dry him up, like his runny nose and the drainage that he has. She said this may help the reflux too. So that is what he is on.So really it is still a wait and see kind of thing but at least his trachea is okay. Then after I took him I came home and got one of my older sons to take him to the doctor/. The one that has been diagnosed bipolar with ADHD. WE have been having a rough time with him still and my mama finally saw what I was talking about when she went with me to get the kids pictures taken at SEars.Anyway of course he uped one of his meds and such. I am getting so frustrated with all of that also. So after that appt. I came home and got my youngest daughter cause she wanted to go to wal-mart with me and went and got all the meds filled. During this time hubby was keeping the kids that were not with me. Speaking of him he is so wonderful. He cleaned the house while I was doing all of this and even did extra stuff. He is trully amazing. Wondeful man he is!!! SO anyway, needless to say I am very tired but have to find some energy to try and walk tonight cause I HAVE to lose this weight. Anyway, just wanted to update you all. Have a blessed night

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Anonymous said...

Tiffany I am so glad it's nothing super serious!!!!!

This sounds a lot like my 10 year old son when he was a baby... he had a blood vessel growing around his trachea that made him have raspy breathing but he grew out of it. And then he also had really bad reflux, which I guess irritated his lungs and caused him to develop asthma. The good news about all of that is that it is all super treatable. He outgrew the reflux on his own, and the asthma is under control... so I will bet that your son wil be just fine in time!! =)