Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

To the postpartum mom

First, I want to announce our baby girl is here!!! She was 10 days overdue but came in God's perfect timing. Our first baby that I was overdue with but a lot was going on so God knew exactly when she needed to be born.
   I want to write this blog post to postpartum moms. While I hope it will makes sense because I have so many thoughts jumbled in my mind and also have several little ones running around asking me question. First , I want to say how wonderful and beautiful having a new baby is. But what is not talked about it is how beautiful and wonderful it DOESN'T always feel. Feelings and our mind are strong things after having a baby. I am 2 weeks out from having my 11th child and you just forget how you feel afterwards. (Probably a good thing) While it is a super sweet time and a piece of heaven earth side it is also HARD! HORMONES are horrible and then I have a thyroid issue so that magnifys everything. Also I think the devil really tries to sneak in during this time. What destroys the devil and his message more than a family who loves the Lord so why wouldn't he attack us?
    The most important thing for ME I think during the postpartum period is to keep as positive as I can. Not saying a good cry doesn't help the soul sometimes either but remember how blessed I am and that things will heal and I WILL feel normal again. This time you can feel so lonely and that nobody cares about you. That my friend is your hormones raging. You ALWAYS have someone who cares , even if it is just the Lord. But I am sure you have a husband , or friends, or family who care deeply. Also you are gonna feel very, VERY unappreciated. Trust me on this one. I am there. BUT this is from the devil as well and really we do not strive for appreciation but to be a good and faithful servant. Right? Let me tell you a secret, God knows you are struggling and He sees everything you do. Every hard day, He is there! God is bigger!
    Tips for keeping positive.
-Have a good devotional book!
-PRAY and pray some more.
-Have a positive journal.( A sweet friend gave me a journal and it starts each page with things like What are you grateful for today, etc..)
-Stay in the Word!!!
-If possible have someone help you with things because when you get overwhelmed is when the hormones really go wild. ( Trust me I know)

 Remember this time goes so quickly. I know it doesn't feel that way but believe me YOU'RE GONNA MISS THIS so try to enjoy EVERY moment. Take in every little thing you can. Take lots of pictures because this time can get very blurry. And just be thankful and do the best you can. Rest and enjoy the miracle God gave you. After have many children I realize just how fleeting life is. While I have just had my 11th child , my first born (who were twins) are 18 and always busy doing something, mostly working. I miss the days of just playing with littles. Now I have older ones and younger ones and this season is much harder in many ways. Enjoy this time and remember your feelings are normal and they do matter. God hears you. Enjoy those precious babies!

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