Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How Did We Get So Selfish

  I have been thinking about this for a couple of days now. How as a society did we get so selfish? Like, when did it start? Reading history with my children it was not always that way. People looked out for each other, valued life, and saw marriage as sacred. It is very sad that all that has vanished.

  I am on a Christian moms page on facebook and someone asked the other day if it was better for a couple to stay married and miserable or separated and happy. First, that is just a sad question to begin with. Do you really think many years ago, the time before women's rights and all this political correctness people thought this way. And then even sadder were some of the answers. All we have to do is look to the bible for that answer. After all isn't it God's infallible Word! The Bible gives clear answers to this question. When we say our vows it is meant for a lifetime. But the bible gives specifics of the only reason for separation/divorce and that is abuse or cheating( and in the instance of cheating I think in some cases it can be reconciled).

  If a woman OR man for that matter is not happy in their marriage the first thing they should do is hit their knees in prayer. God did not design marriage for our happiness although that is a beautiful side effect. God designed marriage for His glory. No person on this earth can make us totally happy. ONLY God can feel that void. Hit your knees and then get in the Word. And then in our society we are always taught it is the other persons fault. To blame someone else for our problems. It is not our issue but many times if we start examining ourselves we will see not so pleasant things. So next I think I would work on myself and try to put your spouse first in your life. Many times this day and time people have too much going on with work and various things outside the home. It was NEVER meant to be this way. Your home comes first! If we start to put others first we will be surprised the change IN US.
  I am sure many women do not even know how to keep a house any longer or be a good wife and mother because there are no longer Titus 2 women teaching the younger women. There are no mentors and that is so sad but we can regain control of this. We can win the battle if we as Christian women work together. Share our passions and help each other instead of thinking we do not have the time. Yes, there are ALOT of things I would love to do outside my home in my community but at this time my kids need me. They are still little and we have homeschooling and everything else that is included in that but I can do the best I can. Even just this blog has reached people that I never dreamed it would make a impact on. So, pray and seek God's guidance on how to reach out to other moms and wives. Life is not all about us or our desires. My first and most important desire is to serve Christ and serve Him well. God bless you all in the journey. Times are hard but with Him nothing is impossible.