Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Those Horrible Teenagers!!

 I have written about this before but feel the need to do it again. I am very sad about the comments  I hear like, " Just wait until they are teenagers". Or just the talk in general about having teenagers and how horrible they are. Yes, I have made the same comments just trying to be funny but really it isn't funny. Teenagers should be viewed and treated like young adults. We should be raising them on a strong foundation so that they may go out and share the gospel. If we did that then we would never have to worry about saying those things.

  I have to be honest I LOVE my teens and they are much easier than my younger ones most days. I have 3 teenagers in this house at this time. Twin 16 year old sons (who will be 17 in March) and a 15 year old daughter. Yes, they add some added issues in the house and sometimes the hormones are flying but they are so helpful. They make it where I can have time with my husband, try to work on healing my adrenals, or just have time to get my thoughts. They keep us laughing and remind us how life should be fun. They have amazing faith and we could actually learn a lot about how hardworking they are. They are always ready to learn.

 Maybe we should start saying look at those horrible adults. Don't you think a lot of times things might fall back on the parents or adults in their lives. Now, don't misunderstand me. I do believe some teens can backslide from their beliefs and turn away from their parents for a time. I KNOW this happens. Happened to me but I do see even Christian parents just trying to shove their kids off to someone else and speaking horribly about their children. Think about how you would feel if someone talked about you constantly, you would have a horrible attitude as well. Think about going through the changes of hormones without a Christian foundation. Maybe we need to start rethinking things. Maybe they are not all the cause of the name they have but the affect of how they have been treated. So , next time that teen is sitting in their room by themselves or they slam that door another time , just maybe you should go ask them why. Talk to them! They will after all be gone very soon. Time is fleeting. WE should be reaching our teens NOW and love them NOW.

 I have some of the best teens around and am so thankful for them. They keep me on my toes. They make me laugh, cry, dance, sing, run, get angry, worry, and LOVE. They teach me so much and I am thankful the Lord gave me these children. While at the time they might not have been viewed as the blessings they are , I am thankful the Lord knows much better about what we need. ;)

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